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Prayers and conspiracies for good schooling

Modern schools are able not only to provideknowledge, but also to tire the child. And so, that his interest in learning will disappear altogether. And then to other cases. As a result, the estimates will decrease. Accordingly, it will not be possible to enter a higher educational institution either. What are the prospects in life then we can talk about? Prevent this will help conspiracy to a good study. With the help of these children will achieve excellent success, they will be lucky even during the exams. Due to this, it will be possible to reduce fatigue, restore its interest in life, to every manifestation of it.

Advantages of conspiracies and prayers

conspiracies for good study

What kind of conspiracy for good study canuse? The most common are those that contribute to increasing the interest of the child to gain new knowledge. And the quality of teaching in this situation will not play a special role. With the help of the rite and prayers, you can stimulate it to find answers to those questions that arise. He will start reading books, searching for materials on the Internet.

To all other conspiracy for a good studywill help in improving abstract thinking and creative abilities. This will all help to reveal the talents in the child. In order to cope with inattention, absent-mindedness, such conspiracies for good study, which involve the use of church candles, are suitable. They are the most simple and effective. What need to do?

Performing the Rite

It will take 3 baby hair and the samethe number of church candles that have passed the ceremony of consecration. The plot should be held at midnight, when the family will be sleeping. This is the basic condition for this ritual. If you want the child to study excellently, the candles should be put on the floor, light them in turn and burn the child's hair. In this case it is necessary to say the following words: "The first is knowledge. The second is attention. Third - assiduity. As the fire burns brightly, so the mind of my child flares up. And to study, love wakes up. Tomorrow he will wake up to be a new person! "

prayer for children in school

Rituals that reveal talent

Not only conspiracies, prayer for children in school, toois popular. It is also often used rite, which will help to discover new talents. Such a conspiracy for luck requires the use of holy water. Additional ingredients will also be required. For the ritual, salt (3 pinch) is needed, as much as ash, a sharp knife and a glass beaker without faces. What will you need to do when all the ingredients are collected?

A plot for a good study of the child, for his successit is necessary to pronounce at midnight. To do this, you need to spill the salt with the ash on the table. Take the knife and draw a cross, trying not to cut the surface. Luck will be achieved in the event that you can find three large coals and a crystal of salt. Throw them in a glass, in which you will need to pour holy water. At the same time it is necessary to say the words: "Thoughts are intelligent and fast, gather together in the head of the servant of God (your child's name), and teach him wise things, so do not ever leave him and help become a great person! Amen!"

With the help of prayers one can gain confidence


You can read conspiracies and prayers for good study,which will help to gain confidence and attitude. In order for your child to study diligently, in the evening before going to bed, read the words that are dedicated to his patron saint. At night you can read the prayer "Our Father" and Saint Tatiana. All this must be done whispering, while at the bed of the child.

Some conspiracies must be read before important events

There are specific conspiracies for goodschool. Use them is required immediately before a significant event. For example, before the exam. Due to this, the child's luck will significantly increase. You can also tell him about the rituals that students use. And they like to hide textbooks and exercise books under a pillow, coins under left heels. Often you can hear their screams from the window, accompanied by waving notes. Such measures can serve the child a good service. He will adjust properly and discard all doubts.

You can advise him to read a strong plotfor good schooling. Do it at night. With the help of the above prayers, he will be able to clear the mind of negative emotions, from fear, which creates significant hindrances on its way to excellent marks.

Rite with the use of textbooks

conspiracies and prayers for good schooling

The most popular are those plots ongood schooling for the student, in which a textbook or abstract with the materials presented is participating. Successes the child can achieve in the event that you use not only a similar paper source, but also a few hairs from his head. What need to do?

At midnight, twoconsecrated candles. Between them, you need to place a paper source. It should be opened on the page on which the information necessary for learning is located. It is worth putting a hair on it. Burn the rest. At the same time, the words "The book is clever! Tell your secrets to the servant of God (your child's name). A strict teacher! Do not judge God's servant too much (your child's name), Lord Jesus and the Mother of God! Have mercy on your humble servant (your child's name). Give him knowledge and joy! "

What should be done to achieve success in sports?

It may take not only a conspiracy for a goodstudying a son or daughter. There are also rituals that help in sports achievements. Performing them is recommended before the competition. And they will help only if the child has talents in this area. What rite will help bring luck in sports competitions?

Conspiracy is recommended to pronounce on a smallIcon, which depicts the patron of a son or daughter. It will need to be sewn into the lining of the clothes in which the child will perform. Can be put in the inner pocket. However, in this case, it may fall out during the competition. It will be great if the icon is there for at least a year. To do this, you will need to wash clothes yourself, as it should not be detected.

conspiracy for good schooling

Conspiracy text

It is necessary to say the following words: "Fast, like a deer, is as strong as a bear, like a falcon, an ogre, like an owl, and (your child's name) will prevail over all!" Have mercy, O Lord, your servants, help them in good endeavors! Amen! "When your son or daughter has achieved some success, it should be consolidated. Accordingly, the conspiracy should be pronounced every month, using the same icon. You should also visit the church, read the prayers that glorify the patron saint of the child. If this is not done, then very different and not entirely pleasant consequences can result from playing sports. For example, trauma or failure, followed by a negative attitude.

Mom and children have the strongest connection

a strong conspiracy to learn well

It is necessary to distinguish the factor that thisthe closest person should read the conspiracy. The best option is to use such witchcraft by the mother. Between her and her child will be established the most solid connection. In such a situation, the result will be achieved almost one hundred percent. But if the father reads the plot, then the positive effect can be achieved by applying great efforts and prolonged use of magic. Not to mention other relatives.



In this review, the mostpopular conspiracies, prayers and rituals. They should be resorted to if you want the child to succeed in school or in sports. Recommendations should be carried out as described above. Otherwise, the results can and do not wait. It should also read the plot on September 1 for a good study so that the son or daughter immediately showed themselves on the best side, announced their capabilities and talents. You yourself have to decide whether to believe in these conspiracies or not.