/ How to lay a laminate on a concrete floor? What is put under the laminate on the concrete floor?

How to lay a laminate on a concrete floor? What is put under the laminate on the concrete floor?

One of the most "young" flooring fromnow existing is a laminate. It is not very expensive, it is practical and aesthetic, so for many consumers it is the best option. Its laying can be carried out on different types of surfaces, among others, concrete. The procedure is not complicated, so you can do it yourself.

Choice of laminate

how to lay a laminate on a concrete floor

If you are faced with the question of how to putlaminate on the concrete floor, it is necessary at the first stage to figure out which coating will suit you. In appearance, the laminate resembles a thin board, the thickness of which usually varies from 7 to 12 mm. As for the width, it varies from 17 to 30 cm. It is important to choose also the length, it can be equal to the limit from 1 to 1.5 m.

In structure, laminate is like a multilayer pie. Each layer fulfills its role, among them it is necessary to distinguish:

  • stabilization;
  • protection;
  • decor.

Choice according to the mode of production

how to put a laminate on a concrete floor

Depending on which production methodThe laminate can be classified according to the intensity of the pressure. It can be a material of direct or high pressure. The first coating can be used for the time, which will affect the quality and durability of the upper protective film. If it is a high-pressure laminate, the top layer will be multicomponent. In addition to expensive melamine or acrylic resins, such material uses aluminum oxide or corundum, which increases the strength.

The film is used to protect the material fromexposure to ultraviolet, chemicals and abrasion. Under it there is a decorative layer, which in some varieties of material is made of special foil, and in others - of paper. It depends on it, how much coverage will be attractive. Most often a pattern imitating wood is applied to the surface.

Innovative solution

what is put under the laminate on the concrete floor

If you are faced with the question of how to putlaminate on the concrete floor, you can pay attention to the material made by the latest technology. In such varieties of coating there is also a stabilizing layer, which protects the outer layers from moisture and has additional noise-insulating properties. The laminate of direct pressure has a three-layer structure, and all layers of it are joined by compression technology under the influence of temperature.

Preparation of concrete surface

It is possible to lay a laminate on a concrete floor

The quality of the work done will depend on theHow well the concrete surface was prepared. It should be flat, horizontal, well protected from moisture. Before laying the laminate on a concrete floor, the surface is sometimes dismantled.

After that, it is leveled, and the differences in heights inthe final result should not be more than 2 mm per square meter. If they are more significant, they should be eliminated by applying plaster to pits or knocking over the protrusions. If this approach is not possible, then it is necessary to fill a new screed. Suitable cement or concrete, but after pouring, leave the surface until completely dry.

Suitable for leveling and modernfast-setting filling mixtures. They dry out pretty quickly, and their thickness can be significant if you need to level out the impressive errors. Further waterproofing is laid, as the cheapest version of which is a conventional film, overlapping and connected by adhesive tape. Experts recommend using substrates of extruded polystyrene foam or polyethylene foam, each of which has noise-absorbing properties.

Alternative solution for leveling

can I put a laminate on the concrete floor

More efficient and expensive will becomebitumen-cellulose substrate, which includes cork chips. This option can not be compatible with warm floors and requires the installation of breathable skirting. Before laying a laminate on a concrete floor, you can lay a polymer substrate that has a self-adhesive surface, so it's easy to install. Without the use of a substrate, you can do only when the four-layer laminate is laid, because its lower surface performs the same functions. However, waterproofing with this approach is still needed.

Laminate for unheated rooms

whether it is possible to lay a laminate on a concrete floor without leveling

Many consumers are wondering whether it is possible to lay a laminate on a concrete floor in an unheated room. Such conditions may persist:

  • on the balcony;
  • on the loggia;
  • in the cottage.

In order to give an answer, it is necessaryto understand what a laminate is. This board, which is based on the HDF-plate, on its quality will depend on the functionality of the coating. An important role is played also by the method of manufacturing the material. Some manufacturers use lumber for the production of laminate, which is previously ground into dust, and then glued together. At the final stage, the material is subjected to pressure.

Other manufacturers chop wood fibersin a large fraction, and then glue them together, squeezing them in parallel. The second method allows to obtain a plate that is more resistant to changes in humidity and temperature fluctuations. Before laying a laminate on a concrete floor in an unheated room, it is important to take into account also the resistance of the coating to moisture and temperature changes. Buying material from China, you are unlikely to find in the description of the recommendation for use. In this case, you can focus only on the price. The cheaper the material, the cheaper the raw materials used in its manufacture.

Summarizing, it can be noted that the laminate inUnheated room can still be built, but before choosing it, you need to take into account the advice of specialists. Analyzing the feedback of professionals, it can be concluded that the laminate can not be carried in a room where the material will undergo sudden temperature fluctuations during operation. In addition, it is important during installation to ensure reliable protection of the coating from moisture. For this purpose, a polyethylene film and a substrate are commonly used. It is better to carry out additional work on the waterproofing of the floor, using roofing material.

Recommendations of a specialist

whether it is possible to lay a laminate on a concrete floor without a coupler

To provide more comfortable conditions, you canconduct heat insulation and weld seams. To solve some problems it is possible a method of packing of plywood under a laminate, it not only will allow to level floors, but also steam, and also теплоизолировать them. By purchasing thicker sipes, you can reduce the likelihood of their deformation in the autumn-winter period. If you have a question about whether it is possible to lay a laminate on a concrete floor in an unheated room, then you should take into account that the installation in this case is best carried out in a floating way, then the gaps between the laminate and the wall will be more than usual. With fluctuations in humidity and temperature, the material can compensate for changes in size.

What to lay under the laminate

If you are faced with the question of what is being putunder the laminate on the concrete floor, you should study the information presented below. In order to achieve high quality when laying the laminate, you need to select the desired substrate. On sale today, you can find substrates of different types, they can be synthetic or natural. In the latter case, it is a question of cork material, which can be released in sheets or rolls. The thickness of such sheets varies from 2 to 4 mm.

In order to achieve good sound insulation,It is possible to use such a substrate with lamellas that have an additional cork layer. If you decide whether it is possible to lay a laminate on a concrete floor without leveling, then it is positively impossible to answer this question if the coating is used in tandem with a cork substrate. The surface before starting work in this case must be well leveled, after that, dense plastic film is covered. Then the substrate will lie well on the coating, in addition, it is quite convenient to lay the laminate.

Artificial substrates

Considering artificial materials for stylingunder the laminate, you need to pay attention to the "Isolon". It is a foamed polyethylene, which can have a foil surface. This solution is more effective if necessary to lay an additional insulating layer. The foil side must face outwards. If insulation is not required, then you can prefer "Isolon" without foil.

Another synthetic material is"Poliform". In composition, it is similar to the above, but has a lower cost. Today, gas-filled polymers are also quite popular. They are available in sheets or rolls, so you can choose those that are more convenient to install. Among them, it should be noted:

  • "Stizol".
  • "Steinophone".
  • "Plenex."
  • "Isopenol".

Stacking technology

Now you know that you can put laminate onconcrete floor. However, preliminary the material is brought into the room for two days so that it can acclimatize. Installation work must be carried out in such a way that the long side of the lamellas is located along the stream of light. After it was possible to install the wedges, in order to provide the appropriate clearance, it is possible to start laying the first row by turning the lamellar piles against the wall. When you finish each row, you must determine the length of the last lamella, taking into account the gap. The residue can be used at the beginning of the next row, but its length should not be less than 30 cm. This approach reduces the amount of waste and ensures the displacement of joints.

The last row can be laid, if necessary, withUsing a lamella trimmed in width. This will provide an even surface with a minimum of waste. Quite often, home masters are wondering whether it is possible to lay a laminate on a concrete floor without a screed. Reply to it positively possible, but this is true only for the case when the surface will be prepared in a different way. In this case, the technology may involve the use of plywood or a liquid quick-drying floor. The material is laid from the far corner. The first panel is installed on the substrate, between it and the wall should be a distance in the range from 10 to 12 mm. It should be followed along the entire length of the first row.


Now you know how to properly lay the laminateon the concrete floor. However, it is important to know also the nuances of mounting the substrate. It should be covered with an overlap within 5 cm. In this case, the edges are glued together with a construction tape or glue. After the substrate is on the floor, it should be left for some time to shrink. The position of the lamellas can be adjusted using a wooden hammer and a wedge.

At the final stage, the indentation hides, forthis is the baseboard. At first, fixators are fastened to the wall, the distance between which should be approximately 50 cm. Before starting work it is important to learn how to properly lay the laminate on a concrete floor. However, the appearance of the room will not be complete unless you have skirting around the perimeter of the room. After installing the latches, they are pressed against the surface, pointing towards the locks. At the corners put plastic plugs, which are installed in the holes as tightly as possible.