/ Monastery Ostrog in Montenegro: how to get there?

Monastery Ostrog in Montenegro: how to get there?

In Montenegro, on the Adriatic coastBalkan peninsula, there is a monastery that attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists not only preserved in it shrines, but also the extraordinary picturesqueness of its surrounding nature. It is called the Slavic word "prison", which in ancient times was called various defensive fortifications. He is for centuries the bulwark of Christian faith and piety in the lands so often subjected to invasions of the Gentiles.

Abode among mountains

Monastery Ostrog

The monastery Ostrog was founded in the middle of the XVII centuryone of the most revered now in the Serbian Orthodox Church by Saint Basil Ostrogsky. And to this day his imperishable relics rest in the monastery, and old books store hundreds of records that testify to the miracles of healings that have happened to the saints through prayers. The image of the great ascetic can be seen in the monastery church, and on unique frescos painted more than three centuries ago.

Monastery Ostrog includes two monasteries,located at different heights, which respectively reflected in their names: Gorny monastery - the upper, and Doniy - the lower one. They were built at different times, but combined into a common complex. The upper cloister, more ancient, was founded in 1665, and six years later the relics of its founder St. Basil were resting in it. The central temple, consecrated in honor of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, is not the oldest, before it was built another, dedicated to the introduction of the Blessed Virgin. There are reasons to believe that his bookmark preceded the appearance in this mountainous area of ​​the founder of the monastery.

Feast in a mountain monastery

Monastery Ostrog reviews

In the memory of St. Basil of OstrogMay 12 - the date of his blessed speed, which happened in 1671. Every year thousands of pilgrims come here from all parts of the Christian world to honor his name and offer prayers near the crayfish with relics. For everyone opens this famous Ostrog monastery. The testimonies of pilgrims who have performed serve as a convincing recommendation for those who are only planning it.

In 1820 the lower monastery was founded. Its foundation is connected with the names of two outstanding figures of the Serbian Orthodox Church - Archimandrite Iosif Pavicevic and St. Peter of Tsitinsky, who was then Metropolitan of Montenegro. This monastery is dedicated to the Holy Trinity, in honor of which the throne of its central church is consecrated.

Later part of the complex

Above it, on a hill, is the churchThe Holy Martyr Stank, erected in 2004 and is the latest building of the whole monastic complex. This saint of God became famous for the fact that in 1712 he was executed by the Turks for refusing to accept Islam. His incorrupt hand is kept in a newly built church in his honor. Twenty-seven defenders of the monastery were also buried here, which in 1943 blocked the way for the Communists who were trying to capture the monastery. Their memory is sacred to the inhabitants of Serbia.

Everyone who visits the monastery Ostrog willinteresting to see the ancient ruins, located near the bottom of the complex, next to the ancient monastery cemetery. This is all that remains of the church built here in the XIII century, St. George. Over the centuries, she repeatedly experienced Turkish invasions and was destroyed, but each time restored, and in her services were resumed. Only after the Muslim invasion in 1895 it was not rebuilt, and about the former shrine these days resemble only moss-covered stones.

The Way to the Holy Monastery

Monastery Ostrog in Montenegro

Often who wish to make a pilgrimagethe question arises: how to get to Ostrog Monastery? Of course, if you use the services of a travel agency (and there are a lot of them), then there will be no problems. For those who intend to get their own transport, we note that the Ostrog monastery is located in the area between the cities of Danilovgrad and Niksic. Before you go, be sure to stock up on a car map.

If you follow from Danilovgrad, then,after traveling about 15-20 km, it can be seen on the right side of the road. A turn to it is indicated by a road sign. True, we will have to orient ourselves further, relying mainly on our own intuition and common sense, since in subsequent forks only the abundance of trade pavilions and souvenir stalls will be indicative of the right direction of the road.

Features of the route leading to the monastery

How to get to Ostrog Monastery

The road leading directly to the monastery,represents the same difficulties as any mountain road, and, moving along it, it is necessary to observe the whole complex of security measures. It is needless to dwell on them in the article, since every driver who passed in his time the driving license should, after remembering, recall them. By the way, the local legend asserts that Vasil Ostrozhsky himself patronizes everyone riding along this road. Maybe that's why there are rare accidents here.

And more useful information for those wishing to visitMonastery Ostrog in Montenegro. The opinions of many who have visited here contain practical advice to those who are yet to travel, and among them the rise from the lower abode to the top is most often mentioned. This way can be done by car, and its length is five kilometers.

Additional information for pilgrims

But for those who wish there is also a pedestrian routeon a path that rises steeply uphill. Those who prefer it, it is strongly recommended that you stock up on water and, without overestimating your strength, arrange halts on the way as often as possible. Otherwise, the insidious mountain path and the sun can play a rogue joke with the newcomer, spoiling the impression of the whole trip.

When the goal of recovery is achieved andthe pilgrims find themselves in the cave of the upper monastery, where the relics of St. Basil Ostrozky are kept, they must always bear in mind that they are followed by a huge number of other pilgrims, the queue of which pours from outside. This should be prepared in advance and, having got into the cave, quickly whisper their requests addressed to the saint, put a note with their listing and, having pressed to the cancer, give way to others.

Monastery Ostrog in Montenegro reviews

In conclusion, we wish good luck to all those whopilgrimage to the monastery Ostrog in Montenegro. How to get here and how to avoid the inconveniences associated with the peculiarities of the mountain landscape, was told in this article. We hope that the information will be useful.