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The Witcher's medallion is not a gift for a gambling guy?

The Witcher is a very popular game based onseries of books by Andrzej Sapkowski. The cycle "Saga of the Witcher" consists at the moment of eight works, and several separate stories have been written that are related to the same universe.

witcher wolf medallion
The first book was published in 1986, and the last onewas released not so long ago, in 2013. This saga became the occasion for the creation of the television series, also based on it was a rock opera. But the most popular, in what used these motives, is computer games. There were three of them: "The Witcher", the second part "The Witcher: Assassins of Kings" and the third - "The Witcher: Wild Hunt". In the homeland of the author (and Sapkowski is a Pole) comic books were issued, the heroes of which were Geralt, the main character in action, and other participants in the saga. In some environments, this is a very popular game, because many true connoisseurs (and ordinary gamers) want to buy Wolf's attributes. So, most popular is the Witcher medallion.
witcher's medallion

Why exactly the wolf mouth is a symbol of Geralt

The Witcher's medallion is a round plate, onthe front part of which is attached open wolf mouth. Thus, Geralt belongs to the Wolf's workshop. In the world of Sapkowski, the workshop means a school of magic, and there are several. Each separate workshop has its own characteristics and mutations. The Witcher, according to books, belongs precisely to that school of magic, whose symbol is a wolf.

The popularity of game attributes

The increased popularity of games has led to the fact that many earn on the sale of all sorts of paraphernalia, and the Witcher medallion is quite popular among buyers.

witcher's medallion

There are many different types of pendant. Differences can be manifested in everything: from the mode of execution and ending with the material. So, you can buy and silver suspension, and bronze, and just silvered. The size of it can also be different, and the smaller it is, the cheaper the thing. The wolf can be modified depending on how it was "seen" by the manufacturer. And often the pendant has only a wolf's face, without a round "substrate." So, undoubtedly, it is cheaper, but this does not fully correspond to the texts of Sapsky.

People with almost any level of income canafford to buy Geralt's paraphernalia. If you want, you can even make a Witcher medallion with your own hands. To do this, it is sufficient to search the Internet for detailed instructions or even a video tutorial, to select materials and tools and, following the advice of experienced craftsmen, to start a creative process.

From what you can make a medallion

"The Witcher" (Wolf), as already mentioned above,is popular in a certain environment. That is why there are many instructions that recommend making a pendant made of polymer clay. To do this, you need to mold a wolf's muzzle, put it on the "substrate" and hang the pendant on a string or chain. Naturally, such a product will be less durable, but still nice when you are able to create something with your own hands. Such a man-made miracle will be an excellent gift for the guy-fan of the saga of the White Wolf.

Prices for the Geralt pendant

If you want to buy ready-made silverthe Witcher's medallion, exactly as it is described in the books, then, most likely, you will have to spend on it from three to five thousand rubles. You can find an option and cheaper, about two - two and a half thousand. It should be understood that the quality of this pendant will be lower, it will affect the detail, size and so on. Also, cheaper options from silver often represent only a wolf mouth, without a round medallion. That is, the lace will hang only a snarled muzzle.

witcher's medallion

Please note that this is not very convenient, becauseThe decoration has sharpened ends, and they can crash into the skin or cling to clothing. This is the most common option on sale in online stores, and in ordinary ones too. Perhaps, it is better to podkonapit, and later to buy as close to the original medallion.