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How to make a scarecrow by your own hands: a multifunctional, aesthetic and original product

How much joy brings the opportunity to have your owna piece of land, cultivate it, get a harvest from it! However, a lot of experiences for gardeners, gardeners and horticulturists deliver uninvited guests: birds, rodents, stray dogs and cats. And there is nothing left for them, how to make a scarecrow with their own hands, which will help to save still not harvested crop.

Scarecrow made of Straw type straw

how to make a scarecrow with your own hands

The easiest way is to stuff bags of straw, to decorate a scarecrowin old clothes and fasten it on the pole. It will be something that reminds the hero of a fairy tale about the Emerald City - the Scarecrow. Unfortunately, such a scarecrow does not always look attractive on the site, it spoils the general impression. Therefore, some masters, thinking about how to make a scarecrow with their own hands, apply their imagination and build whole compositions of stuffed animals - such bright and attractive "companies scared".

So that not only stood, but rustled ...

a scarecrow with my own hands

But birds are very intelligent creatures, especiallycrows. Once frightened, two, and the third - sorted out, which is what. And here is the result: a dummy hangs to itself, and berries and vegetables are posed ... It's a shame! Therefore, a scarecrow with its own hands should be done in such a way that it produces noise - for example, from strings of empty cans or beer cans tied to a rope. Even a slight breeze of the breeze will stir the structure, and at the same time it will stir, making ringing sounds. You can also make your "watchman" hair from a sliced ​​plastic bag or clothes: a skirt, a collar.

Aesthetic scarecrow

figurines with their own hands

To the site struck its uniqueness, wasattractive for the gaze, many make figurines with their own hands from improvised materials that scare the thieves and please the soul. It can be a funny "grandma Yozhka" with an old rug instead of a skirt and a tiny mitt in the hands. And the funny "centaur in reverse" - with a horse's head and a human body - many will have to taste.

To help scarecrow comes technique


And yet the cunning birds somehow manage toTo recognize that a vegetable garden is not guarding a living creature, but an ordinary scarecrow. How to be? How to make a scarecrow with your own hands so that it can talk? Elementary! You just need to put into the construction of a small device, for example, by speaking or singing dolls, make a temporary switch - and occasionally human voice will scare all those who illegally trying to profit at the expense of workers in the garden or the garden. Even a person who decided to steal something will frighten such a "toy"!

Scarecrow for the protection of chicks

swinging scarecrow

Many are tormented by the question of how to do it.scared their own hands to protect chickens, ducklings, goslings from birds of prey. After all, kites and eagles are not at all afraid of stuffed animals permanently fixed on a stick. And rustling strips of a pack of predators a little you will frighten - clever they very much! Especially for such cases it is possible to propose a version of the mobile fixing of the bugbear. The main pole should be sawed and connected with a rubber hose. The construction made in this way will swing from the wind with the whole body, fulfilling its deterring function. And for the sake of functionality, you can attach to his hand a long rope, for which from time to time pull, moving it. Simple and pretty productive!