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Which gypsum plaster is better? Compare popular materials from different manufacturers

For someone, repair is a great adventure. And at times there are people who try to avoid it or delay the time of change. And as soon as the process is started, various questions begin to occur on the way, to which answers need to be received. The most common of these is which gypsum plaster is better. After all, without it you can not repair the walls, floors and ceilings. Today we will look for the ideal mixture for quality and price.

Gypsum or not gypsum

Before wallpapering or simply painting the wallneed alignment. A special need for this is if there are large cracks or chips. Here, before many, the question arises, which plaster is better: gypsum or cement? First consider the first view.

It is worth mentioning immediately that this type of mixtureUsed for plastering small sections of walls. This is due to the fact that it quickly freezes. If you are not afraid of this fact, then experts advise preparing a solution in a small amount, using a construction mixer. This process is as follows:

  1. The required amount of water is poured into the chosen container.
  2. Add a dry mix.
  3. Thoroughly mix until all the lumps are completely dissolved.

And then everything is simple:

  1. The finished solution is sprayed onto the wall with a spatula.
  2. Distribute the wall evenly.

which gypsum plaster is better

Tips from professionals

If you know which gypsum plaster is best for you, then it is worth using some recommendations:

  1. Before each new mixing of the solution, the remains of the container must be removed and thoroughly rinsed. Frozen particles will adversely affect the quality of mixing the mixture.
  2. Prepare the solution according to the instructions given on each package.
  3. Choose the right tools for working with the gypsum mixture. You should have prepared two spatulas: short and long.
  4. If you are going to plaster the walls with such a mixture, thentake care that they are not painted with oil paint. If it is not possible to clean the surface of it, then it is necessary to apply an entire notch along the entire wall. They will serve as an ideal coupling between the gypsum and the surface.
  5. If you want to achieve a perfectly flat wall, thenAfter applying the plaster, spray it with water from the spray gun. After this procedure, thoroughly polish the surface with a long metal spatula, preferably stainless steel.

gypsum plaster which is better

Manufacturers and prices

If you stopped your attention on the cast, then you can safely go to the store. And here the eyes start to run away from the diversity of producers. Among them you can find the following brands:

  • Henkel;
  • Knauf;
  • Ivsil;
  • Unis.

Among the famous foreign brands can be found and domestic manufacturers. For example:

  • "Volma";
  • "Bolars";
  • "Establish";
  • "Glims".

It is worth mentioning the price of plaster. It is based on the following parameters:

  • the purpose of the mixture;
  • composition;
  • conditions of use.

Interested in what plaster plaster is better: "Knauf" or "Volma"? It is difficult to give a unambiguous answer. This is due to the fact that:

  • Knauf has a wide range of components and quality additives, although the price will be high;
  • "Volma" has the same properties as the German competitor, only for a lower cost.

Plaster is realized in dry form. Packed in bags of 25 and 50 kg. The cost of one package can be up to 400 rubles. Let us sum up all of the above. Need to handle a small surface? Gypsum plaster is selected. Which is better? See for yourself, depending on your financial capabilities and the place of alignment. All of the above manufacturers will answer your main question, which plaster is better for walls. All of them have approximately the same composition. The difference will only be in price and brand.

what plaster is better than plaster or cement plaster

Gypsum against cement

It is worthwhile to consider another representative of drymixtures. These include cement mortar. Widely used for interior and exterior walls. But in use there is one huge minus. It is not recommended for use in finishing living quarters. Therefore, in this case, if you are faced with the question of which plaster - better gypsum or cement, the preference is given to the first option. Although the second applicant has several advantages:

  1. Increased strength.
  2. High service life.
  3. The finished coating becomes perfectly even.
  4. Can be used for finishing wet rooms.

It is worth noting that the cracked surfacecan only if you have prepared the solution not according to the instructions. And it's worth remembering that the surface should be dried on its own without using a construction hair dryer.

In building stores you can find cement plasters with different fillers. Most often in this role is the sand of different factions.

what plaster is better plaster or lime

Manufacturers of cement mixtures

Modern technologies have moved far ahead. Any mixture can be found in the store, and not cook yourself from improvised materials. You know which gypsum plaster is better, but the rating of the most popular manufacturers of cement mixtures:

  1. Knauf. Dry mixture can be found in packaged bags with a volume of 5 to 30 kg. The cost does not exceed 450 rubles per packing. You can choose plaster with additives that are suitable for finishing both residential and outdoor walls.
  2. "Bergauf." Available in bags of 25 kg. The cost of one package is about 270 rubles. Most often used for rough finishing of premises.
  3. "Establish". Available in bags of 25 and 30 kg. From all previous species, it is lightweight and economical. The price for one bag is about 195 rubles.
  4. "Volma Aquaplastic". The dry mixture is packaged in 25 kg bags. The cost of one package is 220-230 rubles. In the composition there is not only cement, but also mineral components.

All the same, for interior decoration, plaster is suitable. Which is better - you know. And now you know the brand of cement mixtures.

what gypsum plaster is better than knauf or wolf


Still, if you faced a choice, then you can read the advice of specialists:

  • gypsum mixture - plastic;
  • cement mortar will provide surface strength;
  • The gypsum mixture will dry faster and no finishing will be necessary;
  • and, of course, the gypsum solution is not suitable for finishing the facades.

The third is not superfluous

You know a lot about gypsum and cement mix. Each of them deserves attention. And what do you think, what plaster is better - gypsum or calcareous? We will try to answer this question. First, it is worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of the mixture. Let's start with the unpleasant moments:

  1. After drying, the wall may still remain uneven.
  2. It dries a long time. This takes about two days.
  3. The plaster is unstable. If a nail is hammered into the treated wall, the lime layer may crumble.

which plaster is better for the ceiling

Along with all the shortcomings, there are advantages:

  1. Cheapness and availability.
  2. A ready-made mortar does not dry for a long time, so you have the opportunity to dilute it for future use.
  3. Rubbing lime plaster easily and simply (in comparison with cement).
  4. Use the mixture can be used for mashing concrete, wood or brick.

But not only the walls need high-quality plastering.

Ceiling mix

To answer the question, which plaster plaster is better for the ceiling, it is worth learning some professional tricks:

  1. This mixture is ideal for the top, the difference in height of which does not exceed 5 cm.
  2. Gypsum mixture can be used for sealing joints between plates.
  3. Before applying gypsum plaster, be sure to primetuyte ceiling and wait until it dries.

It is worth paying attention to two well-known manufacturers of this product category:

  1. An unchanged leader is the Knauf-Rotband brand. Available in paper bags of 30 kg. The cost of one package is about 370 rubles.
  2. The competition to German quality can be made only by our domestic manufacturer, namely "Starateli". The mixture is packed in bags of 30 kg. The cost is about 300 rubles.

what plaster is better for walls

Now you know which gypsum plaster is best not only for walls, but also for ceilings. Among all presented assortment you can pick up a qualitative mix which will approach you.