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Designer Tatyana Tkachuk

The design studio, which thisarticle, located in the city of Vladivostok on Russkaya Street, house 87, of. № 6. Tatyana Tkachuk develops design projects for apartments, restaurants, cafes, cottages, etc.

The studio has a website located at: interior-vl.ru. The managers of the organization can be contacted every day from 9 to 18 hours at the following phone number: +7 (914) 696-40-08 and clarify all the necessary information. Designer Tatyana Tkachuk also conducts remote work with regions. The cost of the design project will be about 800 rubles per square meter. meter.

Creating an interior

When a decision is made to order a design project, it is better to contact professionals.

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In order to create an interior, you shouldprepare a package of documents. It is for them to continue to work team of builders. Tatyana Tkachuk possesses the artistic skills and knowledge needed to create interiors, so all works are at the highest professional level. Any design project is an embodiment of beauty, originality and modernity, and yet it combines the practicality and coziness that are required by the customer.

Designer Tatyana Tkachuk will make a design interior if:

  • It is necessary to create a combination of comfort and maximum convenience of planning;
  • not enough free time;
  • when you do not want to delve into all the details concerning the repair.

Composition of the design project

The package includes the following documents:

  • plan with all measurements;
  • scheme of dismantling, re-planning and installation;
  • arrangement of furniture;
  • plan floors and ceilings, and if using warm floors, then their scheme;
  • location of luminaires and electrical wiring diagram, with all switches and sockets;
  • plan of finishing works;
  • visualization of the room.

Author's supervision

When the project is already created, you can order the selection of furniture, materials and other interior items. This service is paid separately and makes up about 30% of the cost of the design project.

The author's supervision, which Tatyana Tkachuk conducts, includes:

  • The choice of furniture, materials and equipment that correspond to the design project. The process of decorating the interior is connected with trips with the customer through workshops, shops, suppliers' firms, etc.
  • Control of the progress of construction works. It is necessary to give explanations of all design issues to builders, to make clarifications and changes in the drawings.

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Author's supervision will save time andmoney for repairs. The designer himself is able to solve all the problems with the construction team, manufacturers and suppliers. That's why the owner of the room does not have to puzzle over the project or look for interior items.