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How to fill the foundation of a house: advice of specialists

The foundation is the basis of any modern (and not only) home. Without it, you can not even build a more or less reliable barn, so take it as seriously as possible.

how to fill the foundation for the house
Before you pour the foundation under the house, you need to carefully prepare everything. First of all it concerns correct marking and alignment of the site.

Getting Ready

We will not talk about markup, since here everythingdepends on the size of your future housing and on architectural preferences. Before starting any further work, it is necessary to carefully clean the site of stumps, metal trash and piles of construction debris. If there is such a need, all the mounds are compared, since it is clearly impossible to draw markings on them.

Before pouring the foundation under the house,be sure to do a site survey! Do not spare money on him, because otherwise you risk not only spending much more, but also completely left without a home. Spring punching of the ground has already "torn" not one foundation of such "economists".

Getting Started

to fill the foundation for the finished house
After all these activities, you can start digging trenches. Regardless of how you do this (manually or with excavators), you need to constantly monitor their direction.

At the bottom of the excavated ditches, at leastten centimeters of rubble or large river sand. The layer of the buried material is rammed, watered and again subjected to ramming. Since it is very difficult to pour foundation under the house without automation of processes, it is better to purchase an automatic tamping machine in advance.


The first layer of concrete is poured into 20 cm thick. After it dries slightly, a ramming is carried out. When the surface comes out "milk", begin to laying and tying reinforcement. Once again we remind that it can not be welded, because in this case the metal is more prone to corrosion!

Having laid and checked the reinforcing base, fillconcrete mixture to the end. Dry it should be at least a month, and in especially hot years, the surface of the solidified foundation should be periodically watered. Since pouring the foundation under the house in the winter is too expensive and difficult, we deliberately do not consider this option.

Decking and ground floor

pour foundation under house price
After this, you can put the formwork and startfilling the basement floor. Formwork should be done only from quality whole boards. If you plan to use them several times, then the inner side is additionally sealed with a ruberoid.

By the way, using a reusable formworkpour the foundation under the house, the price of which will not be so high. In general, it is not possible to calculate the cost of such work in an article, since too many factors should be taken into account.

The reinforcement base is installed in the formwork, after which it is again poured with concrete.

In general, the above technique is suitablepractically for all cases. It is not so often to make changes. For example, when you need to fill a foundation for a finished house, then the installation of the basement floor may not be needed.