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Futorka - what is this mechanism, and where is it used?

There are several connection methodsmetal pipes - welding, soldering and gluing. Almost in each of these ways, you need to use an element such as a futer. This type of threaded fitting, which is a bush or nut with external thread to connect pipes of a particular diameter. In today's article, we will find out the details of these details and find out how much they cost.

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In industry, this connectoris made of stainless steel, thanks to which the finished device is highly resistant to corrosion and, accordingly, increased strength. Thus, a futon is one of the most durable fittings, because it is almost never rusted. The appearance of corrosion on the surface of metal objects is just the last step on their "life path". After it, the metal futer comes to malfunction due to crumbling and delamination.

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  • Connections of pipes of different diameters in water supply systems.
  • Fastening pins.
  • Replacement of damaged threads by drilling. In this case, a drill hole is drilled in a workpiece with a larger diameter, a new thread is cut and the adapter is screwed into a futer.

Application in the furniture industry

No matter how strange it may seem, a futurka canapply in this area. The wide demand in the furniture industry is due to its special design. Since the futur is a connecting element, which is a threaded part in the form of a bush with an internal thread, it is used most often as a base for hooks (when installing furniture shelves in sliding-door wardrobes). In addition, the futurka retains its properties (strength) very well on the chipboard panels. That is, in order to ensure a reliable fastening, the masters must first drill a hole for the trunk, and only then place a hook and shelf on it.


The varieties of this detail includecast iron futurki. This can be a device with a right or left thread. Most often they are installed in heating systems between the pipeline and the battery. The radiator part is a clutch-type cylinder, with threaded threads. Each thread has its own diameter. Fittings cast iron radiator is intended for reliable connection of pipelines with radiators when creating a heating system. Thus, the connection between the pipeline of various materials and other structures is very reliable, sealed and of high quality.

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How much is this mechanism in Russia?

Futorka is a connecting piece thatcan have different diameters and sizes. Hence the cost for it can be from 70 to 900 rubles - depending on the type, design and dimensions of the device. And you can buy such a tool in almost every construction shop or in the nearest market.