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The constellation Cygnus in astronomy and astrology

Perhaps it is difficult to find another one in the night skyobject, endowed with the same mystical, religious and astrological significance as the constellation Cygnus. This combination of stars is clearly visible in the sky over the northern hemisphere of the Earth. The brightest

Constellation Cygnus
The Swan's sun, its "alpha", bears the name Deneb. Brightness is quite a bit inferior to Vega, although it is located in six hundred light-years from the Earth. "Beta" Swan, that is, the second brightest star of this constellation, is called Albireo. This double white-yellow star, together with two minor stars, forms a cross-shaped pattern, thanks to which the constellation received its first name - the Cross. At the intersection of two imaginary lines, Sadr is shining.

In addition to very bright luminaries, the constellation Cygnuscontains several more mysterious objects, such as Cygnus X-1. Scientists suggest that this X-ray source is the first "black hole" discovered by astronomers. In addition, in the constellation is a diffuse nebula, because of its outlines, received the name "North America".

It is noteworthy that the names of all the stars,constituting the constellation Cygnus, are of Arab origin, and in Russian denote the organs of the chicken. For example, Deneb is translated as "chicken tail", and Sadr in Russian means "chicken breast". Unlike the Arabs, the Hellenes saw in the cross-shaped figure

Swan, constellation
beautiful swan. It was into this bird that Zeus turned, going on a date to Leda. This bird is found not only in Hellenic, but also in Indian mythology. One of the main gods of Hinduism, Brahma, is called the Great Swan, and his wife is the Swan Goddess. It was from this legend that the expression "swan fidelity" was born.

If other nations invested in the constellation Cygnusin the main mythological sense, the Russians gave it an isoteric meaning. They considered this heavenly object Irium, the place where the souls of their ancestors dwell, and where the soul goes after the funeral pyre. Of course, the constellation was identified with the mythological character - the pagan Goddess-Swan, however, some sources call it the birthplace of the Svyators. According to ancient records, the ancestors of the Svyatoros, blue-eyed people of the Swazg family, migrated to Midgard from this constellation. The ancient families of Tibet and India are also associated with this constellation.

The constellation Cygnus
The swan worshiped the Rossians themselves. The constellation, named after her, symbolized luck. Figures in the form of swans made of felt were found in the famous Altai barrows. Protective, "swan" totems were considered female charms. Such talismans gave a woman a delicate taste, beauty and charm, helped to meet the faithful lover. The Vikings considered the swan to be a bird of luck and on its flight judged the future campaign.

The same high meaning is put in the constellationSwan and modern astrologers. It is considered the vehicle of the highest universal spirituality. The fate of not only humanity, but the whole planet is connected with this constellation. This object and ufologists, who believe that extraterrestrial guests come to us with one of the Swan stars, did not ignore this object.