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Dream Interpretation: a pit. Meaning and interpretation

Not always a person is able to independentlyunravel the mystery of dreams that disturb his night's rest. A dream book will help him to cope with this task. Yama is a very ambiguous symbol, which is interpreted differently by guides to the world of dreams. Most of the dream books associate it with a danger, an obstacle, a problem. What is she dreaming about?

English dream book: pit

English dream book is not the first centuryhelps people to understand the secret meaning of night dreams. What does this dream book say about the deepening in the earth? Yama, if we rely on his interpretation, never dreams of good. To fall into it in a dream can be a man whose affairs are waking up rapidly deteriorating. It is possible that the financial position of the dreamer will deteriorate so much that he and his family will need.

dream recital

Often, the pit dreams of women in love.If the feeling of anxiety does not leave and on awakening, it is worth paying close attention to the relationship with the chosen one. There is a high probability that a man has cooled to the subject of his passion, alienation has arisen between lovers.

What other subjects does the English dream book look like?Yama, if a dreamer falls into it, dreams of betrayal, which will cause a deep emotional wound. It can be made by a close friend or the second half. The greatest danger for such a dream is for farmers and traders, they are expected to have tangible financial losses caused by external circumstances.

See her

Obstacles, danger - such a value attachednight dreams, in which the dreamer looks at the deepening in the ground, almost every dream book. Yama, who appears in nightmares, warns that the person in real life is making plans that will not come true. The fault is most likely the intrigues of ill-wishers. To avoid problems, the dreamer can, if he finds a way to "get around" the pit, will come up with a more effective plan.

dream book fall into a pit

Cesspool is a symbol whose valueexplains Miller's dream book. Ironically, the famous psychologist does not consider this dream a negative omen. It promises to its owner news, which can prove to be not only bad, but also good. In any case, the information received in the near future will have a significant impact on the life of the dreamer and his family.

Dig it

What other interpretations does the dream book offer?To dig a hole in a dream can people who in real life will soon encounter an obstacle. An unexpected problem arises from an error made by themselves. It is possible that they will try to deceive or substitute another person, but they themselves will be in a trap. To prevent such an outcome of events will help honesty towards others.

dream digging pit

Sonnik Miller reveals the meaning of the dream, inwhich man first digs a hole, and then tries to get out of it. This indicates that the dreamer has already realized in what reality his mistake is. At the moment, he is trying to fix it, but to achieve this is difficult.

Jump over it

What other dreams are associated with the deepening of thethe earth, studying a dream book? Yama (deep) can dream and good, if in night dreams, a person tries to jump over it. It's great if his attempt is successful. In real life, he will cope with all problems, will bypass all obstacles. Guides around the world of dreams claim that such dreams are seen by inventive and courageous people who are lucky in life.

dream recess deep deep dream

Unfortunately, it also offers a negative interpretationdream book. Fall into the pit during an attempt to jump over it means that the person will not be able to cope with the trouble without outside help. It is possible that the problem has already turned into a snowball that can not be stopped.

Bottomless pit

What other options are considered dream book? The pit is deep - not the only symbol that can figure in dreams. How to understand a dream in which a dreamer tries to know the depth of a hole in the earth, throwing stones at it? It's bad if he manages to find out that the pit is bottomless. Such a plot warns that in real life a person intends to agree to a reckless adventure. The likelihood that the risk will be unjustified is likely to result in significant financial losses.

Fall into it

What else will the dream book help? Falling into a hole in a dream is the worst possible option. Such a dream predicts a mortal danger that the dreamer will have to face in the near future. He can avoid problems if he takes the utmost care. It is necessary for some time to avoid adventurous transactions, to limit communication with unfamiliar people or completely to abandon it.

dream dream

A person can dream about how hevoluntarily descends into a hole in the ground, using a rope. Such night dreams also do not promise anything good. They can be perceived as a warning that the dreamer is preparing to make a big mistake, allows rash actions.

There are often dreams, in which a thing falls into the pit,which is of value to the dreamer. If this object can not be obtained, the dream can be safely classified as a bad prediction. In reality, the dream owner will have to pay for his bad deed. There is a high probability that negative events will deprive him of sleep and rest.

Get out of it

The pit in many people causes associations with the bottom,this symbol is used in literature when the author wants to show that his hero has taken the lowest step of the social ladder. It is not surprising that dreams in which a person tries to get out of it, predict his progress on the career ladder in real life. If the attempt is successful, the dreamer can safely expect to acquire a higher social status.

dream dream

If you can not get to the master of sleep, dream booksrecommend to look closer to your nearest environment. It is possible that among the acquaintances and friends of the dreamer there are people who should not be trusted. With the enemies who are trying to spoil life, you can fight if a person can figure them out.

Dream Interpretation of Freud

What interpretation does Freud's suggestionDream Book? Fall into a hole in a dream means to face the need to make a difficult choice. It is likely that the person who dreams such a dream, is preparing to commit a bad deed, which will condemn the public morality. If a dream with such a plot disturbs the peace of married people, there is a high probability that they are thinking about treason, but are afraid to take this step in fear of the second half.

Dream Book of the pit with water

Also the dreamer can dream about how he lookson the pit. This dream Freud regards as a warning that the secrets of a person will become public knowledge. Moreover, he is expected to pay for the fact that he has for a long time concealed the truth from other people. Jumping over a hole in night dreams means not getting satisfaction from intimate relationships. It is possible that the dreamer has secret desires, which he is afraid to share with his partner, fearing a negative reaction.

What is a dream in which a person sees otherspeople caught up in the pit? Freud believes that such nightly dreams disturb the peace of people who tend to dominate in bed. Such a person needs a partner who agrees to play the role of a slave, otherwise conflicts are inevitable.

Pit Content

Be sure to pay attention tothe content of the indentation, with this every dream book will agree. Pit with water can dream a person who in reality is not able to take control of his life. All his attempts to put things in order are failing. Yama, in which the dreamer sees flowers, dreams to the good. In his life, soon comes a strip of luck, which will last a very long time.

The pit, which has sand, does not herald anythinggood. In reality, a person feels the entire fragility of their situation, but nothing can be done about it. Discovering at the bottom of the pit lions or tigers, it is worth morally tune to fight with insidious enemies who will achieve victory without choosing the means. Approximately the same warns the dreamer of the pit, which is infested with snakes.

Surprisingly, but a good omen, manyDreams consider a dreamed pit with garbage. Such a dream portends to the dreamer a profit that will come from an unexpected source. It will turn out to be very large, that for several years he will not be able to take care of making money to satisfy his needs. A love adventure for lonely people promises a snow-covered deepening in the earth. Those who already have a partner can expect to improve their financial situation.