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What is fasting day? What can you eat and what is not allowed?

Everyone knows that our ancestors adhered totraditions and every fasting day was considered a joy. This time was special. Historically, fasting is the restriction of a religious person in anything with a view to repentance. Some Christians use the metaphor "spring of the soul." It characterizes the inner state of a person who set the goal of sacrificing himself to God. The Lord showed the believers an example when he was in the desert for 40 days and did not eat anything. Spring in nature means waking up, a new life, so fasting is time for self-testing, self-improvement, prayer. Some people can look for flaws, defects, correct them independently, without external help.

fasting day

In Christianity this is given a special time,called fasting days. During periods of shit, active spiritual work is performed, passions are uprooted, the soul is purified. To do this, it is necessary to often go to the temple, pray in the morning and evening, do good deeds, give alms, visit the infirm, prisoners, learn to be humble.

What is the need for a lean day?

In the practice of Christianity, there are 4 multi-dayfast (the Great passes in the spring, Uspensky and Petrov in the summer, Christmas in the winter) and some fasting days - Wednesday and Friday. During long periods, the first and last weeks are the main ones. At this time a person needs to be extremely attentive to himself and his family. Important for the fasting is the inner state, actions, actions, spoken words.

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What should abstinence be?

Many mistakenly believe that it is necessary to limityourself only in food. Control over yourself is a very complex action, requiring considerable effort. It is to monitor these changes that the Lord created the state in which man resides. In the event that a Christian fully observes external conditions, but attends entertainments, watches entertaining programs, behaves unworthily, this can be called an ordinary diet. In this case, the Lord will see wickedness, and there will be no spiritual development. It happens on the contrary, when a person uses prohibited foods, but fasts in the shower. An example is a disease of the stomach or intestines, when a strict diet is needed. This desire and perseverance will be evaluated from above.

What you can eat and what you can not

So, now let's figure out what kind of food you canis in the post, and which is not. There is a simple rule about nutrition. It is allowed to eat food of vegetable origin and it is forbidden to eat animal products.

calendar of fasting days

What to use categorically it is impossible:

  • Meat, meat products, poultry.
  • Fish (but on some days of fasting it is allowed).
  • Eggs, as well as products that they are part of.
  • Dairy products, butter, sour-milk products, sour cream, cheeses.


These products can be:

  • Vegetables in different forms, pickles.
  • Fruits, dried fruits, nuts.
  • Porridge on the water.
  • Beans, soy products.
  • Mushrooms.
  • Bread, lean pastry.
  • Fish (only on permitted days).

During the post you need to maximize the varietyyour diet, because the body is used to proteins and fats. It is necessary to eat all plant products, for example, juices, soy products, candies, chocolate. In addition to the basic ingredients, such as vegetables and fruits, it is necessary to introduce a variety of modern products.

Be sure to try the eggplant,celery, spinach, broccoli, rukola, chickpeas (from the legume family). Ordinary vegetables from the garden can be cooked in a special way, experimented, add different greens and seasonings.

lean for every day

For any housewife cooking a new dish -A special ritual, during which a woman plunges into her element. To do this, you can create a personal diary and enter each recipe. Lenten days will brighten up communication with loved ones, as the joint meal brings together. Ways of preparing dishes that really turned out great, try to recommend to friends, share experiences. It is important to remember that the body needs to support those foods that contain protein and glucose, fats.

Recipes fasting for every day

The most frequent ingredients in the lean kitchenare vegetables, they are suitable for both garnish and delicious dishes. There are a lot of recipes. For example, from ordinary potatoes it is easy to make excellent cutlets, as well as salad or casserole. From boiled vegetables - vinaigrette.

Recently, it has become fashionable to make soups-mashed potatoes. They are very nutritious, quickly and thoroughly absorbed. This way of cooking will appeal to young children, people of advanced age. The use of this product does not cause difficulties. The recipe is very simple, because all selected ingredients must first be boiled, and then chopped with a blender. The resulting mixture is then added to the broth.

Depending on the constituents, the calorific value andthe nutritional value of the dish may vary. In some countries this is the most common method of preparation. Here is the recipe for this soup.

Soup with potatoes and white bread

That the dish turned out to be rich in vitamins andminerals, take parsley, celery and carrots, head onions. We will wash them under running water, clean, cut into small pieces, so that the cooking process takes less time. We put on the stove and cook for 30 minutes over medium heat. Now we decant the broth into a separate container and set it aside.

So, the turn came to the potatoes. We clean it, mine, we divide into 4 parts each tuber and lower it into a decoction. We also do the same with white bread. Yes, it needs to be cut and boiled together with potatoes.

Then take some wheat flour. Mix it with vegetable oil and place it in a pot with potatoes and bread. Cook until ready, then decant the broth. You can use a colander to separate the potatoes from the bread from the broth.

recipe lean days

The cooking process is coming to an end. All the ingredients that were cooked earlier, crushed in a blender and sent back to our broth. The highlight of the soup will be toast-crackers, which must be fried in advance in a frying pan with butter. If the dish was thick, you need to dilute it with boiled water.

Dietary diversity

What else can you eat in fasting, except vegetables andfruit? Of course, porridges boiled on the water. Cereals are very useful. In the first place is buckwheat, rich in vitamins and microelements, able to assimilate the body in the shortest possible time. It can be cooked with fried onions, mushrooms, broccoli, spinach. The list of porridges is huge, we list some of them:

  • rice;
  • pearl barley;
  • millet;
  • wheat;
  • barley;
  • corn;
  • semolina.

lean days Wednesday

Also, porridges can be combined among themselves, for example,rice and millet. To taste not so fresh, add margarine or spread. In the morning with honey and juice you can eat cornflakes or chocolate balls. Muesli during fasting days will be an excellent reinforcement during working days. The same can be said about dried fruits that serve as a snack. In supermarkets at any time of the year a lot of frozen vegetable mixes, fruits, berries are sold. From such products you will get an excellent filling for lean patties, pancakes, vareniki.

Dietary rations will be helped by homemade pickles andmarinades, compotes and jams. Sour cabbage or lecho will be an excellent addition to pasta, potatoes or buckwheat. Today in the shops you can find a variety of products, for example, mayonnaise, cookies, wafers, which have the inscription "lean."

Fasting Tips

In modern Orthodox practice, manypriests recommend parishioners before starting a fast to consult with the attending physician. Here are some medical tips that will be helpful. For digestion in the first couple of days it is better not to eat chips, crackers, sweet nuts, carbonated drinks, strong coffee, tea. Also in recent days the Orthodox can not abruptly switch over to allowed products. Do not bounce on eggs, cakes and smoked meat. One must remember that there is such a sin as gluttony. Sometimes we do not notice how we get pleasure from eating food, we eat greedily even during shit. It's worth controlling your feelings.

Lenten days. Wednesday and Friday

It is known that in each calendar circle the timeshit falls on different dates. The fast days of 2016 are a special time for the Orthodox. We also noted that Wednesday and Friday are equally important in this respect throughout the year. But there are also weeks without shit, for example, before Shrovetide, Shrovetide itself, Troitskaya, Svetlaya, Svyatki. In the calendar of fasting days you can always look to get the information you need.

Friday fasting day

Wednesday became a lean in connection with the memory thatJudas betrayed Christ on the eve of the Jewish Passover. By their true sins, people betray the Savior who suffered for us. The fasting Christian remembers this event and laments. To realize the seriousness of the historical date, the fasting day is observed almost every week. Friday is a fast day when Christ died for the sins of the world, He was publicly crucified on the cross as a robber. In order for the believers not to forget about the great event, on Friday it is necessary to abstain particularly mentally and physically. Orthodoxy's fast days are designed to take care of the spirituality of believers.

Important goal

Cleverly and wisely built fasts and fast days. They alternate with idle time. This sequence calls us to renew the soul, to strive for repentance, compassion, mercy. Then again it is allowed to have fun and rejoice. It was this way of life that helped our ancestors to remain in good spirits, to be healthy mentally and physically. Despite the limitations and refusal of the usual cases, the result will not take long to wait. Harmony always and in everything is the basis of the right way of life. All orthodox on a fast day - the most good wishes, strength, patience, joy.