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Quality metal tile - laying by own hands

Not every host wants to pay for work,which he himself is able to do. Among the many options for improving the comfort in the house on a special place is the insulation of the roof. For such a case, metal tile is perfect. Stacking this material with your own hands implies a re-laying of the insulation.

Metal tiling by own hands
Thus, to make a house warm, you needmake a roof of high-quality and durable materials. Among the many options for the roof in a special account is metal. Self-tilting the roof is simple enough, if you follow the recommendations prescribed in the instructions.

Where to begin?

Before you buy materials, you need tomake a calculation of metal, insulation, beams and other components, from which we will make a roof. Let's first consider what the roof consists of. It is important to understand that the roof is a complicated enough structure, therefore, if you do not follow the recommendations for mounting, there can be trouble with the climate in the house:

Roofing from metal tile by own hands
- Incorrectly woven insulation can create a "greenhouse effect", as a result of which the house will be cold, and in the attic - heat.

- Poorly attached metal tiles can cause the material sheets to fall when there is a strong wind or a lot of snow in the winter.

- The violations made during the fastening of the metal tile and the absence of an external waterproofing layer of the material can lead to the leakage of the roof.

- The inner layer of waterproofing contributes to the quality protection of the insulation from condensation. If you save and do not put the material, over time, glass wool will pick up moisture and stop protecting from the cold.

These and many other nuances are important to know in order to make the house warm.

Necessary equipment and tools

Roofing of metal with their own hands requiresyou have many special tools. If you do not have one, you can rent or borrow from a neighbor. Complexities do not arise when working with material such as metal. Stacking with your own hands can be done without the help of specialists. Important,

Calculation of metal
that the proposed list of tools is available:

- equipment for cutting metal;

- Portable electric screwdriver;

- a hammer;

- even rake;

- marker;


For cutting metal, it is extremely undesirable to use the Bulgarian. Excellent conventional scissors for metal, saber saw or fret saw.

Installation of shingles

So you are at the most important stage in the project "metal tile: laying yourself". Now step by step explain the whole process of constructing the roof:

roofs made of metal in modern architecture
1. Determine the pitch of the rafters. Their frequency depends on the width of the heat-insulating plates.

2. The slope of the ramp should be above 14 degrees. This will allow precipitation to easily drain off the roof.

3. Do not forget to put the heater in the film waterproofing. This will save heat in the house and prevent the leakage of the roof.

4. Waterproofing material should be rolled on the rafters strictly horizontally.

5. Do the crate after you place the vapor barrier.

6. Install the metal tile. The main thing, remember that you need to move upwards, creating a flooring of one sheet on another about 15 centimeters.

7. Install the rain gutters.

Having done such steps, you will successfully block the roof of the house and achieve comfort in the winter.