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Male Sagittarius, Cancer Woman: Compatibility in Marriage and Love

Cancer and Sagittarius are attracted to each other, butoften fear the inconsistency of their actions. The fire sign is impressed by the sensuality and sentimentality of Cancer, he tries to cheer and encourage his water partner. However, the representative of the sign Sagittarius, which is inherent in straightforwardness, can accidentally inflict offense on Raku. Over time, the water sign learns not to take to heart the tactlessness of its partner. On the compatibility of women and men with the signs of the Zodiac Cancer and Sagittarius will be told in this article.

Cancer Woman

In order for a representative of this signThe zodiac was happy in a relationship, it needs two components: love and security. This lady is able to dissolve without a trace in a man who can give her a sense of both. The Cancer woman prefers not to take the first step, and her fans have to take this mission on themselves.

compatibility signs of the zodiac woman cancer male Sagittarius

Representatives of the watermark, even flirting,they show accuracy and restraint. They are afraid to appear "easy prey", so they hide their feelings. The vulnerable soul of the woman Cancer (compatibility with a man Sagittarius representative of this sign is complicated by certain contradictions) needs a defender, behind whose back she will feel like behind a stone wall. For her man, this sweet charmer can forgive a lot, but she absolutely does not accept manifestations on his part of indifference and aggression.

Male Sagittarius

Charming Sagittarians know how to get the attentionfemale representatives. They are the soul of the company and revolve in the epicenter of events, sometimes by their behavior causing excitement among their companions. Representatives of this sign prefer to always tell the truth, if they say compliments or confess their feelings, then they do it sincerely.

man archer woman cancer compatibility in love

Despite this, Male Sagittarius (compatibility inlove with the cancer woman he has not ideal) is often carried away and usually gets many novels. He is crystal-clear with his partners. If the courtship of a fiery man does not arouse a woman's interest, he usually does not suffer from unrequited love, but looks his new object of adoration.


Emotional representative of the sign Sagittariuslikes novelty in a relationship. However, this does not at all indicate its inability to remain faithful. This sensual lady is popular with representatives of the opposite sex and in dealing with them behaves easily and liberally. But the fiery temptress knows her own worth and can prove to the fans that the hint of a close relationship is not the relationship itself.

Compatibility signs man cancer and woman Sagittarius

Love Sagittarius female can instantlyflare up, but also quickly go out. In order to conquer the heart of a Sagittarius woman (compatibility in bed with a male Cancer may require her to revise the attitudes of life), the partner should not disclose to her all the secrets of his soul and constantly pleasantly surprise her.

Male Cancer

Cancer is an ideal for a large numberwomen. He is able to fully appreciate the attractiveness of his partner, beginning with the curves of her figure and ending with spiritual beauty. A man-cancer (compatibility with a Sagittarius woman for him is complicated by certain insincerity) is able to atone the chosen one in compliments and admiration.

woman cancer male Sagittarius

He seriously approaches the choice of the second half andsometimes spends years on it. Cancer is timid in the manifestation of their emotions, sometimes he behaves ambiguously towards the woman, but she can be convinced of the sincerity of his feelings by playing on the owner's instinct of the man. In some cases, jealousy can lead him to take decisive actions.

Male Sagittarius and Cancer Woman: Love Compatibility

The representative of the fiery element lives here,Cancer woman likes to look into tomorrow. Sagittarius has an authoritative disposition, but tries to avoid conflicts whenever possible. A tender charmer, born under the constellation of Cancer, is endowed with a strong character and her behavior can often surprise a partner. They are both independent people. Can these representatives of the fire and water elements, which often have different tastes, build an ideal relationship? Compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac (female Cancer and male Sagittarius - quite different natures) is not always ideal.

Representatives of these signs of the Zodiac are capable ofto interest each other from the first meeting. The water lady is attracted by the optimistic and cheerful Sagittarius. In it, she finds those traits that are not in her character. The representative of the fire sign refers to the object of his sympathy as a fragile, charming creature, who in his life needs his protection.

man Sagittarius woman cancer compatible in marriage

Woman Cancer and Sagittarius man (compatibility of this pair can be estimated as average) are erudite people, so they can always find a common topic for conversation.

Man-Cancer and Woman-Sagittarius

A man seeks to win the heart of an independent andbright woman. She usually also feels sympathy for this quiet and shy gentleman. The lady views Cancer as a reliable admirer with whom one can build strong family relationships.

Woman Cancer (love compatibility withSagittarius man at the beginning of the relationship is quite good, and then there may be certain problems) may well find its own happiness with the representative of the watermark. This union can cement the children and the family business even more. Even if these people start romances on the side, they usually keep the family.

Couple in marriage

Considering the marriage of the Cancer woman andmen-Sagittarius (compatibility in the marriage of these partners is ambiguous), you can identify that these people have different ways of building family relationships. A watermark associates a family with a lifebuoy, without which it can not travel through life. The representative of the sign of Cancer is strongly attached to her native people, she always puts personal interests above the public.

man cancer female Sagittarius compatibility in bed

Compatibility of Sagittarius male and female Cancercan suffer because of the fact that a fiery man is often intimidated by the close relationship of the chosen one with relatives. The freedom-loving Sagittarius simply does not tolerate unnecessary shackles and negatively reacts to intrusions into his personal territory. However, if the relationship in this fiery-water couple is based on mutual love, the spouses can overcome all obstacles on their way to their happiness.

Silent Cancer and the sociable representativeA watermark is also able to create a good family. The financial side in their marriage is usually run by the husband, and the wife most often realizes herself in the business sphere.

Cancer and Sagittarius in bed

Among astrologers there is an opinion that representativeswater-fiery elements often create a couple on the basis of the difference in their preferences and simple curiosity and only then begin to gradually recognize each other. Sagittarius begins to attract the chastity of the watermark, Cancer, on the contrary, attracts the sexual emancipation of the partner.

If representatives of these signs of the zodiac desirebe together, they should discuss their own preferences in bed. Modest Cancer is able to experiment for the sake of a beloved man, and a loving Sagittarius can calm his temper to please his chosen one.

love compatibility woman cancer male Sagittarius

In a romantic relationship with a man-Sagittariusa woman-Cancer often tries to tie her to her. In some cases, excessive efforts and manifestations of hysteria on the part of a woman may, on the contrary, alienate a fiery partner.

Temperamental representative of the sign of fire andCancer, which is not usually attracted by sophisticated partners, have different views on sex. Misunderstanding of each other's views causes irritation in them and can lead to the termination of relations.

Representatives of the zodiac signs Cancer and Sagittarius(woman and man) compatibility are far from ideal. But despite all the contradictory moments, representatives of opposing elements are able to create an excellent family.