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How to name a child: the meaning of the name Konstantin

The name Constantine has Latin roots and stands for"Permanent", "solid", "resistant". It came to us from ancient Byzantium and is now popular. It is more common in intelligent urban families than among rural residents.

The meaning of the name Constantine for children

the value of the name constantin

These are calm, gentle boys who are keenlyneed warmth and love. They are trying to find support among their peers, but a lot of friends are hampered by painful pride. Small Bones are very afraid of ridicule, so they begin to hide their true nature early for a convenient mask of cynicism.

These children really do not like changes in life. Another situation, a new kindergarten or a new class, cause a wave of protest in them. Bones for a very long time get used to people and things.

The meaning of the name Constantine for adults

Despite the importance of his name, the adult Kostya is very unstable. He easily takes a great interest in new people, ideas, and aspires to certainty in life.

He reaches out to the beautiful, has versatile hobbies - from growing flowers to complex scientific experiments.

name of constantin
Constantine has an innate decency. This trait is a natural part of his personality, therefore he shows it without thinking.

They are reliable friends who value sinceredeep relationship. True, it is not so easy to make such a friendship with an adult Bones. He looks at people for a long time, does not like superficial judgments and frivolous behavior.

The meaning of the name of Constantine for career

In the work these men show all the same decency, plus considerable diligence and conscientiousness. They are honestly responsible for their failures, without hiding behind the backs of colleagues, do not deliberately lead anyone.

If Konstantin is the boss, you canbe sure that in the team there is a democratic communication and a friendly atmosphere. True, he does not have enough ambition and ambition to achieve significant success in his career.

The meaning of the name Konstantin for family life

These men appreciate women's beauty, soare often carried away by the brightest and most effective women from their environment. Long sought, beautifully looked after. But if they suddenly find a lack of deep spiritual qualities in the chosen one, they will quickly become disappointed, grow cold and will require a divorce.

which means the name constantin
In general, it is very difficult for Kostya to find his love, andeven more difficult - to keep it. Because of his amorousness, he often suffers. After all, having burst out with feelings, he immediately tries to lead his beloved under the crown, and in a couple of months a new "meeting of his whole life" takes place. And so it can be repeated many times.

Therefore, happy marriages are more often obtained from him at a more mature age, when life experience allows you to less often get carried away and make less mistakes in people.

Kostya loves children, devotes much time to their upbringing, instills in them a desire for beauty and high morality.

He has good relations with women named Anna, Victoria, Evgenia, Inna, Jana, Polina, Love.

Misunderstanding can arise with Alexandra, Veronica, Maria, Olga, Natalia, Ruslana.

What does the name Constantine mean for astrologers?

According to the zodiac sign, it best suits Libra and Capricorn.

The planet-patron for Constantine is Jupiter.