/ / "Santi Vedas Peruna". The Book of Wisdom of Perun

"Santi Veda Peruna". The Book of Wisdom of Perun

The emergence of various kinds of organizations that professdifferent from the dominant religion ideology, in the transitional historical periods - a process considered to be natural. One of these communities can be called the Ancient Russian Ingliystic Church, which is attributed to the flow of Slavic neo-pagans. Not so long ago, this organization was recognized as an extremist court and closed down.

However, rather widespreadinterest in the public was caused by one of the books of this community - the "Santi Veda Perun", or the Book of Wisdom of Perun. In this article we will make a brief review of this work, apparently the fetus of the imagination of the leaders and ideologists of the Ingleistic Church, but we must give it its due, very picturesque.

History of Santi

On the assurance of ingliing, the book was kept by themthe community secretly for many millennia. At the moment, this document is no less than 600,000 years old. Apparently, they hid it after the Gentiles came to Russia with a new faith (if they themselves call themselves the Old Believers) or Christians. The dictates of Santia were not a god, but one of our ancestors - Perun.

Veda Peru

What are the Aryan Vigils of the inglines

According to representatives of this branch of neo-pagans,The tribes of Aryans, who once lived on the territory of modern Russia and other countries, had runic writing. They recorded the records in the original ancient "books" of three varieties:

  • Santiyah - the golden plates.
  • Haratiyah - sheets of parchment.
  • Magi - wooden plank.

By the way, the last species can be attributed one morerecognized by scientists forging a document - the Book of Veles. Of course, the most ancient and accurate, according to ingliingov representations, are Santi, because they are written on gold plates. Khartyi and Volkhari corresponded with these Books and were intended for the priests and the wise men. Of course, because of the fragility of the material to the present day, they have not survived. The book of Veles, also narrating about the events that took place once in the territory of Ancient Rus, was lost in the times of the Great Patriotic War. There is an opinion that it fell into the hands of the fascists.

Aryan Vedas

Ancient runes and their meaning

As for the Slavic runicwriting to Cyril and Methodius, then scientists can not answer this question unequivocally. There are too few sources for which conclusions could be drawn. It is only known that the runes were used as magic symbols - as amulets, amulets and talismans.

About their origin tells one veryan interesting Scandinavian legend. Once the supreme god, Odin, for obtaining secret knowledge, nailed himself to the mighty Tree of Life, growing near the infernal abyss by the stone of Alatyr, with a spear. After that, runes opened to him. They were inscribed on the ground from branches that had been broken off and stained with blood.

Santi Veda Peru

Structure of the Book of Wisdom of Perun

Each Santia consists of 16 lines of 9 lines. In one line - 16 runes. Each 36 plates (nine Santi) are connected to the Circle by three rings, symbolizing Jav, Nav, and Rule.

At the moment, the Russian language is translatedonly a small part of the Santi - the First Circle. It tells about what commandments gave the Great Race an original, considers the history of mankind on Earth and gives prophecies about future events. "The Vedas of Perun" - Circle II and the remaining seven books - have not yet been translated. However, the information in the first part is more than enough.

Inglings about the history of mankind on Earth

As the "Vedas of Perun" narrate, our ancestors arrivedto the Earth (Midgard) from the constellation Ursa Major - from the planet Ingard - to the great Whiteman. They were military and took part in the great battle between certain Light and Dark gods. Their ship had to land on Earth, because it was hit. On it there were representatives of four allied planets - х'Арийцы, да'Арийцы, Рассены and Святорсы. After the ship was repaired, part of the crew flew back to their homeland, and some remained on Earth.

Originally representatives of the Great White Racesettled in Daaria, or in another way - in Hyperborea. So they called the mainland, supposedly once located at the North Pole, subsequently sunk. After the death of this ancient powerful and wealthy state, the representatives of the White Race settled throughout the Earth, leaving Daaria for the Ripeye (Ural) mountains. For centuries and millennia, the ancestors from Ingard periodically visited the Earth.

ancient runes and their meaning

The commandments of Perun

In his last visit, as narrated"Slavonic-Aryan Vedas," the pioneer told local priests and magi about the imminent offensive of the Dark Ages, when representatives of the clans of the White Race will forget their faith and begin to live according to the laws imposed by the race of the Pekelnogo World. As the inglines say, besides this, Perun taught the priests what to do in order to restore their ancestral faith. Later, his son, Tarkh Dazhdbog, also flew to Earth. He then gave the priests Nine Books with the commandments of his father - "The Vedas of Perun." And inglyingy managed to keep them and convey to our days. However, not all parts are even translated from the first Book. In some places the priests of this organization inserted points instead of phrases and sentences. They did so, they said, because the time of promulgation of a certain part of the ancient wisdom had not yet come.

Four races

"The Vedas of Perun" - the book is really original. According to the concept of inglicing, a modern person can easily determine which of the four planet-allies his ancestors arrived. It is not difficult to do this, looking at yourself in the mirror, according to the color of the iris of the eyes. Thus, in the X'Aryans it is green, the da'Aryans have a gray, the Rassens have a golden tea color, and the Svyators have a blue color.

The ancient mainland of Daari

Described in such a book as "Santi Vedas Perunas" andHyperborea itself. This rich country was divided by rivers into four parts. Thus, each race had its own territory. In the middle of this small continent was the inner sea. In its center rose a high mountain, which was called Meru. On it, and was built the capital of all four provinces - Asgard of Daari. In this city was a majestic temple, called the Great Kapishche, or the temple of Inglia. As a proof of their words, the representatives of this neo-pagan organization bring the ancient map of Mercator, on which a truly divided into four parts continent, stretched right in the middle of the Arctic Ocean.

Veda Perun Book

Daarius was killed, as the "Vedas of Perun" narrate, inthe result of war with hostile aliens from another planet - the Pekel kingdom. According to legend, Tarkh Dazhdbogovich destroyed their base, located on one of the three moons, which in those distant times revolved around the Earth - Lele. However, her splinter fell directly into Da'ari. Because of what the country sank.

Relocation of childbirth

They tell "Santi Vedas Peruna" and about wherepeople left the deceased continent. Survivors migrated along the Ripeye Mountains, on both sides of which the sea was splashing in those days, and settled on the island of Buyan, located in the area where the city of Omsk is currently built. Gradually, the outlines of the continents changed, the sea receded, and the ancestors began to settle its former bottom - the territory of modern Siberia. Later part of them went to the West - for the Ural Mountains, part - to India and China, part - to Egypt. As a result, the territory of Rassia (the so-called new state) reached enormous proportions. However, gradually over millennia due to the intrigues of enemies, she began to lose her provinces. Modern Russia is what's left of it.

Veda Peruna circle second

That's about this and says the first partgold Book of ingliingov. "Santi Veda Peruna" - Circle II, - as already mentioned, translated from runic Aryan into Russian were not. And since the activities of the ingling community in Russia are banned, apparently, they will never be again.