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Strong plot for the love of the guy: description, rules and features

Unfortunately, feelings turn out to be far awaynot always. To reconcile with this, not all are ready, someone thinks about the ways that you can tie your chosen one to yourself. Plots for the love of a guy are popular with girls who believe in magic. What are the rituals that allow you to achieve your goal? How to conduct them correctly? Answers to these questions are offered in the article.

White conspiracies for the love of a guy

To begin with it is necessary to understand the difference between black andwhite magic. White conspiracies for the love of a guy can give good results. The goal of the girl who resorts to them should be to build a strong union in the future. At the same time the young lady is obliged to give sincere feelings to her elect. If she doubts the strength and strength of her love even a little, conspiracies can not be read.

a strong plot of love

The purpose of white magic is to act for good. Plots for the love of a guy can not be used if the girl is guided by selfish goals. If the representative of the fair sex is motivated by the desire to secure herself at the expense of the chosen one, the magic in this case will turn against it. Revenge is also a bad motive for reading the plot.

Another important rule - a guy whom a young lady dreams of bewitching, should be free. If the heart of the chosen one is occupied by another girl, you can not destroy their relationship with the help of white magic.

Black magic

Black conspiracies on the love of a guy can alsohave an effect. However, it should be remembered that they are aimed at breaking the will of man. The victim has to give in to the charms, but this makes her unhappy. Of course, such conspiracies do not work at all. Attempts to bewitch a strong personality can result in the fact that the guy will begin to feel dislike and even hatred for the girl.

white plots for love

Rules for conducting

Above is told about what kind of conspiracies for the love of a guy exist. What are the important conditions to observe in order for the magic ritual to have a result?

  • Before reading the plots, you should prepare your house. It is necessary to remove all dirt, throw away unnecessary things.
  • The ritual must be conducted alone, nobody needs to know about it.
  • There must be silence in the house, which should betake care in advance. Household appliances should be turned off, this should be done with phones and laptops. Interfere with the ritual may be pets, which are best carried away for a while. If necessary, you can stock up on noise-free headphones.
  • The girl who is going to bewitch to herselfa young man through love magic, should feel great. Diseases adversely affect the energy, so the ritual should be postponed until recovery.

When to read a plot

Above is told about what is necessary forHaving to read the plots for the love of a guy at home. In addition, the right choice of date plays an important role. The effectiveness of the ritual directly depends on whether the right day is chosen for it.

how to read a plot

Say, a girl wants to fall in love with a youngrights. The conspiracy should be pronounced on days that are considered masculine in magic. Monday is worth choosing a young lady who dreams of attracting the attention of a proud and bold guy. Tuesday is suitable for winning a smart, thoughtful young man. On Thursday, the ritual is worth pursuing, if the object is a romantic and an esthete.


The phases of the moon are also important for those who intend to resort to magic. Plots for the love of a guy have the greatest power, if you pronounce them on the growing moon.

love conspiracies

What time of day to choose? Traditionally, magical rites are held after sunset. This is true if the description of the ritual does not specify a different time.

Method # 1: with a photo

There is an effective and simple plot onlove guy. To perform the ritual, the girl will need a photo of her chosen one and her own one. The result largely depends on whether the image of the "victim" is correctly selected. The photo should be new, made less than a year ago. It should not have other people - just an object. It's great if the person's eyes are facing straight ahead. Of course, the picture should be clear and qualitative.

The best time to read a plot is when the moonis in the growing phase. Absolute silence should prevail in the room, witnesses should not be present. In addition to the pictures, you must prepare in advance the red thread and needle, as well as a white envelope. You need to look at the photo (your own and the chosen one) and imagine the pictures of your future life together. At this time, the girl's heart must be filled with love and happiness. Then, on the back of the picture of the object, the name and date of birth of the person who wants to attach it to them are indicated. On the back of her photo the girl should write similar data of the guy.

Pictures are stacked together, sewed together(corners). Then a knot is tied, in the process a conspiracy is read: "I knit a slave (name) to a slave (name) with strong ties." Then the thread comes off, and the photos are put in a white envelope. It must be carefully sealed, put in a secret place. The first results are expected within a week.

The second way: with candles

A girl who wants to charm a chosen one canread the plot of the guy's love for candles. For the ritual, two red candles, red threads and a canvas flap are needed. You will also need a photo of the object of passion.

conspiracy to love a guy on candles

The best time to read the plot is the evening,Ideally, if the moon is in a growing phase. Before the ritual, you need to light the candles. Then you can start reading the plot: "I light a holy fire, I call my soul a slave (name). Let the flame of passion in the soul be kindled (name). Let him (name) turn to me, screw on, adhere. Do not let me get out of my way. " When pronouncing the text, it is necessary to look at the photo of the chosen one and draw in his imagination the pictures of a joint happy future.

Candles should burn out. The next morning their remains are wrapped in a canvas flap, all this is tied with red thread. Keep it follows among your personal belongings. If you want to cancel the result, you just need to burn the bundle.

Method three: with a handkerchief

What else there is a strong plot of lovethe guy? To implement the third method, you need to prepare a red candle and a new white shawl. Reading a conspiracy is important alone, the house should be quiet.

conspiracies of love at a distance

To begin with, spread the handkerchief on the table. It is dripping with wax from a lighted candle, you need to drip down the heart shape. On the ready "heart" is written the name of the object of passion, you can use a pencil or pen. When the product has solidified, it is necessary to insert an ordinary needle into it. The plot is read in the process of using the needle. The text is as follows: "I do not incend fire, but I urge the elect of my soul (name). Let our bodies and souls unite, and hearts will turn to happiness. " Then the heart must be hidden in a secret place.

This conspiracy will have a greater effect if the girl will actively communicate with the young man, try to attract his attention.

The fourth way: on the street

What else is there a simple plot for a guy's love? The fourth way is suitable for girls who are confident in the power of their love. In this case, it will work, even if the young man does not feel any feelings.

A simple plot to love a guy

The conspiracy should be spoken at sunrise. It is advisable to carry out the ritual on the street, with the face facing east. In extreme cases, the text, which is given below, can be pronounced at the open window.

"I conjure the higher powers to connect the slave (name) withslave (name) for ever. Let them be together as the elements of Air, Fire and Water with the Earth are inseparable. Let only my beloved (name) think about me, how the sun's rays toward the Earth are striving. Let my thoughts fill me with joy and tranquility. Amen". Repeat the ceremony will have for twelve days, otherwise its effectiveness should not be counted.

Distance is not a hindrance

What if the object of passion is far away? In this case, a plot to love a guy from a distance is useful. The following text is pronounced: "Beloved (name), I think about you. I dream to hear your voice, I wait for the news. Think of me, beauty (name). All my thoughts are only about you. Take your phone and tell me pleasant words. Let your heart melt, fill with love. It will be as I said. "

How to return the guy with whom the girl quarreled,on which he misses? Can I make peace with him at a distance? In this case, the following effective plot is useful: "God save and save, ways to cross. Let the slave (name) and slave (name) on the track converge. Let them never part again. Save our love and save. Light our way with your grace. Amen".

At night

What are the plots for the love of a guy at night? The next method is relevant for girls who dream of creating a strong family with an object of passion, live with it all their lives and have children. A young man must have all the thoughts and heart, the desire to reunite with him must be very strong. Otherwise, you should not rely on the ritual, it will not work.

Rite is required at night. First, put a new white tablecloth on the table. Then you need to light three church wax candles. Then the text of the plot is pronounced: "God, I ask you to erect a high wall, dig a deep pit, create an impassable fence and an irresistible yearning. Let your slave (name) love only me (name). Close the fence with a key and take it to yourself. Amen".

What else do you need to know

What else would be useful to take into account the girl whogoing to read a plot to love a young man? It is desirable to learn the text in advance, so as not to get lost during the ritual and not to reduce its effectiveness. Words must be pronounced in a whisper, but they must be pronounced clearly and clearly.

Before the ritual, you also need to cleanse your body with water. This will help get rid of someone else's energy. After that you need to say the prayer "Our Father" three times.

Ritual will have a greater effect if the fair sex is stocked with an amulet or amulet. It is desirable that this thing was created by ones own hands, also it is necessary to read a prayer over it.


The above is how to read a strongconspiracy to love a guy. Description, rules - all this can also be seen in the article. But are such rituals really effective? What do girls say about this, who have resorted to the possibilities of love magic? Did they manage to achieve the desired goal - to tie a guy to their own?

As expected, they occur aspositive, and negative reviews. The first is often left by girls who managed to strengthen the feelings that the chosen ones cherish through love magic. Also, the ritual often works when it comes to the return of a young man with whom the young lady parted because of a foolish quarrel.

Who leaves negative feedback? First, these are those who have experienced the negative consequences of reading conspiracies. They managed to tie the victim, but the will of this man was broken. He changed for the worse, and the relationship with him did not deliver the expected joy. Secondly, negative reviews leave those to whom the reading of conspiracies absolutely did not help. This is also observed very often.