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How to level the floors for a laminate without involving specialists

Current technologies and materials helpperform in the house some types of repair work on their own. To put, for example, a floor covering (a laminate), it is not necessary to search for experts on its stacking. This can easily be done by yourself. When mastering the nuances of this matter, the work for you will turn into the folding of a small designer on special latches. In passing, you can purchase some building skills for the future.

How to level the floors for a laminate
How to level the floors under the laminate?

First, look and evaluate the stateThe surface of the floor, on which it will be necessary to lay the laminate. The limiting tolerance of its unevenness should be no more than 2 mm per 1 meter. Do not ignore this norm. With the curvature of the floor above this value, in the not too distant future, new cracks will appear on the new beautiful laminate.

Do you need this headache? No? Then figure out how to properly align the floor, and you will not need to bitterly remember the expression that the miser pays twice. Just imagine that it will be necessary to rework what has already been done, and still have to level the curve of the floor.

How to level the floors under the laminate, if they are wooden?

Eliminating unevenness, it is necessary to pay attention tobendability and buckling of the floor, as well as its creak. If these defects are present, they must be eliminated. Insufficient rigidity of the floor will entail its replacement in full or partial repair.

How to level a concrete floor
Attention, advice!

Do not use wood chipboards to level the floor. This material does not have a sufficient level of environmental friendliness, formaldehyde can be released during use.

Now consider how to level the floors underlaminate, if they are concrete. With such "headache" sexes is much less. If the floor is very uneven, you will have to make a cement screed. The proportion of sand and cement is 4 x 1. The small flaws of the floor are leveled by self-leveling self-leveling mixtures. They are bred in the proportion indicated on the package.

To prepare the mixture you will need:

  • Drill.
  • Needle roller.
  • Special nozzle-mixer.
  • Containers for preparing the mixture.

Before laying the laminate, the screed must bedry completely. A completely solidified mixture is not yet a fact that it has completely dried up! The drying time is affected by the thickness of the leveling material and the temperature. Improve the leveling properties of the mixture and accelerate the drying time by using a plasticizer.

Well, how to level the concrete floor, we also figured out. It was time to lay the laminate.

How to level the floor correctly
Before laying the laminated coatingIt should be a couple of days to stand in the room where the flooring is supposed to be. This is done to adapt the coating to the temperature conditions of the home. Even if the floor is flat, it is still necessary to put a noise-insulating substrate on it and only then lay the laminate.

Having read this article, you have a concept of how to level the floors under the laminate. The result of following the above tips will be a laminate coating that will last you an incredibly long time.