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Dishwasher "Ariston" - a reliable assistant in the household

The ability to reduce homework to a minimum -an important achievement of our civilization. Mistresses do not have to be washed by hand, washing machines do it for them. Instead of a scoop and a broom, you can use a vacuum cleaner - it will clean the apartment faster and more efficiently. And multivarkers, bread makers, mixers, blenders and other kitchen appliances help the housewives cook.

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Such a process as washing dishes, too, can be facilitated with the help of household appliances. The market offers consumers a variety of dishwashers. Among them are very popular models of the brand "Ariston.

Advantages of Ariston dishwashers

The popularity of the machinery of this brand is explained by some design features:

  • Dishwashers have a high noise insulation. It is provided by application in the design of the machine of a special material capable of effectively absorbing sounds.
  • The dishwasher "Ariston" has the most spacious basket among similar household appliances.
  • Thanks to the self-cleaning filter, the machine washes the dishes so cleanly that there is not the slightest trace of contaminants left.
  • A useful function of protection against children allows you to keep the washing process under control.
  • Dishwasher "Ariston" allowsusers spend a minimum of time to clean dishes through intelligent management. It is enough just to load the cutlery in the machine and select the wash mode.

Dish-washer malfunction

Using this device greatly facilitateswork housewife in the kitchen, and also contributes to saving the family budget. When using a dishwasher, water is consumed less than when washing dishes by hand.

dishwasher ariston malfunction

However, no home appliance is immune fromerrors and malfunctions. Errors dishwashers "Ariston" can be associated with the problems of drainage systems and water circulation. To understand the reason for the failure, you need to look at its code. In the special table for each error there is an explanation of the cause and tips for troubleshooting.

Typical errors and malfunctions of dishwashers "Ariston"

When the dishwasher stops working"Ariston", you can try to fix the malfunction yourself or call a master from the service center. However, you can repair the machine yourself only if minor breakages occur. In more serious cases, you must call the master.

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We can distinguish such typical malfunctions of dishwashers "Ariston":

  • The filter for cleaning the water entering the machine is clogged. In this case, the water stops filling the unit.
  • Clogged filter to drain water after washing dishes. The waste water from the machine is not drained to the end.
  • Malfunction of the pump. At the same time, water either does not leave the main chamber of the dishwasher, or leaves too slowly.
  • If the water heats up too slowly, it is likely that scales have formed on the TENs.
  • If the dishwasher has let leak, most likely, you need to change the sealing elements in the door of the machine.

Is it possible to repair yourself?

With some errors that are given outdishwasher "Ariston", the malfunction can be eliminated by hand. The user himself can flush the mesh in the typewriter. It is also not difficult to clean the filters in the dishwasher in case of contamination.

In the case of the appearance of scale on TENs, they can be cleaned with citric acid.

In the event of a malfunction, it is important to check that the hose is properly positioned with respect to the floor. It must be ensured that the hose is connected to the sewer at a height of 40-60 cm from the floor.

If a leak is detected, the user mustfind out its localization. If the sealing elements in the dishwasher door are damaged, it is not difficult to replace them with your own hands. If the cause is in the hose, it can also be replaced by yourself.

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However, in the case where the cause of the failure is unclear, the repair of Ariston dishwashers must be done by a professional.

To the machine lasted a long time, we take precautions!

By observing the necessary precautions, the user can significantly extend the life of the dishwasher. Such measures include the following:

  • To protect the sewer from contamination, a grease trap must be installed under the sink.
  • If the machine is regularly cleaned of dirt, its appearance will not deteriorate. The Ariston dishwasher will always look like new.
  • Never put dishes with food debris in the dishwasher, because the machine can become dirty and even break down due to them.
  • When loading dishes, the user must ensure that she does not come into contact with the sprinklers.
  • Every week you need to clean the strainer.
  • It is necessary to choose a quality dishwashing detergent, without stable dyes, which can change the color of the internal parts of the machine.
  • In this household appliance you can wash only dishes and objects specified in the instructions. Do not use the appliance for other than the intended purpose!

Reviews about dishwashers "Ariston"

To release maximum time for your favorite things anda dishwasher "Ariston" will help you. Reviews of these household appliances are generally positive. Users note the economical consumption of water, good quality of washing dishes, quick drying and silent operation.

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With proper operation, such a device will work for a long time and significantly save not only the material resources of the family, but also the time that is best devoted to the family and favorite pursuits.