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Dream Interview: Tsunami

Dreams, in which a tsunami, floods,in most cases, frighten people. In fact, these dreams symbolize the release of excess energy, its release, as well as the release of tension associated with a long-hiding disappointment. This, in turn, can serve as a factor that changes the situation in the real life of a sleeping person.

A dream in which a person sees himself in the center of the streamduring a flood, it means that the sleeper is overwhelmed with feelings and is able to commit the most desperate act under the influence of these emotions. The ability to see yourself from the side of the dream of the tsunami treats you in a dream in which you are only watching the flood. At the same time, if you have some difficulties with self-expression or if your language is not well "hung up," this dream simply reflects your anxieties and fears. Drowning in a dream means that the emotions that are raging in your real life will not let you see the threatening danger. The dream of the tsunami rumors that the wave that has overwhelmed you prevents you from controlling the feelings, emotions just overwhelm you. Some dreamlike dreams symbolize your fear of free and open expression of your feelings. Also, these dreams can indicate your inability to overcome stress, the sense of losing control over certain life events.

The dream of the tsunami always indicates the upcomingThe difficulties in real life for a sleeping person. For example, if your own house is submerged under water, and at the same time the water level rises all the time, the significance of this dream is explained by the maturing personality crisis. At the same time, if you are trying to prevent a future catastrophe in a dream, then in the real world, perhaps you will manage to avoid troubles. The same can be attributed to the opposite in its meaning of sleep about drought. The fight against it, the resistance even though they indicate the upcoming failures, but still foretell some reward for the efforts made. Moreover, these dreams should calm the sleeper, as he must understand that the dream book of tsunami warns him about future trials in real life, but who is warned is armed.

Most often, when a tsunami or strongtide, it symbolizes an emotional storm, an explosion of emotions, as well as future changes in the near future. As mentioned above, these events will not be a surprise for the sleeper, provided that in the dream he is ready to fight the troubles (loss of work, illness of relatives and so on).

Explains so the dream of a tsunami: The wave of the tide is a sign of future troubles and serious experiences, especially those related to undesirable and unplanned changes. To dream of a tsunami, a wave - it symbolizes changes in life and in feelings. The sleeper must understand that this is inevitable, he has nowhere to escape from them. The best for him in such situations is the willingness to accept future experiences for a while, knowing that all this will soon be over and thanks to this test he will become even wiser and stronger.

In turn, the dream dream and hunger dreamexplains the emotional stagnation in the real life of a sleeping person. The feeling of hunger in a dream speaks of emotional and physical needs that are not satisfied in real life. This same feeling indicates that your "I" is not given proper attention, and some important aspects of the inner world are simply ignored.

This dream of the dream book tsunami treats asa sign of cooling feelings between you and your partner, your inner emotional exhaustion. Dreaming poverty, in turn, means that your emotions are not true, and negative feelings interfere with well-being. However, dreams in which there is poverty and hunger can hint that you are required to perform some kind of humanitarian mission and show charity.