/ Do you need a built in hob? Gas model and its advantages

Need an integrated hob? Gas model and its advantages

A well-equipped kitchen hasculinary experiments. So if you want to enjoy delicious masterpieces from your home chef, then take care of his work place. Of course, the space in a standard apartment does not allow to turn around on a grand scale. But the built in hob, gas or electric, in combination with the oven will fit even on the tiniest patch. An independent layout allows you to install the equipment as you see fit.

built-in gas cooker
As for the possible options, they are nicevarious. To begin with, you have the opportunity to choose which built-in hob, gas or electric, you like. By the way, gas models are more economical, food is prepared much faster, and their price is more modest. For those who can not decide, there are combined devices (they are also excellent means of rescue in case of interruptions with the supply of gas).

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The materials from which the surface is madeequipment, are not limited only to the familiar enamel. Although it is quite cheap, and the colors in the catalogs are varied, but its impact resistance leaves much to be desired. And it's not easy to care for her. Much more reliable and practical look stainless steel plates. They serve for a long time, if you do not like shine, then you can order a matte version. And cleaning products for such models are presented in any store with household trivia. Another material from which the embedded gas hob is made is glass ceramics. Such surfaces are available in a wide range of colors, and some even are applied to the drawing. Remove dirt is also not a problem, just walk around with a soft cloth with a cleanser. Burners, covered with glass, do not clog. And the complete absence of open fire makes such models safe.

built-in gas cooker
For security is a very useful functiongas monitoring. This system monitors the fuel supply: if it stops supplying an embedded hob, the gas burner simply turns off. In addition, modern models eliminate the need to use matches, they were replaced by an electric ignition. Yes, and the flame regulator copes well with providing fire safety in the kitchen.

The burners on the stove may also differ in shape. In addition to the standard round, there are oval, triangular burners. There are even special models for those who like to use in cooking a round Asian deep frying pan (FOC).

All of the above advantages havebuilt-in gas cooker Bosch. It implements new technological ideas of the company's engineers, designed to raise comfort from the use of their products. In this case, the buyer himself chooses a design that is suitable for both price and quality.

If you have already decided that the built in cookingthe panel (its gas modification) must appear in your kitchen, it is necessary to calculate in advance the number of necessary burners, their shape, the option of igniting the burners, the surface material.