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Interpretation and meaning of the Tarot: "Four of Swords"

Tarot cards are a powerful tool that allowsthrough the understanding of archetypal symbols to come into contact with a secret hidden at the subconscious level. This article provides a detailed description of one of the junior arcanes - the Four Swords. In different versions of the Tarot this suit also has such names: Blades, Swords, Knives, Daggers.

the meaning of the tarot fourswords

Short description

In the classic decks on the map "4 Swords"depicts a man dressed in knightly armor. He lies on the tombstone, in complete peace, his eyes are closed, and his hands are folded on his chest in a prayerful position. On the front of the tomb is engraved one sword, and on the wall are three other blades. Also in the background is a church stained glass window. In some versions of the Tarot it depicts the face of the Virgin Mary. Most likely, the knight is in the room of the temple or chapel.

Interpreting the map

Almost in all matters the above-mentioned lassopersonifies stopping, procrastination, inertia. However, it is important not only to know the symbolism of the Arcana, but also to feel the value of the Tarot cards. The Four of Swords in love speaks of indifference or loneliness. In matters related to professional activity, education and creativity, she warns that in the near future it is best not to take any important actions. And in matters relating to spiritual development, a map can mean meditation, prayerful state, solitude and escape from worldly vanity. The following is a more detailed interpretation of the map in different situations.

the four of Tarot swords

Professional activity

Tarot "Four of Swords" in career mattersimplies a temporary lull, suspension and stagnation in business. In some cases, this lasso may portend dismissal, retirement or retirement. But, perhaps, it is a question of leave. If the question was asked about the creative project, the forthcoming negotiations or the beginning of a new business, the appearance of the "4 Blades" in the scenario is far from the best sign. The map warns that in the near future it is undesirable to make plans and take any serious actions. Most likely, attempts to move up the career ladder will not succeed. In some cases, the card tells of emotional burnout. At this stage, you should reconsider your ideas and think about the appropriateness of the methods used.

In financial matters, "4 Swords"that in the near future the most rational solution in a difficult situation is saving. For those who are in search of work, the aforementioned card does not presage employment in the near future. Interpretation of neighboring maps in the scenario will help to understand the direction of action and prospects.

The meaning of the Tarot "Four of Swords" in the layout forrelations with a team or business partners means a lack of interest, simple business and a lack of inspiration for the successful implementation of creative projects.

the value of the tarot fours inverted

The card in the inverted position prompts for action. The period of calm is too long, and in order to get out of this state, it is necessary to collect all the forces and make a jerk. Perhaps, we will have to leave the familiar environment, get out of the comfort zone and find a new way.

Interpretation and the meaning of the Tarot "Four of Swords" in matters of love and relationship

Appearance of this suit in the layout, relating to love relationships - is far from the best sign. Most likely, it speaks about some difficulties and obstacles that arise between people.

Tarot "The Four Swords" in loveimplies loneliness, fatigue and coldness. This condition can last a very long time. If the interrogator has recently experienced separation from a loved one, the present period of loneliness is necessary in order to rethink everything and understand your feelings. Once a person is able to pass a life lesson, he will begin to take a different attitude toward what is happening, and later will not make the same mistakes.

If a person is in search of a pair, the appearance"4 Swords" in the scenario does not herald the realization of a dream in the near future. In addition, this junior arkan indicates that the root of the problem of loneliness is in the soul of the questioner. Perhaps he is building up obstacles to his happiness. There can be many reasons: past disappointments, insults, insecurities, reluctance to change and make any effort.

The meaning of the Tarot "Four of Swords" includesanother interpretation. If before this relationship was tense, the appearance of this lasso is an omen of the settlement of the conflict. In this case, the card embodies peaceful coexistence and harmony.

The inverted position of the card symbolizesChange after a long period of stagnation. The situation will force a person to leave the comfort zone and begin to act. It is not excluded that circumstances will require a difficult decision.

All this is not a complete list of optionsthe development of events, about which the four of the Swords (Taro) tells. The meaning in the relationship can be interpreted in different ways, depending on which cards the arcane is next to.

the meaning of the tarot four swords in love

Self-development and spiritual growth

Tarot "Four of Swords" in layoutconcerning questions of self-improvement is interpreted as advice to devote time to spiritual development and bringing thoughts into order. It should be for a while to abandon social activity, everyday bustle and engage in personal development.

Inverted position indicates thatthe man was in a quandary. This is primarily due to a lack of understanding of the meaning of their actions and future prospects. Perhaps he started several cases at the same time, which did not bring any results.

Health and psychoemotional state

In terms of health statusthe appearance of the Four Swords is far from the best sign. This junior arkan warns of a possible illness and hospitalization. However, do not despair ahead of time. The card should be perceived not as a fatal omen, but as a warning and advice to reconsider its attitude towards life. In this case, we are talking about diseases caused by excessive workload, lack of rest, emotional overstrain and stress. Therefore, the questioner should think about resting and restoring his physical or mental health. Ignoring such warnings of fate can cause negative consequences.

Neighboring maps in the layout will help to interpretthe nature of the diseases, which the Four Swords warns. Tarot, whose value is inherently positive, in combination with the above-mentioned arcana should be interpreted as advice to take a break, devote time to the restoration of one's health, relaxation and meditation. The presence of adverse maps, such as the Three Swords, the Nine Swords, Death (13), the Tower (16), can serve as an omen of serious illnesses. In some cases, it is even a complete loss of motor activity, a coma or serious forms of mental abnormalities, such as deep depression, apathy.

However, in most cases, "4 Swords" indicatesfor rehabilitation: an acute period passed. Restorative process may take a certain period of time, but with proper treatment, the disease will recede.

The character of the person and the current frame of mind of a person

The meaning of the Tarot "Four of Swords" implies inFirst of all, the state in which a person lives in this life stage. Such psycho-emotional mood, most likely, is caused by nervous exhaustion, stressful situations and fatigue. Emotional burnout can lead to apathy and depression. Others perceive such a person as inert, emotionless and withdrawn. The Tarot "Four of Swords" (direct) is the personification of an extreme degree of introverting, bordering on misanthropy. Simply put, a person avoids communication with others and seeks seclusion. However, this is not a characterization of the person as a whole, but only the current mood. Perhaps because of past disappointments, he feels the need for alienation in order to protect himself from the outside world. Such a state makes it possible to restore strength.

the meaning of the tarot four of swords in the layout of the relationship

Tarot "Four of Swords" (inverted): a person acts very impulsively, without a clear idea of ​​the future prospects. The desire to take on an unbearable burden can result in failure and deterioration of health. Arkan in the inverted position advises to calm down and determine their goals.


If the divination was devoted to a specific situation,then the value of the Tarot card "Four of Swords" implies a period of stagnation. At this stage, it is better not to do anything. Most likely, attempts to do something will not succeed in the near future. It's time to rethink past beliefs, consider further plans and prioritize. However, one should not let things go by themselves and refuse to solve the problem. Perhaps what happens in the present will be actual after a certain period of time.

Another interpretation is forced delay,conditioned by external circumstances. Other cards will help to understand the cause. The presence of the three and nine of the Swords in the scenario indicates a deterioration in the state of health.

Combination with other lasso

Interpretation of various combinations is not less thanis more important than understanding each card separately. The appearance of a particular arcana in the layout can bring new shades into the perception of the situation, and in some cases even completely transform the common sense, revealing the hitherto unknown facets of what is happening. The ominous omens of adverse arcana are leveled by positive cards.

Tarot swords in relationship

The meaning of the Tarot "Four of Swords" in conjunction with the senior arcane:

  • 0 - "Fool", "Fool", "Fool". At the moment, the circumstances have developed in such a way that the best solution will be a temporary stop and inaction. This will provide an opportunity to restore strength and gain clarity. Perhaps now there is no point in doing anything, so it's best to just let go of the situation.
  • 1 - "Magician", "The Wizard". The calm before the storm. You need to gather strength and prepare for future difficulties. But do not despair. Perhaps, it is about exams, public appearances or difficult negotiations.
  • 2 - "The High Priestess." In order to find the right answers to worrying questions, you should devote time to gathering information and prioritizing priorities.
  • 3 - The Empress. You need to assess your own abilities and take a sober look at what is happening.
  • 4 - The Emperor. All conflict situations are in the past. The combination of this senior arcane with "4 Swords" promises in the near future peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding.
  • 5 - "Hierophant" and the four Blades personifyprayerful state, confession and purification from sins. In a broader sense, this combination suggests that it's time to let go of past grievances, disappointments and feelings of guilt. Such negative emotions impede the achievement of success.
  • 6 - "Lovers". Temporary parting with a loved one.
  • 7 - "The Chariot". The combination of these maps portends a predicament soon. In order to overcome obstacles you need to gather and mobilize your forces. The enthusiasm and fighting spirit will help to carry out the conceived.
  • 8 - "Strength". You overestimated your strength and put on yourself an unbearable burden. At this stage in life, it is important to review your goals, prioritize and soberly assess your own capabilities and resources.
  • 9 - "The Hermit". The meaning of the Tarot "Four of Swords" is closely interrelated with the ninth senior arcane. The combination of these cards only strengthens the meaning of each of them. Appearance in the layout of such a combination should be taken as advice to rest in seclusion. This time can be devoted to meditation, prayer or simply rethinking your own plans.
  • 10 - "The Wheel of Fortune". A new impetus that will inspire and inspire further achievements. The period of calm has come to an end. It's time to take action.
  • 11 - "Justice". It is necessary to take a pause in order to balance the contradictions, consider the prospects and determine the right direction for further action.
  • 12 - "The Hanged Man". At the present time, it is most important to bring your psycho-emotional state back to normal.
  • 13 - "Death." At the moment, a person needs to leave daily worries and devote time to spiritual development. In some cases, this combination of arkans may portend a total rejection of worldly life and withdrawal to seclusion.
  • 14 - "Moderation". The rehabilitation period after a long illness, depression or stressful situation. The process of healing can proceed slowly, but in the end everything will be fine.
  • 15 - "The Devil". Surrender, go against your own convictions and act to the detriment of yourself.
  • 16 - "The Tower". Laziness and procrastination (postponement of important cases for later). Further delay can adversely affect the quality of your life.
  • 17 - "The Star". Hope for a favorable outcome of events and belief in the best.
  • 18 - "The Moon". This combination may indicate a physical illness or a mental disorder.
  • 19 - "The Sun". Rest, a trip to a warm country.
  • 20 - "The Court". Recovery and favorable outcome of events.
  • 21 - "The World". Healing. The period of trouble came to an end.

the value of the Tarot Quartet is straight

Map of the day

Four of the Swords (Tarot), the value of whichimplies inaction and rest, in this case advises not to take any action. This day, if possible, is best spent in seclusion. It is also recommended to refrain from making important decisions. For further action, you should wait for the right moment.