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year 2014. What animal does he patronize?

Well, that's coming to an end in 2014. What animal was his patron and who still managed to achieve success in the passing year? Let's try to conduct a small analysis of the outgoing year. Perhaps this information will help someone to draw the right conclusions and adjust their behavior.

2014 which animal

No cheating

If you believe the Eastern calendar, then the patron2014 was the Blue Horse. As we all know, a horse is an animal that is used to working hard. It is for this reason that this year the personalities succeeded, who put their best efforts to achieve the goal. The horoscope for 2014 warns that it is impossible to count on success for people who use lies and deceit to realize their plans. Such dishonest game, most likely, resulted, or still will lead, to destruction of all constructed earlier.

Work and Career

The Year of the Blue Horse brought good luck to the so-calledcareerists. If you decide to change your place of work or increase your existing income, then this year was just an ideal time to implement your plan.

In addition to all of the above, in 2014 there wereit is enough just to realize all your plans to creative personalities. The horse always and everywhere "supported" designers, musicians and people of other creative professions.

horoscope for 2014

Love successes

Already almost ended in 2014. What animal patronized him, you now know. Now let's talk in more detail about how love affairs developed under the auspices of this mysterious sign.

In 2014, quite a lot of new pairs were formed. But in order to meet and become happy people, some had to "give my best" to the maximum. As for the existing relations, they were accompanied by the most real Mexican passions and scandals. In the event that one of the partners was constantly deceiving his second half, then, most likely, the love boat went to the bottom. A horse is an honest animal, which requires sincerity and truthfulness from its wards.

Horoscope for 2014 says that people who have married this year, will live together for a long time and happily.


A good future awaits and children born in the yearThe Blue Horse. When kids grow up, they will be accompanied by luck and success. Moreover, 2014 is the time that was ideally suited for the conception of a small miracle. Believe me, many couples who have long wanted to have a baby have found what they want. However, there are still several months ahead, which means that the planned plans can still be realized.

by the Zodiac of 2014


As we were able to find out, by the Zodiac 2014is the year of the Blue Horse. Each of us probably has among his friends and acquaintances people who are used to achieve financial success with hard work and patience. So it was to such personalities that the year 2014 brought a real success. Lazybones could also cool down further.

If you decide to invest inyou can do it in October, November or December. The second half of 2014 is a great time for this lesson. But to acquire something, for example, real estate was necessary in the first half of the year.


year 2014: what sign of the zodiac this period of time has stood out and how things stand on the love and financial front we know. But it is also important to know what is happening to our physical condition. Health problems this year were noted in people who are used to lead a sedentary lifestyle. The horse, as we have said, is an industrious animal and, of course, can withstand any stresses. So, for this reason, in order to maintain the vitality in 2014, it was necessary to pay as much attention to sports as possible.

2014 which sign of the zodiac


year 2014. What animal and symbols, corresponding to it, could bring good luck? As you know, magic talismans help to improve financial condition, enlist the support of an animal, and also to attract luck. So, the year of the Blue Horse in this case was not an exception. This year it was necessary to wear amulets in the form of a horse or a horseshoe. It is these talismans that can attract money, improve love relationships and bring success to your life.

Almost every one of us thinks that in theirthe right one or another sign of the zodiac comes with the onset of the first of January. As for the Blue Horse, it only came to us on January 31st. It is also worth mentioning that her power and power will last until February 18, 2015. Thus, you have every chance of catching up.

Horoscope by the signs of the zodiac

If we talk separately about each signZodiac, then, for example, the Taurus family includes new members. Someone had a grandson or granddaughter or a son or daughter. Twins will finally be presented with a present that they have long dreamed of. Cancers can forget about problems. This year, they easily managed to get out of all difficult situations. The lions have finally found, or else will find, a way out of the unpleasant situation, which they managed to get into in 2013. With all this they can show that they have a subtle mind and will be able to put their ill-wishers in their place. The Virgin will be completely immersed in domestic chores. In the first place for them, first of all, will be the family, and only then - work and finance. The balance gained financial stability, which they could not boast of in the past and the year before. They finally had confidence in the future. Scorpions simply do not have equal at work. All previously planned plans will be implemented. They are now favorites from the authorities and the subject of imitation of colleagues. Sagittarians throughout the year 2014 tried to improve themselves, and, by the way, they achieved considerable success in this. Capricorns, who do not have a family, in the year of the Blue Horse finally managed to find their second half. As for Aquarius, in 2014 the finances themselves swim in their hands. And finally, Pisces. Representatives of this sign can rest from the problems and by the end of the year receive a reward for all their labors.

year of blue horse

Well, we talked about the year 2014 - whichthe animal patronizes him and what needs to be done this year to achieve real success. Do not be discouraged if you could not realize any plans during this period. Waiting for us is 2015, which certainly will bring no less new than the passing year of the Blue Horse.