/ What day does the dream come true? When to look in the dream book?

On what day does the dream come true? When to look in the dream book?

There are nights when dreams are prophetic. So, from the beginning of the new year to Epiphany on any night you can visit a fateful vision. Although images that contain hints or warnings may appear on other days.

on what day does the dream come true

On what day does the dream come true?

Traditionally, it is believed that dreams are differentdepending on the night of the week. For example, a dream on Sunday is an empty image. But on Friday dreams come true. If you want to get a prophetic omen, then on Thursday ask a question to your subconscious. See the picture - open the dream book and try to solve it. It will necessarily be significant or, at least, informative. Still it is believed that on Tuesday the dream is prophetic. It can also be imagined, while it is better to ask about the heart.

Friday dreams come true
How to determine whether a prophetic dream?

It happens that night images do not come from the head. They all day scrolling in the imagination, and sometimes - and longer. Here and to guess it is not necessary, in what day the dream comes true. If he is so firmly entrenched in your head, know - he is prophetic. This dream necessarily contains a personal message that you must understand. Still prophetic are colored dreams. Most often they have a bright detail, which you need to decipher. If sleep slips out of the mind with the first rays of the sun, then remember it is not worth it - it's empty. More prophetic are repetitive images. It does not matter when they came to you, on what day. A dream comes true, if it was repeated two or three times. And if more - be sure to try to understand what it portends to you.

From the moon it depends, whether dreams come true?

On the full moon, most often you will visit significantimages. At the same time, they will not talk about trifles, but about vital events. Sometimes on a full moon you can see your whole life, of course, encrypted into certain pictures or images. Important! With the rising moon, dreams of material gain come true more quickly. When decreasing - often prophetic are images that predict losses. The same can be said about the relationship: a growing night star predicts harmony, a diminishing - a gap. The values ​​that do not comply with this rule can be ignored.

do dreams come true on the full moon
And can prophetic dreams always dream?

The question is by no means idle. For centuries, people have been trying to unravel the secrets of the night images, but they can not work out a clear rule. All that is said on this issue is just indicative (inaccurate) information. So do not worry about what day the dream comes true. A great rule for good and optimistic images: if you believe that they will bring happiness, then so be it. But with the nightmarish, bad predictions is not so simple. Experts advise a bad dream to talk to running water to wash away the negative. But in any case, you should be careful in the next seven days. It is believed that a bad dream comes true within one week. There is one more advice (more likely from the field of psychology): do not believe in bad omens. Your thoughts are the bricks of your future. If they concentrate on the bad, then, you know, there will not be much good. It is better to believe only positive omens, and negative ones just beware!