/ Want to know what Veronica means?

Do you want to know what Veronica's name means?

Each of us has a name. It contains such a large number of mysteries that, perhaps, it is interesting for many to unravel at least some of them. Would you like to know what Veronica's name means? This publication will tell you about the origin of this name, the character of the possessor. You will learn about the fate that fate can have.

Veronica. The mystery of the name

Veronica's secret name

Veronica is a biblical name. This was the name of a woman from Jerusalem who, according to legend, wiped sweat from Jesus' face when he carried a cross. In translation from the ancient Greek language means "bearing the victory", with the Latin "authentic image".

What does Veronica mean for a child?

In childhood, Veronica outwardly very similar to the pope,but the character takes from mom: shy, insecure. As a child, she often gets cold and is allergic. Even some types of odors may be contraindicated. Some of the babies named Veronica are so much afraid of the sight of blood that they can lose consciousness because of this. Over time, the character of the girl becomes more confident. She is never lonely and takes part in every school event.

which means the name of Veronica

What does Veronica mean for an adult girl?

Becoming older, Veronica turns into a verya lively, active, sociable girl. This it remains. The drawback of her character is excessive stubbornness, especially among those who were born in the winter. Since childhood, she is too selfish and selfish, because of what it will be difficult for her in relationships with others. If parents could teach the girl to respect people, then to communicate with Veronica will be interesting and easy. It is able to quickly defuse the heated situation in almost any company. Can please with witty humor, conversation on an interesting topic. Veronica loves a beautiful life and travels to the sea, to the sunny edges.

What does the name of Veronika mean for professional activities?

The owner of this beautiful nameUnorganized and negligent refers to the work. For example, instead of doing something, she can talk for hours on personal topics. Veronica can become a good journalist, secretary, stewardess, actress, designer clothes, a waitress. Its activities in the modeling business can be successful.

What is the name of Veronica for family life?

which means the name of the speedwell

Girls with the name in question preferrotate in the company of men. Veronica is very attractive to members of the opposite sex and pretty amorous girl. However, her feelings last a short time, she easily breaks off relations, without experiencing any guilt. In family life, it is very difficult for her to limit herself to anything. Strong stubbornness allows Veronica to become a leader in the relationship, and her husband to be led. Representatives of this name often have several marriages.

Astrological characteristics of the name Veronica

  • The Sun is the planet-keeper.
  • Stone-mascot - onyx.
  • The color of the name is black.
  • The plant is a mascot - a cypress and a speedwell.
  • An animal-amulet is a tiger.
  • A favorable day is Sunday.

The girl will more successfully build a marriage with Vladimir,Harry, Stanislav, Alexander, Boris, Leonid, Nikita, Igor and Peter. It will be more difficult in relations with Victor, Orestes, Semyon, Yuri, Klim, Constantine and Vitali.