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Chrysoprase stone: properties, value, photo, zodiac sign

Probably, there are no such women who are indifferent to ornaments, regardless of whether they are made of gold, platinum, other metals, from all kinds of precious and semiprecious stones.

The roots of this hobby go back to ancient times,when decorations were considered not only from the point of view of the attractiveness of their appearance, but also from the point of view of their inherent properties, medical and magical. This kind of interest has not dried up to this day. One of the mysterious stones is chrysoprase. What are the properties of the stone chrysoprase, to whom the sign is suitable - this and talk.


Chrysoprase is a semi-precious stone,related to minerals. It has a large number of shades of green. The main area of ​​its application is the jewelry industry, where it makes rings, earrings, pendants. Because of its beauty and unusual range of flowers, it has become very popular. And also the properties of the chrysoprase stone, which will be discussed below, are of interest.

Jewelers can frame it in gold, silver, andcan be used in pure form. At its core, chrysoprase is one of the forms of chalcedony, which refers to translucent quartz. This stone finds application both in large-scale jewelry business - in industry, and among artisans-handicraftsmen.

Short story

Talk about the properties of the chrysoprase stone, photowhich amaze with beauty, you can much. His story begins in the depths of centuries, he was known to the ancient Egyptians, and the Romans, and representatives of Ancient Greece. Discovered by archaeologists in the territory formerly owned by Hellenes, amulets and cameos are distinguished by high art of execution. Often, they were painted with portraits, genre scenes and drawings with religious motives.

Rings and Beads

The inhabitants of the Ancient East believed that chrysopraseIt is able to treat nerve diseases by applying to a sore spot. According to legends, this stone did not bypass well-known historical figures, using it as an amulet. So, for example, the Macedonian king Alexander the Great, who lived in the IV century BC, carried chrysoprase with him, considering him a stone, bringing victory to the battlefield. His example was followed by many warriors.

In the Middle Ages noble people, merchants believed thatthanks to the properties of the stone chrysoprase helps in achieving success in trading and other monetary matters. Chrysoprase was used not only as a jewelry, but also used in decorating palaces and houses of the rich. And also he meets in the decoration of religious utensils and church buildings.

Composition and coloring

The composition of the stone chrysoprase, photo,properties and significance of which will be discussed in detail below, is a compound of silicon with oxygen. As already mentioned, this stone is a kind of chalcedony, which has many shades of green. This coloration is explained by the presence of nickel compounds in it, it often is not homogeneous.

Shades of chrysoprase

When the color of the stone is close to the emerald, healmost loses its transparency. His sample can pass through a light beam, if it reaches a five-centimeter thickness. Minerals having a less intense shade are transparent to light, having a thickness of two centimeters. There are very heterogeneous specimens that have spotted and other drawings.

Briefly, the mineral can be characterized as follows:

  • Color - green with a lot of blue shades.
  • The transparency of the crystals is translucent.
  • Glitter - resembles the glitter of the glass, on the surface of the wax, fat.
  • Hardness - varies between the exponent 6 - 7,5.
  • Density - 2,6 grams per one cubic centimeter.

Where you can meet

In the natural environment, this kind of mineralsto meet is not so simple, it is produced in the country only in the Orenburg region. Extraction on an industrial scale is conducted in Kazakhstan, the United States, Poland and Brazil. But the main supplies are from the Australian continent, where chrysoprase is of unusually high quality.

Usually "green chalcedony" is found in placeswith a weathered bark, which includes nickel. Minerals in mountain deposits are characterized by high density, these are the so-called nodules, layers, lenses. In Australia, chrysoprase is found in places of accumulation of iron oxide, which have the form of veins.

What does lithotherapy say?

With regard to the use of the properties of stonechrysoprase for medicinal purposes, it is the prerogative of alternative medicine. There is such a field of knowledge as lithotherapy, or treatment with stones. To date, it is not part of the officially recognized sciences, but in folk medicine it is used as one of its methods. According to the adherents of this doctrine, chrysoprase helps:

Layered chrysoprase
  • increase work efficiency;
  • accelerate metabolism;
  • stimulate the body's nutrition at the cellular level;
  • normalize the work of endocrine glands;
  • cleanse the blood;
  • improve the condition of the skin;
  • relieve nervous overload;
  • get rid of stress;
  • to eliminate insomnia and nightmares.

Other healing properties

To other useful properties of this stone, folk healers consider the possibility of cure with its help from a variety of ailments:

  • pain in the throat and ears;
  • disorders of respiratory function, asthma;
  • thyroid dysfunction;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • deterioration of eyesight and a number of eye diseases;
  • infection of all kinds of infections;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • pain and degenerative processes in the joints;
  • rheumatism;
  • state of depression;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • malfunctions in the hormonal system.

How to apply

Healers believe that the properties of the chrysoprase stonehave a beneficial effect on the function of the visual organs: relieve the sensation of pain and eruptions in the eyes, give the vision clearness. For this, the stone needs to be contemplated, to admire it. And also the mineral normalizes the activity of the brain, lowers blood pressure.

In yogic practice, there are recommendations,concerning the green stone. It is proposed to heat it, put it to your chest and hold it for 30 minutes. According to yoga, such a process contributes to the harmonization of the work of all systems and organs, including the heart. It is believed that if wearing chrysoprase combined with the wearing of rose quartz, this will enhance the beneficial effect on the body.

To relieve the symptoms of colds,you need to lower the stone into the water. To obtain a greater effect, the vessel with chrysoprase should be exposed to the sun for five hours. But healers warn that it is only necessary to use a stone from time to time, otherwise it can do harm.

Properties of a magical nature

Consider the properties and significance of the chrysoprase stone in the magic of the Middle Ages. In many European countries during the Middle Ages, stone was perceived as a symbol of life success.

Inclusions in natural stone

Another magical properties of the chrysoprase stone were characterized as:

  • Promoting the establishment of friendly relations.
  • Delivering well-being in monetary transactions.
  • Getting rid of diabolical obsessions.
  • Making faith and optimism in difficult life situations.
  • Excitation of tender feelings.

Chrysoprase and Eastern Magic

Mages of the East believed that when the green mineralgets to a lying, spiteful person, he gradually darkens. Thus, the surrounding people discover the negative that comes from the villain, and are warned of the danger that threatens them. If the person is honest and decent, then the stone will help him:

  • Will cheer up.
  • Will give calmness and discretion.
  • Will provide endurance.
  • Arming with courage.

Who is suitable for the properties of the chrysoprase stone

It is believed that chrysoprase is suitable for certain types of people and representatives of different professions. Consider them.

Ring in silver
  • Chrysoprase is close to people whose professions are connected with invention, as well as those who are striving forward to new beginnings.
  • He will also help business people engaged in large-scale financial activities. They are advised to go for serious negotiations, wearing a product made of chrysoprase, which has a frame made of silver.
  • People who are unsure of themselves are also prone to the beneficial effects of this mineral.
  • He will also suit a person who has a restless character, balancing it and strengthening his spirit.
  • And also this variety of chalcedony will warn too risky people from ill-considered actions.
  • Wearing chrysoprase is also shown to someone who wants to get an "energy boost".
  • Names, carriers of which are especially fond of chrysoprase, are: women's - Marina, Alexandra, men's - Boris and Alexander.

Thus, buying a ringlet or a bracelet, it is worthwhile to consider who the properties of the chrysoprase stone are by the profession and character, and who does not.

Chrysoprase as decoration

But not only for such magical properties asprotection from negative energy and other hazards, chrysoprase fell in love with people. It has long been appreciated for its unusual beauty, using both jewelry and household decoration. As already mentioned above, this emerald handsome man was in honor both in ancient Rome and in ancient Greece.

Since the XVIII century, it began to be combined withprecious stones, for example, with diamonds, placing them on the edges, and chrysoprase - in the center. Such decorations were very expensive and were only available to the rich.

To this day, this semiprecious stonehas not lost its popularity. It is an integral part of a wide variety of products, such as: rings, earrings, pendants, as well as brooches, beads, bracelets. It is also used for making cufflinks and buttons.

The colors inherent in chrysoprase

This translucent stone is not justa kind of green chalcedony, but its most valuable variety. And the value lies in its transparency, diversity and extraordinary green shades. Very often there is a color characteristic of an immature apple.

It is of different intensity and has bluish shades of emerald and green colors. As a rule, shades of chrysoprase are clean and bright, light or dark. But the main difference is blue.

Three types of green stone

When viewed in an electron microscope,see that this color is given to chrysoprase by nickel and quartz, contained in it in the form of various compounds. According to the color tone, chrysoprase can be divided into 3 types:

Stone with a pattern
  1. The most transparent and the most valuable is the emerald.
  2. With less transparency, sometimes with inconspicuous inclusions, the colors of a green apple.
  3. Uneven or spotted - designed for crafts, appreciated much lower.

If the stone has a dense color and itis visible, then after cutting it can be confused with an emerald. Sometimes there is chrysoprase with a truly unique pattern. Most likely, the name of this stone, in Greek meaning "golden bow", is precisely connected with such specimens.

How to recognize a fake

It is often possible to find an imitation of this valuablemineral. As a rule, unscrupulous sellers significantly understate prices. It is this fact that should make you alert. So, for example, beads from chrysoprase should cost at least 3 thousand rubles. Another signal of forgery may be the size of the bead, exceeding 2 cm3. After all, a real mineral in nature is found in the form of crystals no larger than this size. Consequently, cheap massive beads - this is falsified.

When examining a product in a magnifier, one can detectinside the bubbles, as well as small pieces and "feathers", differing in color and density. This heterogeneity of the material indicates its naturalness. With the naked eye, synthetic crystals can not always be distinguished from natural crystals. In this case, you need to focus on the fact that artificial products have unnatural brightness.

To whom the signs of the stone of chrysoprase fit into the sign of the zodiac

As astrologers say, wearing chrysoprase products affects people born under one or another zodiacal constellation in different ways. This impact can be divided into three types:

  1. Beneficial.
  2. Less effective.
  3. Undesirable.
Chrysoprase fits fish horoscope

The beneficial effect of green mineral has on:

  • Pisces.
  • Aquarius.
  • Capricorn.

Chrysoprase is less useful:

  • Taurus.
  • Gemini.
  • Cancer.
  • The Virgin.
  • To Sagittarius.

Signs that the "golden bow" can do harm, are:

  • Aries.
  • A lion.
  • Libra.
  • Scorpio.

Thus, according to astrologers, buying jewelry, you need to consider the relationship: the properties of the stone chrysoprase - the sign of the zodiac.