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Characteristics of Scorpio-women: highlights

Characteristics of Scorpio-women are veryfascinating. This is a contradictory and emotional personality. She often hides under the mask of indifference a storm of emotions. She does not like to show her emotions and usually controls her feelings. Despite this, often says everything that thinks, what causes negative emotions in others. She is perceptive, self-critical and demanding of herself.

Characteristics of a woman's scorpion


Character Scorpio-woman will not be completewithout a description of her appearance. She is not tall. Her features betray a brave and strong woman. She watches her figure. As a rule, he visits the sports hall, due to which he has an easy walk and a slender body. This woman is incredibly attractive. It feels the inner strength. She has a hypnotic view, which you can not resist. She makes a strong impression.

Characteristics of the Scorpion-woman: character

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This is a closed person. Outsiders will never know what's on her mind and what she's thinking. Tell her about her experiences and thoughts, she can only very close people.

Under the mask of well-being, she often hidesstrong emotions that are experienced in themselves. They sometimes do not give her rest. It is possible to stir up her consciousness any detail that the other will not pay attention to. She only thinks about what is important to her at the moment. She is not inclined to solve long-term problems, which you can think about later.

Characteristics of the Scorpion-woman says that,that in everyday life she is a wonderful person, sympathetic and friendly. Such a woman will always listen to a friend and try to help. She does not tolerate cunning, evil and cruel people. All issues are tried to be resolved peacefully.

Scorpio woman in love

In relations with men, she tries to beobjective and does not allow feelings to overshadow the mind. Since she is a responsible person, she tries not to throw words to the wind, because she knows that she will have to fulfill her promises. A Scorpio woman needs to be sure that she is loved. If it was struck by the arrow of Cupid, it is immediately visible from her happy face.

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In marriage, Scorpio women are faithful and faithfulwives. They will follow their man to the end of the world and settle in a tent with pleasure. Only a child can change her attitude to life. The husband should not be surprised, if leaving the hospital, she will demand a house with all amenities.


A happy marriage is possible with Scorpio, Virgo,Weights, Capricorn. Union woman Scorpio + man-Aries is quite harmonious. They are well in bed, but sooner or later there will be discord in everyday life. Couple Taurus-man + Scorpio-woman can indulge indefinitely. They can rather be called lovers than spouses. With Gemini, Scorpios can have a wonderful relationship, but the husband will dominate. With Aquarius will develop intriguing and very original relationship, if you have strong feelings, a happy marriage is possible. Pisces is admired by Scorpio women. There may be strong feelings between them, but the complex nature of Scorpios can spoil everything.