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Let's see a dream book: a wristwatch in a dream

Did you see the clock on your hand today? And maybe you were presented as a present? In any case, this dream carries valuable information. It is worth to look into the dream book and find out. It is possible that you will find answers to many of your questions.

The symbol of time in a dream

Dream Wrist Watch
The clock in a dream and in reality is a symbol of time. Watching the movement of arrows, we understand how quickly a person's life passes. Perhaps you already know what you dreamed about wristwatches? Yes, it is a reminder above that life is short and you have much to do. As they say, a person comes to this world with his mission and he must do it. Once you saw such a dream, it is worthwhile to think about why you were sent to this world. Perhaps you are doing something wrong. Remember how the hands of the clock moved. If they counted down seconds quickly, then in the real world you are wasting your life energy irrationally. You are wasting yourself on trifles, and leaving serious things unheeded. If the arrows went slowly, as if by stretch, waking up, think about your everyday life. Most likely, you, as an adult, have never achieved success in your life: you have not built a career, you do not have a family, you do not have loyal friends, and until now you do not know what it is - a simple human happiness. Bad sign, says the dream book, wristwatches are ugly and old, dirty or wiped. This indicates that you will soon get very sick. The disease will take not only your strength, but also years, bringing you closer to old age. It is also very bad if the hands of the clock stand or stop at the moment when you looked at the clock. It's for sorrow, for death.

Beautiful and expensive watches

If in a dream you are the owner of beautiful and expensivehours, expect a win and pleasant news related to improving your financial situation. In general, to see in a dream watch, made of gold and decorated with precious stones - to the inheritance, to unexpected cash receipts. If a girl dreams that her hands are adorned with elegant and very expensive watch, then soon she will marry. Marriage will be successful. If in a dream a girl takes her watch off her pen, then in reality she will miss her lover, and after that she will regret that she did not save the relationship. A bad sign to lose them in a dream, according to the dream book. The wrist guy watches presents his beloved - a sign of fate. We advise you to consider your chosen one well and remember her face. This narrow-cut came to your dream to get acquainted.

Buy or lose

 To dream in a dream wristwatch
It is very interesting to interpret what to buy orlose this decoration. We leaf through the dream book: the wristwatch acquires a sleeper for itself - this is a new stage in life. And fate gives you one more chance to correct your life's path. If in a dream you find that you have lost them, then prepare for trouble. Most likely, your future life will depend directly on the circumstances, and you will not be able to influence the course of events in any way. If you, according to the dream book, found wristwatches (strangers) in a dream, then someone needs you, someone needs help. Perhaps, it is from you will depend on someone's life.

Symbol and sign

As you can see, the clock is not just a dream. This sign sent to you by Destiny itself. Be sure to pay attention to the interpretation in the dream book and make the right conclusions.