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What can you tell about sleep from Tuesday to Wednesday

What do we do in order to interpret ourdreaming? We are looking for relevant sources that offer such interpretations. In this case, the symbols of our dreams are usually taken into account, but what about time? For example, I had to hear in school days that dreams are almost certain to come true, dreamed from Thursday to Friday. But dreams from Tuesday to Wednesday come true or not?

In fact, the dream books tell us not only aboutthe meaning of the symbols of dreams, but also about other factors and nuances. I was interested in the fact that online book deals say about dreams from Tuesday to Wednesday. It turned out that each day of the week is favored by a certain metal. In relation to the medium, this is mercury. The planet, which is the patron of this day of the week, is Mercury.

Accordingly, and a dream from Tuesday to Wednesdayis under the auspices of the above-mentioned planet. On this night, as a rule, dreams are distinguished by a variety of subjects, episodes, often not having a clear link between themselves. In order for dreams to be better remembered, well suited to study and analysis, it is recommended to keep a dream diary.

In this case, all the events that occurred in a dream,should be recorded immediately after awakening. At first it seems that recalling the details is not easy, but each time it will become easier, and the dreams themselves will be more clear. You can, after waking up, write down the contents of dreams in a special notebook, and then, in more detail, bring it to your personal computer.

Personally, I do so using the programMicrosoft Word, which has the function of adding dates and times. Accordingly, you can see that it was, for example, a dream from Tuesday to Wednesday, there were such and such sensations on awakening, and such events, people, rooms, etc., dreamed. It is believed that it is the influence of Mercury on this day that tells you through the dream about what changes will take place in your life.

This planet governs communication andability to self-expression. Accordingly, a dream from Tuesday to Wednesday may include your immediate surroundings, including your family, carrying with you certain information that will indicate the upcoming business meetings, trips of importance to the dreamer's conversations.

In particular, if dreams are bright on this day,dynamic and well remembered, then you can confidently say that you are a person of communication, easily come into contact with others. You use among them a certain authority and sympathy. If the dream from Tuesday to Wednesday was the same as stated above, then on the same day you can safely put forward new ideas and suggestions in your work. It will be accepted with understanding and subsequently launched into implementation.

Well, if, on the contrary, a dream in this verywas the day boring, straightforward and monotonous? In this case, it is quite possible that the dreamer lacks attention from the world around him, he is constrained and he does not have enough live communication, warm friendly relations. A person who sees such a dream from Tuesday to Wednesday, is also in doubt. He is not sure that in a difficult moment he can rely on the people around him.

Do dreams come true from Tuesday to Wednesday? Perhaps, yes, they come true in the light of the above information. That is, in all that concerns relations with the people around the dreamer. Basically, it's his family: friends, relatives, friends, colleagues at work.

Yes, by the way, if on this day you dreamed thatyou flew, then get ready for significant changes in your life. You will receive very important information, which can turn out to be fateful, in a good way.

It is interesting to note one more featuredreaming. There are days in which a person dreams and can be interpreted, but there are days in which they come true. In particular, a dream from Tuesday to Wednesday is realized on Saturday.