/ Inga's name. Meaning, mystery, origin

Name Inga. Meaning, mystery, origin

the origin of the name inga

The name of the person hides in itself a lot of interestinginformation. It affects the character of the person, her destiny. When parents call a child, they thus partly form his future life. Let's find out what secret contains the name of Inga, its meaning, origin, peculiarities of the character of the possessor. The article will tell you what it means in the language of astrologers. You will learn the names of those men with whom a stronger family will turn out.

Origin of the name Inga

The name in question was formed fromOld Norse and means "winter". There is an opinion that its origin is connected with the ancient German god Inga, who was a symbol of fertility and the creator of the Ingevons - the Germanic tribes.

Name Inga. Meaning for the child

In childhood, the baby is very complex. It does not share good and evil, but copies from the external environment something that can not be called good. The girl often exaggerates everything and even cunning. She takes offense at trifles and for a long time remembers the harm done to her. Inga becomes jealous, if another family appears in the family. Attempts by parents to re-educate her are practically useless. The girl loves the daddy more than her mother, and to his opinion still somehow hears.

Name Inga. Meaning for an adult

which means the name inga

The character of Inga softens with age. However, it is not so easy to communicate with her even to the closest friends. She never listens to good advice, does her own way. At the same time, she does not notice how she can easily be influenced by a stranger. Personality is full of internal contradictions, because of which it is often burned in life. The girl is interested in mysticism, and she likes to tell fortunes for her future. To find an approach to it, you need to show some compassion. Then she will be positive about the person. Inga should be careful and be able to distinguish sincere people from hypocrites, otherwise they may become a victim of deception.

Name Inga. Importance for love and family life

The owner of this unusual name is too earlybecomes attractive for men. However, she will not flirt with them. If her lover appears in her life, Inga will have a certain time to check his attitude. Almost all meetings with men are very short. This personality is very contradictory, so if it turns out that the guy she meets does not suit the parents, she can abruptly marry him and leave the house.

name inga value

Inga becomes a good wife, but will not toleratecritical attitude to yourself, which usually happens from the mother-in-law. It is not surprising that an eternal conflict arises between them. Inga loves her children, but she brings up quite severely.

What does Inga mean in astrology?

The owner of this name is guarded by the planet Saturn. Here are some more characteristics:

  • the color of the name is orange;
  • stone-amber - amber;
  • plant-talismans - ruta and chiebera;
  • guardian animals - a mole and an ant;
  • auspicious day is Saturday.

To create a strong family, Inga can with a man whose name is Gennady, Vladislav, Philippe or Modest. It will be more difficult in relations with Albert and Adam.

According to statistics, the reliability of the above described characteristics of the name Inga is 56.2%.