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Pilgrim Center of the Moscow Patriarchate: seminars, tours, reviews

The spiritual grace that comes throughpilgrimage trips to holy places, is valuable for a person who lives not only with physical needs, but also with spiritual and spiritual ... All this is quite achievable and accessible thanks to the Pilgrim Center of the Moscow Patriarchate! There are organized trips to the holy places of Russia, and places of spiritual power beyond its borders! Also, relevant seminars and meetings are held ...

Mission of the Center

The formation of the Pilgrim Center in Moscow took place in 1999. And his institution Alexy II, the Moscow Patriarch, blessed him.

the pilgrimage center of the Moscow Patriarchate

At present, the center continues its spiritual and educational activities thanks to Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia.

Around the world, many tourists makepilgrimage to holy places. Visit and the Russian lands. And the Pilgrim Center welcomes foreign, as well as Russian pilgrims, to their spiritual wing. Here they are introduced to the history of Orthodoxy, Orthodox pilgrimage, the spiritual and educational life of the capital of Russia and its other cities, talk about Orthodox shrines and monuments of architecture and art of the Russian Federation.

pilgrimage center of Moscow Patriarchate tours

The main mission of the Pilgrim Center is the organization of pilgrimage trips to holy places. These can be places (perhaps, little-known!) Of the Russian region, and Biblical countries.

During the years of the life of the Pilgrim Center, guestsbecame the hierarchy and clergy of the Orthodox Church. And also students, students, pilgrims from different cities of Russia, Germany, the USA, Serbia, Japan, France and other countries.

There is a center on the Vorobyovy Hills in Moscow. In the building of the hotel "University", on the 15th floor. All of it is in the management of the Pilgrim Center. Also in the building there is the Temple of the Equal-to-the-Apostles Princess Olga, which is the highest temple in the capital!

The head of the center is Hierodeacon Sergius.

Pilgrimage trips

Half of all the Holy Lands of the world, thanks toDivine conduct, settled on the territory of Russia. This is a real blessing for the Russian people! A great number of temples, monasteries and other spiritual mansions invite everyone who wants and is thirsty to plunge into the world of purity and grace!

pilgrim center of the Moscow patriarchy reviews

The pilgrimage center organizes the following trips on such Russian shrines as:

- New Jerusalem Monastery -is considered the greatest shrine of the Orthodox world, since its main church, the Resurrection Cathedral, is made in the image of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. Here, near Moscow, all sacred places and attributes are accurately reproduced, as in the Holy Land! The monastery was founded by Patriarch Nikon.

- Savvino-Storozhevsky Monasterylocated near Zvenigorod, only fifty kilometers from the capital. The monastery is popular among pilgrims in that here are stored the relics of St. Sergius of Radonezh - Savva Strozhevsky. There is also a holy spring, in which one can plunge to cure many diseases.

- A trip to Kolomna is especially good for those who dream of a happy family life filled with love and spirituality.

- Optina Pustyn - a journey to gain inner silence and concentration.

And much more.

Also in the tours of the Center of the Pilgrim (MoscowPatriarchate) includes trips to the holy lands of the world. Namely: Jerusalem, Jericho, Lidda and Gora of Grace, Bethlehem and others. And also the holy monasteries of Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Italy, Bulgaria.

Pilgrim Center of the Moscow Patriarchate Seminars

Spiritual and educational activity of the center

Within the framework of the Pilgrim Center, a cultural center, called "University", is organized.

Its modern cinema hall, with a capacity of 500 people, gathers people from all over the world to conduct a variety of social events of a religious and educational nature at the country and world level.

Conducted by the Pilgrim Center (MoscowPatriarchate), seminars, plenary sessions, conferences of European churches, congresses of the Orthodox press, congresses of Orthodox youth, church and social conferences "By unity and love will be saved."

And in the center there are meetings of the unionwomen of the Orthodox world (Russia), Christmas readings (international scale), film festivals. There are organized shows of children's theater performances, social and charity events are held and much more.

The Center also publishes its periodical.

Reviews about the center

Travel to places of spiritual power - both in Russia,and beyond - leave indelible impressions in the souls and hearts of pilgrims! A lot of reviews about the Pilgrim Center (Moscow Patriarchate) can be found on its website.

Feelings and emotions overwhelm everyonetraveling on such extraordinary places! And if at first it even happens to be scary to go to the Holy Land, then it becomes clear that such braking in the form of fear happens only in order to temper our spirit!