/ How to recognize a reptiloid? Reptiloids among us

How to recognize a reptiloid? Reptiloids among us

There is an opinion that people live on earthcreatures from other planets. The most harmful and dangerous are reptiloids. Have you heard of them? Do you know how to recognize a reptiloid and protect yourself from it? If not, then be sure to read the material below. Many people disappear from the planet, as if they never existed. The relatives can not find their trace. There is an opinion, carefully hushed up in the media, that they are being cracked down by reptilians. People tell a lot of things, only they can not bring evidence. Let's try to figure out what to believe, and what to laugh about.

how to recognize a reptilian

Reptiloids on earth - truth or fiction?

To the presence of extraterrestrial beings in the open spacesnative land can be treated in different ways. Conspiracy experts are sure that reptilians among us are very long ago. Even in the time of Atlantis, they tried (and not without success) to seize power over mankind. And now the representatives of this terrible tribe concentrate where one can be commanded by other beings, that is, we are sinners. But power is not the only thing that attracts reptilians. The hostile tribe is trying to take away the planet from the Aborigines. And for this, all means are good. But they are not yet able to get rid of people completely. Strange creatures do not have a soul, which means that they do not have a mechanism for processing energy vibrations. Only the soul of a living person, born on planet Earth, is able to lower or increase the amplitude of radiation. In the universe there is no longer a being capable of such work. Therefore, reptilians among us are working to transform the energy of the universe into a lower range, which they are comfortable with. Light love (high vibrations) is deadly to these creatures. It turns out that there is a war on the Earth, which we do not even suspect about!

reptilians among us

How to recognize a reptiloid?

Of course, aliens do not roam the cities andvillages, waving their tails. They are forced to acquire a human face in order not to frighten the population. By the way, reptiloids are creatures, which in a sense are related to our lizards and crocodiles. This is what caused the name. They have cold blood, there are tails, claws and sharp teeth. But such things as conscience, compassion, humor, they are inaccessible. Alien reptilians, according to conspirological theories, have the following features:

  • height above average;
  • bright and roughly outlined sexual characteristics;
  • Insensitivity to heat;
  • extraordinary physical strength;
  • strange eyes with narrow pupils.

We have brought those distinctive qualities of beings withother planets, which are rather difficult for them to hide. In fact, they are completely different from people. But they can transform their form and look almost like real people. Let's go through each feature separately to understand exactly how to recognize the reptiloid.

reptilians on earth

Physical form

We already mentioned that aliens cantransform. To look like an ordinary person or even an animal for this essence is not difficult. But there are limitations related to their psyche. These entities are uncomfortable in the guise of a "botanist - ochkarika". Their own weakness they are afraid to horror. Therefore, aliens take the form of a physically strong person. It can be an athlete with pronounced biceps, a lady of extraordinary flexibility or another person capable of running, jumping, lifting weights. In addition, reptiloids almost never get sick. Our ailments are not terrible for them, but their own - far away, on their own planet. It is noticed that these creatures do not succumb to the bad influence of alcohol. They either do not drink at all, or do not get drunk.

Sexual signs

When you figure out how to recognize a reptiloid,it is necessary to remember - these are other creatures. They are not arranged the way we are. But these essences have to adjust to the environment. They do it rather rudely. If a reptiloid wants to look like a man, he will take care of acquiring a brutal appearance. For example, the macho, to whom all ladies aged between five and a hundred years are openly casting conscientious glances - may well be an alien with a green tail. Ladies of this "nationality" have a chic breasts and slender hips. Everything in them is a little too much, and the appearance causes a feeling of artificiality.

aliens are reptilians

Relation to temperature conditions

Reptiloids have cold blood, as alreadyit was said. They feel much more comfortable with forty-degree heat. So do not be surprised if an important person is sitting next to you and forbids you to turn on the air conditioner or open the window. This is probably a reptilian. It is good for him when a normal person is exhausted by the absence of fresh air in the room, steamed like in a bath. Representatives of this species of aliens do not sweat. Their glands do not emit liquids to cool the skin. It is arranged differently than ours. You'll never see on their clothes untidy stains in the armpits, so natural in a hot time for a person. But the cold is unpleasant for them. The reaction of aliens is inhibited in proportion to the decrease in temperature. They try to be less in the cold and quickly dive into the hotly heated room.

eyes of reptiloid

Eyes - a mirror of the soul

The only sign that gives outan alien, - his eyes. The body can be changed, the head and arms can be transformed, but your eyes can not hide. They say that they are a mirror of the soul. Of these, a field is broadcast on the surrounding, which reflects the state of the person's aura. Alien vibration is much lower than the average representative of our species. Their glance is cold, like a February blizzard, and equally detached. Conspirologists argue that the eyes of the reptiloid are narrow, like cat's, pupils. This is only partly true. They become such at certain moments. When the alien creature is threatened something, the pupils narrow. This is clearly visible. As a threat, they perceive the energy of love, the vibrations of which kill them. Try to show to the suspected of involvement in the genus of aliens sincere compassion. And look into your eyes.

woman reptiloid

Goals of reptilians

You know, we usually say that they meetclothes, and see off in the mind. This means that the individual is judged by deeds. Appearance and species of reptilians are not critical in our constant, but somewhat one-sided war. Much more important is their behavior, conditioned by one very specific goal. Aliens need to lower the overall background radiation of the universe. And we raise it, although few people know about it. Their counteraction to the natural development of mankind is to create conditions for the suffering of each individual person. For example, almost all wars are the result of their intrigues. Extraterrestrials are vital that people in large numbers suffer, suffer, weep, and the like. Their world will perish if we develop according to the plan of the Higher Forces.

species of reptilians

Behavioral features

You probably already know how to understand that beforeyou reptiloid. This individual has power, somewhat artificial appearance, wealth (an additional resource for influencing the planet's population) and stands at the helm of events. For example, your boss may be an alien, and also he may be a famous blogger or TV presenter. A reptilian woman is bound to be a friend of the oligarch. This place is not necessary for her own pleasure, but to perform a common task for aliens. They need to lower the vibration of the Earth. In the provincial village representatives of this species you will not find. There's no one to influence, so they have nothing to do in the fields and forests? In the interpersonal relations of aliens gives indifference. They do not radiate love, although they diligently pretend. This is felt only by the partner in an intimate atmosphere. From the side it seems that the normal couple in love is coming. And in the quiet of the bedroom there is an insight, sometimes very unpleasant. If you show the reptileoid that it is open, you can disappear from the face of the earth. And where people go, no one knows. There are many stories on this subject. If there is at least one grain of truth in them? Nobody can prove it reliably. Be careful!