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Foundation of blocks. Properties and description

Making a foundation of concrete elementsis the fastest option. Although the whole surface is more acceptable for it, for example, it is filled with concrete, as it is a monolith, but it will have to be dried almost a month, and all construction work for this period will be stopped. The foundation of the blocks will allow to finish everything for one warm season.

foundation of blocks

Concrete blocks for the foundation, made at the factory, have a rather high quality. This is due to production technology, which includes:

- the same and accurate composition of the concrete mixture;

- bookmark the armature;

- mechanized pouring of concrete into molds;

- shrinkage of the mixture under the influence of vibrocompression;

- special 8-hour steaming in special chambers;

- the final set of concrete strength.

They can be cast in their own homeconditions. But for obvious reasons, a number of technological operations will simply be missed, while quality will suffer. And the money and time will be spent. Modern manufacturing technology in the factories gives these blocks another quality - frost resistance. This property they receive through the introduction of concrete in the composition of special additives. Since the soils in our country are almost universally acidic, granite rubble is introduced into the concrete to counteract the acidic environment.

concrete blocks for foundation


To make the base of the building, two types of blocks are used: wall and pillow blocks.

Walls have cutouts on the sides for gooddocking with each other. Of these, 2 parts of the base, underground and aboveground, are collected. Cushions have a trapezoidal shape. They are used for laying the first row of the base. It is pillows that ensure the stability of its entire design.

For those who want to build a foundation of blockswith their own hands, ordinary concrete elements are not suitable, since they weigh from 350 to 1400 kg, and their installation requires the presence of a lifting mechanism. But for the manual laying of the foundation and the socle they are produced small, 20x20x40 in size for the erection of small buildings. They can be made both from ordinary concrete, and with a filler made of expanded clay, which has the properties of a heater. Do not buy claydite-concrete blocks from the hands, as they can be defective and do not have adequate strength.

foundation construction of blocks

Types of building grounds

For small buildings, for example, a bath, a columnar foundation is suitable. It can be done in one day.

Tape foundation of blocks suitable for low-rise small houses made of bricks or cinder blocks. It is a tape, which is located under all the bearing walls of the building.

The construction of a foundation of blocks of both types includes work on their marking and excavation of trenches.

Stacking technique for both types of baseis the same and similar to the brickwork. All joints and seams should be carefully sealed with mortar. The foundation of blocks for small buildings is quite possible to perform on their own. But it is better to use factory concrete elements because of their higher quality.