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Dream Interpretation: Lice. What does a louse dream about?

The attitude of people to lice has changed onover the centuries. In medieval France they were sung by poets in verse. These days they are associated with dirt, unsanitary conditions, diseases. Why do lice? Dreams help to find the answer to this question. From the person it is required only to recall details.

Lice: dream book of Freud

What does the Austrian psychologist think about this? What is the interpretation of his dream book? Sigmund Freud associates lice with problems in the intimate sphere.

what is the dream of lice
  • The accumulation of these creatures symbolizes dreams of a bold erotic adventure. A man wants to experience sex with several partners, but he can not make up his mind.
  • Watch them - to sexual abstinence. The lack of sex in the dreamer can be associated with both complexes and diseases.
  • To comb out, to press bloodsuckers - to the successful resolution of problems of an intimate nature.
  • To see lice on someone else is to look for a new object for lust. The sleeping partner stopped arranging him in bed.

Interpretation of Vanga

What is the opinion of the famous seer? What does the dream book prophesy to the dreamer? Lice promise good luck in business. The larger the size of these creatures, the more serious will be the victory won by the dreamer. Also, the interpretation depends on what kind of emotions a person experienced in his dreams. If he was at the mercy of fear, in real life he will resolutely and boldly move towards the goal.

a woman dreams of lice

Kill lice - get rid of debtobligations. Creditors will finally leave the dreamer alone. A single parasite predicts material benefits. A person can move up the career ladder, get a bonus or an increase in salary, conclude a profitable deal.

Why dream that there are a lot of lice on the body? A dream interpreter associates this with a minor ailment. Serious health problems can not be feared. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor if the person is not feeling well.

Miller's opinion

What does Gustav Miller say about all this? What does his dream interpretation suggest? Lice, appearing in nighttime dreams, predict troubles, worries, troubles in reality. If the sleeper tries to shake them off himself, in the near future all his problems will be successfully resolved. A person will have the opportunity to start a new life, which he will do with pleasure.

What do lice promise, if a dreamer sees them in his hairstrangers? Such a plot signals a lack of self-confidence. Internal fears prevent a person from achieving success, translating his dreams into reality. If you can not overcome complexes, you can not count on changing your life for the better.

Lice on the head of the child - a sign that the dreameris in captivity of fear. A person worries about the health of his children, is afraid to part with them. One must understand that excessive care causes great harm to the child. The growing heir must be given more freedom, otherwise the relationship with him will be hopelessly spoiled.

Comment on Hasse

Why is lice in my head? Sonny Hasse makes the sleeping person a negative outlook. In the near future it will be pursued by bad luck in all life spheres. Decisive action in this case will not help, it is better to wait for a favorable moment and tackle the accumulated problems. The black bar will necessarily change to white.

to see lice in a dream

Lice in others symbolize change for the better. A dreamer can get a welcome increase or an increase in his salary. The authorities will finally appreciate his services.

Just seeing lice is a story that predicts wealth. In the coming days, a person has a chance to get an inheritance or win the lottery.

Small, large

What else can the dream book help? Why do lice have a large size? Such a story promises a dormant profit. However, there is no need to hope for an improvement in the financial situation if a white bloodsucker appears in the night's dreams. In this case, the dreamer expects only loss.

What do small parasites promise a person? If they bite the dreamer in nighttime dreams, in reality he should pay more attention to his health. Disturbing symptoms are an excuse to make an appointment with a doctor. The earlier the disease is diagnosed, the easier it will be to recover.

His and others'

What does it mean to see lice in your body? A dream interpreter promises bad news to the sleeper. The severity of the problem that a person will soon face depends on how many parasites he saw in his hair or body. If it is a question of the whole accumulation of such creatures, one should prepare for hard work. A large amount of work will have to be done in a short time. The dreamer will hope for rewarding his efforts, but they will not give him any dividends.

Lunched lice on the body

What does it mean to see lice from other people? If it is a question of a stranger, such a plot promises quarrels with the beloved, the spouse. Partners have different views on life, which can destroy their relationship.

The lice of a friend - a dream-warning. Sleeping in vain trusts this person, a guest of night dreams at any time can betray him, harm him. The motive for his actions is envy, in secret he dreams to be in the place of a dreamer. The further this ill-wisher will be from the sleeper, the calmer he will be able to sleep at night.

With close relatives

What other subjects does the dream book cover? Lice in the second half to see - what does this mean? Such a dream promises a man jealousy, in the captivity of which he finds himself. He has no good reasons for not trusting his own spouse, but he is still troubled by doubts. The accumulated tension risks pouring into a disgusting scene of jealousy, which will lead to parting with a partner.

a man dreams of lice

Lice from a son or daughter - what warns about thissleep? The plot indicates that the sleeper's relationship with his own child is deteriorating. Most likely this is due to the fact that the grown up heir wants to be freed of excessive parental care. Also such a dream can be seen by someone who worries about the health of a son or daughter.

To comb out, to press

What else can offer dream interpretation of dreamsabout lice? What does it mean to comb out these creatures from their own hair? Such a plot can prophesy a dreamer of liberation from the burden of the past, which lies on his shoulders. A person will forget about the committed mistakes, start a new life and look to the future with confidence. Do not doubt that he will succeed.

comb out lice in a dream

Pressing parasites - what does this mean? The dreamer should beware of the severe illness, in whose power he will be. It is better not to wait for the appearance of anxiety symptoms and see a doctor right away. If you identify the disease at an early stage, treatment will take less time.

In his dreams, a person can crush lice andthrow them off yourself. Such a dream is considered a good sign. The problems that prevent the sleeper from quietly living will soon dissolve. He will get rid of an unbearable burden, which he once put on his own shoulders.


Was it a dream that lice bite? Such a plot warns the sleeper about the need to take a closer look at his surroundings. If it includes people with whom it has had conflicts in the past, it is better to limit communication with them. There is a high probability that these people dream of paying off with a dreamer for old grievances.

Do lice bite the child? In the coming days, the dreamer will be embroiled in a grandiose conflict. He will do everything possible to defend his own point of view. However, people will turn away from him because of his aggressive behavior. Relations with others will be spoiled for a long time.