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Effective rituals for attracting money

Every person wants to be rich. To have the opportunity to acquire everything you want is the cherished dream of many modern people. But what to do if there is no opportunity or talent to earn huge money, but to live on a broad foot very much want to? An excellent way out of the situation will be magical rites to attract money, which will help make a fortune.

rituals for attracting money
Simply and easily

Looking through the rituals to attract money, you canfind and fairly easy way how you can become a rich man. You just need to take yourself into the allies of the manga, which will lure the money. Pour groats into the purse and quietly lay the manna path from the bank to the doors of your apartment - here are ways to lure big money into your house.

Bathe in the money

Wanting to become rich and swim in money, you needhold a special ritual, while still a "poor mouse". For this it is necessary to stock up a handful of coins of different denominations and, wanting to take a bath, put them on the bottom. Having bathed in money, you can easily take over their aura and lure money friends and patrons in this way.

rituals for raising money

In order to always have money, you need toHis heels are red lacquered or felt-tip pen to draw a money sign. It is believed that so wealth will walk on the heels of a man, attracting his relatives.

Strength of color

Rites for raising money say thatwealth loves red color. Therefore, you always need to have something red with you. And it's even better to have a scarlet talisman and always carry it with you. It is believed that so money will soon come into the hands of man.


Today, many know that there is a magic of money. Conspiracies in this matter are also excellent assistants. If there is a desire, you need to turn to such literature, find a couple of cherished words, make the proposed ritual and, as a result, get such expected profit. You can also find and pronounce special mantras. They say that such methods work, helping a person become richer.

The power of the wallet

magic money conspiracy
Considering the rituals for attracting money, you canto come across a huge amount of information that a well-chosen wallet also contributes to luring money. Well, if it will be green or red, even better - with a metal plaque. So money will flow into the wallet river. The banknotes should always be placed neatly, face to face, spread out. It is better to keep small money separately from large ones, small change in a special pocket. It is believed that the money like order and expense and go to the neat owner. You can not wear photos in your wallet, so the flow of money supply is blocked. Well, if a purse of mint lies in the purse - it can attract wealth.

We multiply the profit

You can also try to grow or multiplytheir income. For this it is necessary, as in a fairy tale, to put money in a pot and wait until a good big tree grows from them, constantly imagining a similar phenomenon. With this "plant" you need to talk, take care of it, put it in the right place, according to the energy of the house. It is also good to put money of different dignity in front of a mirror. So they will be reflected in the glass and visually doubled. Look, that's how it will turn out in real life. But the most important thing is that it is worth remembering in the desire to become rich. Rituals for raising money are very good, but if you do not work, but just sit out at home - you can not see the wealth. Only in combination with hard work, rituals to attract money will bring the desired result.