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Raspberry "golden autumn" description and care

Owners of household plots growdifferent cultures to your taste. As a rule, a large number of vegetables, fruits and various berries can be found in the vegetable gardens. Probably, no part will remain without a common favorite - raspberry berries.

raspberry golden autumn

A huge number of varieties to datepampers the imagination of gardeners. I want to not only grow a healthy and tasty culture, but also to make it even more unusual. In this regard, it is worth paying attention to the raspberry variety "golden autumn". This acquisition will be appreciated by the whole family.

Characteristics of the berries

The raspberry variety "golden autumn", the description of which is based on the yield and endurance of the plant, is based on the following botanical characteristics:

  • The variety is remontant, large-fruited, elite. The weight of the berries varies from 4.5 to 6 grams. Has a conical elongated, dense shape. Color of the berry is yellow with golden overflows. Juicy in moderation.
  • The berries have an excellent sweet taste. Suitable for use in fresh and frozen form, and also ideal for processing.
  • The height of the bush is 1.5 m, maybe slightly higher.

Proper care

The landing site plays an important role in the quantity andquality of the harvest. So raspberries "golden autumn" will perfectly bear fruit mainly on solar patches. Raspberry bushes perfectly feel on light, fertile and moderately moist soils. It is worth noting that groundwater must be at least 1 meter away from the roots of the bush. Planting of yellow raspberries is carried out mainly in the autumn period. Not very positive raspberry "golden autumn" reacts to drafts. Therefore, the landing is made near the walls, fences and hedges, but on condition that the raspberry will not be shaded. The soil needs to be periodically loosened, because the roots need oxygen.

raspberry variety golden autumn

Raspberry will respond with a generous harvest for usefertilizers. Spring top dressing should activate the growth of bushes, so in spring it is necessary to make nitrogen fertilizers, and in autumn - phosphorus and potash fertilizers. Pruning raspberries is an obligatory and responsible process. You can cut off immediately after fruiting in late autumn or early spring. The plant is cut completely. For repairing raspberry, this is normal, because fruiting appears from young shoots.

Raspberry is quite resistant to winter frosts. But it happens that the climatic conditions are too severe, with rather low temperatures and a small amount of snow. In such areas it is better to take care of raspberries beforehand. The bushes bend to the ground and are fixed with improvised materials. If there is little snow, then the raspberries are covered with non-woven material. Do not use polyethylene.


Reproduction of raspberry "golden autumn" is not difficult. Some gardeners love experiments and try to grow raspberries with seeds. But this is a long and time-consuming process.

raspberry golden autumn description

Reproduction is the most accessible methodraspberry seedlings. They can be purchased in specialized garden centers or in a nursery. And if the desired variety is seen on the site of friends or acquaintances, it is also a saving in the budget.