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Shoe cabinet: advice on choosing

No wonder they say that the hallway is the face of the apartment. This is the first thing that a guest sees when he crosses the threshold of your house. Therefore, the correct organization of the space of this room should be given a lot of attention. If with the placement of outer clothing the question can be solved with the help of all kinds of wall and floor hangers, then with shoes all is not so unambiguous. Typically, to store it requires a lot of specially designated for this place, which is not always possible in a small hallway. In this case, the best way out will be a universal shoe cabinet, which can be very simple and concise, but at the same time very functional.

narrow closet for shoes

Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of furniture for the hall: various models of pedestals, halos, vertical lockers, etc. But how to make the right choice?

If you really have a lot of shoes, sandalsand boots, it is better to buy a special wardrobe for shoes. Capacious and well-designed, this piece of furniture does not take up much space indoors, but it will be an ideal option for long-term storage of seasonal footwear. And it is not necessary to place it in the hallway. Such an element of furniture will perfectly fit on the loggia or in the pantry.

The cabinet for shoes can be made from variousmaterials. But it's better to choose the models from wood or plastic. In this case, the furniture will last you a long time and will not require special care. If your hallway has non-standard dimensions, you can make a corner or narrow shoe cupboard for individual orders. Of course, such furniture will cost a little more than the finished models, but it will help to solve all the issues related to the ergonomic use of space. Such a cabinet not only fits perfectly into the overall design of your interior, but also saves a lot of free space.

wardrobe for shoes

If you are facing the task of short-livedstorage of shoes, the best option will be a small, but roomy galoshnitsa. This is a kind of cabinet, equipped with closed or open shelves or drawers. Such a unique closet for shoes is the most practical way of arranging hallway space. Often, halos buy in pairs - so they make up the original element of the interior of the room and allow you to place all the necessary items.

cabinet for shoes

Often, instead of such a traditional subjectfurniture as a classic wardrobe for shoes owners of large hallways or spacious halls purchase a cabinet with a seat. This is the most convenient and functional type of shoes. Depending on the configuration, such a model, if necessary, can accommodate several pairs of shoes at once, but it is suitable only for placing frequently used footwear.

Thus, choosing a wardrobe for shoes, youshould focus not only on the design of the model, but also on the dimensions of the hallway, the number of shoes you have and personal preferences. Make your home more comfortable with functional and beautiful furniture.