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When dreams come true

Many scientists believe that our dreams areoriginal prophecy. There is also a version that dreams are what we most think about, what we are most concerned about or burdensome. But sometimes we ourselves are amazed at the absurdity of what we dreamed, and we have no idea how it could ever be in our head. Often we dream of people whom we do not remember at all, places where we have never been, events that are difficult to call real. Everything becomes even more confusing, when suddenly you accidentally experience some deja vu - the events, words or actions that occur in your life, you have seen before in your dream. And at such moments people start to think about the fact that dreams are in some way really prophetic.

So, when dreams come true? The most plausible dreams come to people in the period from December 25 to January 19. With this period, many mystical beliefs are connected, not for nothing that from time immemorial Russian girls have been wondering exactly at Epiphany evenings. According to some legends, it is during these days that the sky reveals its secrets to people. Do not miss the chance. Try to remember everything that you dreamed these days and take note. In dreams, there may be a warning or a clue. And sometimes he portends good events to which one should be prepared.
There are other days when dreams come true. It is believed that on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday you can dream a prophetic dream. The same, according to some sources, talk about the night from Thursday to Friday.
And experienced dream researchers do say,that you do not need to get attached to the days and try to figure out which numbers dreams come true. Any of them can be prophetic. Moreover, some bind dreams to moonlit days. It is believed that on the 1st day of each month is the night when dreams come true, as a rule, they portend something good. The dreams that you see on the 2nd number are meaningless and do not carry any information. 3 The number of any month can bring you a dream that will come true exactly and very quickly - be prepared for it. On the 16th, 27th and 29th of the month, you will again have empty dreams. To those numbers when dreams come true, there are 9 and 15, and 17, and 20. These numbers carry positive information. But 13, 14, 19 and 22 are the dates when dreams of bad content come true. Most often they warn about possible problems. But on the 31st day of each month you can dream of a dream of love, which will surely come true.
How to behave, if you had a dream thattouched some strings of your soul, and, according to your assumptions, can be prophetic? First, check the date - if this number, when dreams come true, you need to try to figure out the meaning of this message. Naturally, most often information in dreams is not transmitted directly. Try to remember the brightest details of your nightly dreams and enter them into the dream book. It is possible that after reading a couple of interpretations, you will understand what this or that dream is foretelling to you. By the way, contrary to a positive attitude, professionals in the field of dreams recommend paying attention to the interpretations that foreshadow something bad, rather than good. After all, it's better to be caught off guard by a good event than a disaster. In addition, disaster can be prevented if you know about it in advance.
By the way, visions thatyou had a dream on the 3rd, 12th and 15th of each month. But the dreams that you saw on the night of the 11th, will be executed only after 11 days. But the fact that you dreamed of the 7th day, you do not need to tell anyone - this vision speaks about the happiness that awaits you, however, if you blab out, the dream will not come true.
In dreams you can believe, but you can not even turnattention to them, considering them simply the work of their sick imagination. However, if such a prominent scientist as Mendeleyev did not think about his dreams, the world would never use his unique table - an integral system of chemical elements dreamed of this genius. Have a nice sleep!