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Svetlana: the meaning of name, character and destiny

What is the meaning of the name Svetlana? It evokes associations with the dawn, spring, beauty. It's not the first decade that the name has been popular in our country. What does the name mean, what influence can it have on the character and fate of its possessor? The answers to these questions are contained in the article.

What is the origin and significance of the name Svetlana

To begin with, you need to figure out where it came fromit took. What is the origin and meaning of the name Svetlana? Linguists still have not reached a consensus on this matter. Below are considered the versions that have gained the most popularity.

the origin of the name Svetlana

The first version ascribes the name of Old Slavicroots. If you rely on this theory, the meaning of the name Svetlana is "bright," "pure," "pure soul." This assumption is questioned because the name can not be found in written sources before the beginning of the 19th century.

The second version claims that it came to us from the ancient Greek language, or rather, comes from the Greek name Photinia. In this case, the meaning of the name Svetlana is "light."

The third version says that it was invented by the authorliterary work. Presumably, it was A. Kh. Vostokov, the creator of the story "Svetlana and Mstislav." The work was presented to the readers in 1802. The original name of the protagonist was borrowed by other authors. For example, in 1813 the poet V. Zhukovsky published the ballad "Svetlana". Gradually, the name came into use and even became popular.


The planet-protector is Neptune.

Favorable day is Saturday.

Stone-mascot - rock crystal.

Sign of the zodiac - Aquarius.

Blue color.

The totemic animal is a white hare.

The plant is a lily.

A happy season is winter.

In childhood

What is the meaning of the name Svetlana for a girl? For his young possessor, nothing is more important than discovery. When she finds herself in a new place, she needs to explore each corner. The curiosity of Svetlana knows no bounds. Her curiosity, she tries to satisfy in communication with peers and adults, in reading and games.

Svetlana in the childhood

Sveta grows active and positive girl. She takes part in homework with pleasure. Labor also becomes a source of new information for Svetlana. Cooking, cleaning in the house - she can turn any of her activities into an exciting process.

The character of the little Svetlana is very contradictory. On the one hand, she is distinguished by kindness and responsiveness. The possessor of the name is always ready to help those who need it, even if they have to sacrifice their own interests. On the other hand, she is overconfident, likes to insist on her own. This girl is not easy to dissuade from what she has conceived, she is able to demonstrate extraordinary obstinacy.


"Light" means the meaning of Svetlana. The girl's name and destiny are connected with inextricable threads. In adolescence, her character remains all the same controversial. Attentiveness is combined in it with restlessness, kindness - with a desire to lead.

Svetlana the teenager

In her class, Svetlana often becomesunofficial leader. She easily finds a common language with the girls, has success with the boys. Independent character allows the owner of the name to feel comfortable in various companies, her circle of people includes people of different ages. Sveta does not believe that communication should only be with like-minded people. Among her acquaintances there are many who have absolutely nothing in common with her. We must not forget that after achieving leadership, Svetlana can show negative features of her character. On this basis the girl can have conflicts with teachers and peers.

Svetlana is studying well, problems with progressshe is extremely rare. She does not like to sit over homework for a long time, however, thanks to her abilities, she remembers much in her lessons. Humanitarian subjects have a name more than exact sciences. She also enjoys social activities, participates in school self-activity.

Positive and negative features

The meaning of Svetlana's name and characterowners are connected. Light is endowed with many positive qualities. Kindness, responsiveness, willingness to always come to the aid of others - just some of them. Rampage is a quality that she does not have, her girlfriend forgives her offenders easily, she never plans revenge.

character and fate of Svetlana

Svetlana is a person who is positive aboutlife. On her face you can often see a smile. The owner of the name is attracted by the festive atmosphere. She likes to spend time in cheerful companies, often attends parties and social events. She likes to take on the role of leader, inspire others.

Sveta has a flexible and mobile mind, as well as a beautifulmemory, which allows it to remember a large amount of information. It's hard to find a topic that can not be discussed with this girl. Svetlana's knowledge is mostly superficial, but it does not bother her at all.

Negative features

"Light" means the meaning of Svetlana. The character of the girl nevertheless does not consist only of positive features. Perhaps its main problem is excessive self-interest. Self-confidence sometimes pushes the owner of the name to rash decisions that entail serious problems. Fortunately, she has every chance of becoming wiser with age.

Svetlana does not like to lose. Defeat is given to her hard, but she takes useful lessons from them. The holder of the name can forget about her studies and work because of the constant craving for entertainment, new impressions and emotional experiences. Routine affects the Light negatively, it can get bored and even plunge into a depressed state. It is peculiar to some frivolity, impermanence.

Svetlana, the meaning of name, character and destinywhich are discussed in the article, likes to command others. However, the solution of really important issues that can influence her entire future life, she often shifts to other people's shoulders. Because of his inability to make the right choice, Sveta often suffers. She also often becomes dependent on recognition from other people. The holder of the name must constantly prove her worth, otherwise she may feel unhappy, disappointed in herself and in life.

Girl spring

What else can you tell us about Svetlana? The meaning of the name, character and fate of its owner are very interesting. However, an important role is played also at what time of the year the girl was born.

The possessor of the name, who appeared in the spring,can seem very self-confident. But deep down she constantly doubts the correctness of her decisions and actions. An important role for her is played by the support of close people. Spring Light strives to be surrounded by friends who are able to rejoice in its successes and substitute a shoulder in case of defeat. The heart of such a girl is easy to win a man who is good-natured and sympathetic, who is always ready to arrange for your favorite holidays.

Summer Girl

The meaning of the name Svetlana ("light") is the mostjustifies the girl born in the summer. It seems that it shines with sunlight. Summer Light is able to find an approach to every person. Is it any wonder that it is surrounded by kind, caring and sincere people ?! She will not communicate with those who will not be able to earn her trust. It concerns not only friendly relations, but also romantic ones.

Autumn girl

What can you tell us about Svetlana, who appeared onlight in the fall? Pragmaticity is a quality that determines the entire life of such a girl. The possessor of the name will not waste time and emotional strength on conflicts with others. All the problems that arise, she seeks to solve by peaceful means.

The Autumn Light needs a man who maximizesfits the definition of "stone wall". She will have a lifetime of appreciation for the person who will take care of the solution of her problems, agree to take care of her and protect her.

Winter Girl

"Pure soul" - the meaning of the female name Svetlana. In a girl born in winter, there is more light than darkness. Her positive qualities help her to make a dizzying career, to succeed in life.

At winter Svetlana quite good inclinations of the leader. However, it must be cautious, since the desire to command others does not always turn out to be a boon to it. A man who stands firmly on his feet and has a purpose in life can become a companion of such a girl. Only a person who knows his own worth will be able to conquer Svetlana's heart.


The origin of the name Svetlanaand its meaning. The mystery of the girl, who is so called, is also of interest. What are the secrets of Light hiding from others? Perhaps the main secret is its superficiality. A holder of a name rarely boasts profound knowledge in this or that field, although she is able to impress an erudite person. Information that is not interesting to her, Svetlana, and at all can forget the next day.

mystery of Svetlana

Romanticism is the second secret of the owner of the name. Sveta often produces an impression of the pragmatic and calculating girl. Rare people manage to guess how really she is romantic and sentimental.

What is Svetlana's secret? It is a tangle of contradictions that easily coexist in it. This girl can simultaneously be kind and sharp, gentle and aggressive. Fortunately, its positive qualities basically prevail over shortcomings.

Choice of profession

Above is a description of the name Svetlana. Its importance is also important when choosing a profession. First of all, it should be said that the owner of the name should like what she does. Otherwise, Svetlana's career will not work out, and she herself will become an unhappy person who does not get pleasure from her work.

career of Svetlana

The possessor of the name is able to find herself inmany spheres of activity. From it can be a wonderful organizer of events - cultural, sports. Also, a woman who is so called, can become an engineer, a doctor, a teacher, a notary, a psychologist. Svetlana is able to show her abilities in tourism, banking.

With colleagues in the name of the relationshipcalm and level. She does not conflict with anyone and does not move away from the collective, but she does not seek any rapprochement. In all sorts of intrigues at work, Svetlana does not take part, since she treats such things with contempt.


Will Svetlana succeed as an entrepreneur? Hardly, since the owner of the name does not always bring its projects to the end. She also does not know how to sell. On top of everything, Light is irrational about money, does not know how to save money, and is willing to spend on all sorts of nonsense.

However, the meaning of the name Svetlanathat she may well occupy a leading position. The girl can inspire other people to accomplish, show them the way. She is naturally active, energetic and efficient, which contributes to her advancement on the career ladder.

Hobbies, hobbies

The girl, who was named Svetlana, has a lotvarious hobbies. She is often attracted to sewing and needlework. Often all her family dresses in the things that she made and bound herself. Another likely hobby is floriculture. The owner of the name gets a lot of pleasure from working with the land, is able to turn her house into a mini greenhouse.

Finally, Svetlana does not represent her life withoutbooks. This girl is rarely attracted by serious literature. With much greater pleasure she reads frivolous romance novels, as well as adventure stories.

Love, sex

The article describes what the name meansSvetlana. The meaning of the name has a direct impact on the relationship of its owner with the opposite sex. First of all, it should be mentioned that this girl pays much attention to taking care of her appearance. Svetlana watches the figure, does not forget about the use of cosmetics. Flirty and provocative things prevail in her wardrobe, but the sense of proportion does not change the owner of the name.

Svetlana in love

We can say that the representatives of a strongsex Svetlana acts like a magnet, which she is very flattering. This girl may seem passionate and loving, which does not correspond to the true state of affairs. Sex does not play an important role in the life of the owner of the name. She easily closes her eyes to the failures of her partner in bed, if she is comfortable next to him.

Svetlana has the ability to fullygive oneself up to the senses. A hero who manages to win her heart, she is ready to serve throughout her life. The owner of the name often dissolves in her beloved, which can end badly. An important role for her is played by trust. She could hardly be bound by a relationship with a guy who failed to call him.

Marriage, family

The article describes the meaning of a name,character and destiny of Svetlana. Marriage it can be successful and not very good. This woman neatly approaches to family relations, can spend a lot of time searching for the second half. Svetlana's ideal is a strong and strong-willed man, who will take on financial issues, will make important decisions on his own. The financial position of the candidate on her hand and heart also plays an important role for the possessor of the name. This is not due to mercantile, rather, the search for a "stone wall", for which you can hide.

If the man for whom Svetlana is getting married,will be similar to its ideal, then the marriage is most likely to prove strong. The possessor of the name likes to do homework, she easily supports cleanliness and deliciously prepares. Svetlana is a hospitable hostess, the doors of her house are always open for relatives and friends. As a rule, she has an excellent relationship with the spouse's family. A woman who is so called can become a caring mother. True there is a risk that she will spoil their children.


Strong health does not belong toadvantages that a girl named Svetlana is endowed with. And in childhood, and in adulthood, she is prone to colds. However, the owner of the name will hardly lie in bed and demand attention from the household. Natural energy makes her hide her illness from others.

Svetlana rarely takes a sick leave. Even high temperatures will not stop her from going to work. She also does not neglect her domestic duties and does not try to transfer them to others even when she does not feel well.

Skin is a problem place for the owner of the name. This problem is especially acute in adolescence. Svetlana should observe the regime of the day, monitor diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Interesting Facts

What other information is useful to the ownersname and parents who plan to name their daughter? What is the religious significance of Svetlana? Until 1943 in the saints it was not. At the christening, the girl, who is so called, was called Photinia. The meaning of this Greek name is "light." In 1943, it was finally recognized as an Orthodox church, ranked among the saints.

Svetochka, Svetochka, Svetlanka, Lanochka, Svetlanochka, Sprig, Svetik, Svetushka are diminutive and caressing options, which are used by close people.

Name Compatibility

When choosing a life partner Svetlana, it is important to consider the compatibility of names. Men with whom she has a chance to find happiness in marriage are listed below:

  • Alexander;
  • Daniel;
  • Theodore;
  • Marat;
  • Saveliy;
  • Edward;
  • Timothy;
  • Rushan;
  • Oleg;
  • Alexey;
  • Yuri;
  • Boris.

There are also representatives of the stronger sex, the marriage union with which the owner of the name is best avoided. For example, this is Eugene, Mikhail, Dmitry, Gleb, Stanislav.