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The secrets of dreams: in which days the dream comes true

what days does the dream come true
People often have dreams. Some even every night, but very few of them can prove prophetic. People began to find out the pattern, on what days the dream comes true, and what exactly it makes prophetic.

There are different principles for the classification of prophetic nights. There is the meaning of dreams by the days of the week, and sometimes by the position of the moon. Let's consider both of these options.

On what days does the dream come true by the days of the week

Monday. This day is considered a symbol of the beginning, therefore, on the vision that dreamed on Monday, you can determine what will happen to the person this year, this month or this week. Also, if you have seen a dream on this day, then it will not hurry to come true, it usually takes some time.

Tuesday. The most controversial day of the week. It is neither its beginning nor the middle or the end. We can say that Tuesday is the essence of the week itself, and dreams for this night usually reflect only the thoughts and experiences of a person, which often come true in about 8 days.

value of dreams by days

Wednesday. The person is most active on the given day of the week, because he has time to wake up after this weekend and begin his activities. Dreams on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday reflect what happened to the person on the previous day, analyze it. Therefore, dreams do not come true in the middle of the week.

Thursday. This day marks the beginning of the end of the week. A person thinks more about rest, about the next day, he plunges into his dreams, so dreams at this time are rarely predictive.

Friday. As everyone knows, dreams from Thursday to Friday are always prophetic. They have a special feature to come true in a period of time from a week to two.

Saturday. The first day off in the week can bring you only ordinary dreams that come true, but do not carry any new information for the person.

Sunday. Since ancient times, this day is considered festive, which is why a dream on Sunday comes true just before lunch time.

All visions need to be treated with care. If you dream the same dream several times, you need to remember which days you see it, and then you can conclude whether it will become a reality or not. But, except for the days of the week, you should pay attention to the lunar calendar.

How does the state of the moon affect what days a dream comes true

a dream comes true on a Sunday
Waning moon. Dreams in this period mean something that soon will outlive one's own, which will gradually disappear from your life. This applies both to bad moments, and to good ones. If you had a bad dream, and sometimes a terrible dream, then all the bad things will disappear by the end of this month.

Waxing Crescent. Consciousness at this time is peculiar to work intensively, and the subconscious mind - to decipher information. Dreams on the growing moon have a property come true in the near future.

Full moon. It is famous for the tidal energy in all parts of the globe. This applies to both nature and man. Dreams at this time reflect the most emotional experiences, to which too much effort is directed. It is necessary to settle down and treat this point more calmly.

New moon. Dreams at this time are pushing on certain thoughts that can sometimes come true.

In which days a dream comes true, they can say two calendars, with a combination of which you will get a fairly reliable result.