/ What does the wrist watch look like?

Why does the wrist watch

The clock is a very complex symbol, often it is the key point of the dream and requires detailed analysis.

Dreaming watches mean that it's time for you to analyze the impact of your past on the present and on the future.

We will try to make out what the wrist watch looks like. This dream indicates that you have a catastrophic lack of time to implement your plan.

Dreams of a clock with a missing dial indicate troubles, extraordinary events that will happen to you in the near future and cause severe frustration.

The knocking of a clock in a dream indicates that someone in the immediate circle needs your immediate help, and the sooner you give it to the person in need, the better for both of you.

Dream of Nostradamus. What does the clock on his hand look like? This symbol in the dream can be considered a sign that you will receive an early reward for a job well done. It should be borne in mind that this remuneration will not necessarily be a tangible plan.

An intimate dream book. The old wrist watches you see in a dream tell you that it's time to reflect on your past and draw the appropriate conclusions (whether you behaved yourself well, what actions you did in your life, what will remain after you, what a trace in the life of others). Another interpretation of this dream book explains why the wrist watch is dreamed up, because you have very little time left for an important moment in your life. Dreaming wall clocks tell of your disregard for your life, you need to realize that nothing lasts forever in our world, do not waste time, do not burn your life.

What does the watch on your hand that youdetermine the exact time in the absence of the dial? The dream portends a grave danger, warns you. This dream promises a great tragedy, which you can only survive with God's help. To hear a clock knock in your sleep - it prophesies that everything will not be all right in your life. It will be persistently visited by the thought that all of you have left, but this is a delusion. Just you fell a share with honor to pass all the test data and get after that peace, happiness and peace.

Wangi's dream interpretation. Wall clock - the upcoming funeral of a friend.

Dream Madame Hasset. What does the wrist watch look like? Serviceable - success in current affairs, broken - sadness, failure, broken life.

Remember, sometimes dreams simply warn offuture events that should not be taken as inevitable. True, it is not at first that the beginners find out exactly what this symbol dreamed about, for a correct analysis of the dream requires a certain experience and flexibility of the mind.

For example, to find out more precisely what the wrist watch looks like, it can help to unite into a single whole and a general analysis of several symbols - hours and hands.

In continuation of this topic I propose to consider such a question - what does the hand dream about.

The hands and palms seen in a dream mean that these symbols are signs of fate. For a woman, her dreaming hands mean a loved one.

Washing hands is a release from current problems, and hairy ones - successes in business affairs and improvement of material condition.

Also, you should pay attention to what hand you dreamed: the right hand in the dream is a symbol of liberation, in turn, the left hand - foreshadows the newly revealed problems.

To lose a dream in a hand is the loss of a loved one or a relative, and death near you.

For the correct interpretation of dreams in which a hand is present, remember: the right hand symbolizes a friend, an assistant, the left hand - a person close to the heart.

Dream children's little hands mean and sign positive events in your life, future happiness and a love affair.

Hands in the blood (hurt his hand) - mean an early quarrel, separation from relatives.

To understand what the dream is about, it's quite difficult,as in all popular dream books this character is presented absolutely differently, therefore it is recommended to associate these dream interpretations with events associated with this symbol and with other objects that you dreamed about.