/ Novospassky Monastery in Moscow: icons, shrines, photos. Address of the Novospassky Monastery

Novospassky Monastery in Moscow: icons, shrines, photos. Address of the Novospassky Monastery

Free time should be spent with advantagefor the soul and body. Tourism - one of the best leisure options and at the same time, gaining new impressions and knowledge. If you are a resident of Moscow or the Moscow region, then you are not limited in choosing the sights. The capital of Russia is a panorama of parks, squares, museums and, of course, temples and monasteries. The Holy See has long been famous for its Orthodox pearls, for which it was awarded the title of "golden-headed". The endless number of holy places in the capital makes pilgrims from all over the country come here and admire the unprecedented beauty and rich history of churches and orthodox complexes. One of such Christian centers of the capital is the Novospassky Monastery. In Moscow, it is considered one of the most visited places of pilgrims.

Novospassky Monastery in Moscow

Why is the monastery called Stauropegic?

This name is given to Orthodox complexes,in which the cross in the altar is planted by the Patriarch himself. Such monasteries are under the tutelage of the canonical management or supervision of the head of the ROC. Patriarchs are appointed viceroys - an archimandrite or abbess. Such monasteries have some privileges. For example, the possibility of self-government and independence. On the territory of Russia from more than 600 Orthodox complexes only 25 objects were awarded the title of stavropegic. Therefore, the Novospassky Monastery in Moscow has a special status.

Novospassky Monastery in Moscow Photo

The history of the monastery

This orthodox center was founded by the saintPrince Daniel of Moscow as many as 8 centuries ago. Then the monastery was located at the Serpukhov outpost. Then the descendants of the prince transferred the sacred place to the Kremlin, and later to Krutitsy Hill, where he is still today. After the acquisition of its final shelter, the monastery received the popular name - Spas in a new place, which was strengthened as its official name.

During the reign of the Romanov dynasty Novospassky Monastery became the second largest after the Assumption Cathedral in the Kremlin. The royal family founded a family necropolis in the "Savior on the New".

Novospassky Monastery in Moscow

During the years of the revolution all religious objects wereclosed, including the Novospassky Monastery in Moscow. The royal tomb was destroyed, in its place the Soviet government founded a prison for women. Later in the monastery was placed the center of restoration, and then the furniture factory.

Novospassky Monastery was revived only towards the end of the 20th century. It was from this moment that monastic life began and the daily liturgy began.

What is on the territory of the Orthodox complex?

Novospassky monastery in Moscow is a hugeterritory on which there are as many as 19 objects, including 6 cathedrals dating from the 17th century, a bell tower, several towers and chapels, a brotherly building, a master's yard. Each of these buildings has its own unique, unique history. Many secrets are kept by Novospassky Monastery in Moscow. The shrines with which the Orthodox complex is famous attract thousands of pilgrims. This is the icon of the "All-Russian", revered by believers as an image that heals from severe illnesses, and the Savior Not Made by Hands (19th century). Pilgrims can also be attached to holy relics.

novospassky monastery in moscow

Monastery's work schedule and address

In the main temple every day at 8 amliturgies are held, vespers are at 17 o'clock. On Sundays and holidays, the following schedule is set in the church: Liturgy at 7 and 9 o'clock, and the All-Night Vigil at 5 pm. All days, except for the Lenten period, a prayer service is held in the temple in front of the icon "Vsezaritsa".

You can reach the monastery in 2 ways: through m. Proletarian or the station Marxist. In the first case, the complex will need to pass 500 meters. From the Marxist station will have to drive about a kilometer.

Virtual Tour

Knowing the simple address, Novospassky Monastery inMoscow will not be difficult to find. So, the location of the Orthodox complex - Peasant Sq., 10. From the station Proletarskaya you need to go towards the Moscow River. Crossing the road through the underground passage, you will find yourself at the majestic walls of the monastery. Its entrance is crowned with the icon of the Savior Not Made by Hands and a set of rules of conduct established on the territory of the object.

Stepping into the white arch, visitors are inreverent atmosphere of the monastery, filled with mystery and a sense of sacredness. The best excursion is to start from the bell tower, once built on the initiative of Patriarch Filaret. In its height (about 80 m) it is comparable only with the bell tower of Ivan the Great (81 m). Once at the top of the structure, look around - in front of you opens a wonderful, breathtaking panorama. Enjoying the beauty of the surrounding world from a bird's-eye view, one can go to the Transfiguration Cathedral.

icons novospassky monastery in moscow

Monastery Center

The Transfiguration Cathedral is the mainthe temple of this orthodox complex. It is here that pilgrims can pray to the icon "Vsezaritsa" about granting health to their relatives and friends who have oncological diseases. The sacred image of the Vigil is adorned with the numerous gifts of those people who were healed by the mercy of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. This is how the Russian people thank the Almighty for the perfect miracle. The image of the Mother of God, as a priceless asset of the temple, is located at the entrance.

Miracle-working icon of the Blessed Virgin

Many relics are kept in their walls NovospasskyMonastery in Moscow. "Vsetsaritsa" is one of its main values. Once written by a monk on Mount Athos, the icon became a curative image of the monastery at the end of the 20th century. Before the Mother of God, prayers are performed daily. "Vsezaritsa" is often transported to the Kashira Cancer Center to give spiritual strength to people who have malignant tumors.

novospassky monastery in moscow

Shrines of the Transfiguration Cathedral

The temple is also famous for its ancientwalls dating from the 17th century. Among them is a fresco dedicated to the genealogical tree of the royal dynasty. No less interesting and contradictory is the image of 10 ancient Greek scientists depicted at the entrance. The allegory of this fresco is that whatever value is pagan wisdom, the Christian heritage will always be many steps higher.

In the center of the temple there is a seven-tiered iconostasis withimages of saints, the Mother of God and Christ the Savior. And, like in any other church, in the Transfiguration Cathedral there are many images of holy martyrs, righteous, reverend and prophets (for example, the fresco of John the Forerunner). All this is really worth it to visit the Novospassky Monastery in Moscow. Photo and video shooting on the territory is allowed.

address novospassky monastery in moscow

Examining the complex

On the territory of the monastery there is also a copythat cross, which is located on the territory of the Kremlin. This monument of culture was dedicated to Sergei Aleksandrovich Romanov, the prince and governor of Moscow in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He died from a bomb explosion, thrown by one of the terrorist Socialist-Revolutionaries. Romanov's wife, Elizabeth Feodorovna, possessing a deep faith in God and by virtue of her confession, came to the prison for the murderer and persuaded him to repent of his deed. In exchange, the princess gave her word to ask for his pardon and forgiveness. But the criminal, by virtue of his radical convictions, did not do this, and was executed.

Novospassky monastery in Moscow has such athe atmosphere of the sacredness and a special microclimate that apricot trees bear fruit on its territory. It seems that all God's mercy condescended on the Orthodox complex, in the garden of which flowers and plants of amazing beauty grow.

Temples of the monastery

The Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin is located in the enclosed space of the monastery, because of which visitors do not immediately notice this church with a central
the square of the Orthodox complex. It adjoins the north-eastern side to the Transfiguration Cathedral. The Church of the Intercession of the Theotokos consists of three limits, the central one of which was erected in honor of the holiday of the same name. The right part of the church (chapel) is dedicated to the Great Martyr Varvara, and to the left - to Saint Dmitry, Metropolitan of Rostov.

Novospassky Monastery in Moscow Photo

The Church of the Protection of the Holy Virgin hasmany orthodox values, such as relics, frescoes, icons. The Novospassky Monastery in Moscow also includes such cathedrals as the Temple of Sergius of Radonezh, the Icon of the Mother of God "The Sign", Nicholas the Wonderworker.

The complex is definitely worth a visit - both profoundly believing, and those who only open the first page of Orthodoxy in their life.