/ Single malt whiskey: rating. Single malt whiskey: names, prices

Single malt whiskey: rating. Single malt whiskey: names, prices

Whiskey is single malt, the rating of which is from allspecies "water of life" is the highest, since this type of drink is considered the highest quality, is prepared only on the basis of barley malt and water. There are no other grains in the present "single malt". Depending on the manufacturer, the beverage can be double or triple distillation, it can be kept in barrels for 3 years or 20 years. Somewhere it is allowed to add dyes (for example, in the US it is actually necessary), somewhere - no.

whiskey single malt rating

The specificity of "single malt"

Brands and brands of single malt whiskey in the worldthere are several tens, if not hundreds. Traditional regions of the "water of life", Ireland and Scotland, can boast years of tradition and established production.

For example, single malt whiskeyConnemara Single Cask received 20 gold medals at international competitions, including the title of "the best in the world" in 2008, 2009. However, other countries do not lag behind them - this category is produced in the USA, Japan, Taiwan and some other countries.

Why "single malt whiskey"? The names of the varieties contain the name of the distillery that produced the product, and in the case of "single malt" there are several meanings here. And one of them is that this is a product of one distillery, on it it is usually bottled. Sometimes it is allowed to blend several varieties of different aging years.

The main components for it are barleymalt and water. Among experts, it is widely believed that "single malt", as this category of beverage is called in English, is the most qualitative of all kinds.

In the classic recipe, distillation is carried out inspecial copper cubes only two times. Only a few Scottish whiskeys have an officially confirmed right to drive three times. Another rule for the preparation of this "single malt" is aging for at least three years, but many producers, if not most, allow the drink to mature in barrels much longer.

Whiskey Single Malt: WWA (World Whiskies Award)

The World Whiskies Award was establishedby Whiskey Magazine. The judging board of WWA includes journalists, producers and whiskey sellers from all over the world. It is carried out since 2007 and annually makes a rating of the best drinks from available on sale.

In 2014, the jury offered more than 300varieties of the drink, and the title of the best was awarded in 10 categories. The winner in the category "The best single malt whiskey in the world - 2014", was recognized as Sullivans Cove French Oak Cask, produced in Tasmania. It is hard to imagine a greater shock, especially since all previous years, starting from 2007, the title of the best jury alternately gave something to Scottish or Japanese products.

best single malt whiskey

Now Sullivans - single malt whiskey, whose rating soared "to the skies." Winners in other categories, divided in agreement with the producing country, look like this.


The best whiskey is Sullivans Cove French Oak Cask.

The first distillation cubes appeared here in the XIXcentury, but the whiskey industry began to develop actively only in the 90s of the XX century. However, already in 2008, one of the most famous experts in his field, the publisher of “The Bible of Whiskey” Jim Murray assigned a very high rating to several Australian products - more than 90 points out of a possible 100.


The winner is the Balcones Texas Single Malt.

single malt whiskey titles

In the United States the majority ofThe product produced there is bourbon, which is considered the country's national drink. However, there are other types, for example, single malt whiskey, the rating and quality of which is no worse than the Scottish and Irish varieties. No wonder Balcones Texas Single Malt was recognized by WWA as the best American whiskey.


Best - Kavalan ex-Bourbon Oak, Taiwanesesingle malt whiskey. The names of the product, and before the plant, were given in honor of the eponymous Cavalan people who once lived in the territory where the distillery is now located.


• In the category with an unspecified dwell time, the winner is Slyrs PX Finishing.
• Exposure 12 years and less - Stauning Peated, 2nd Edition.


This country is one of the traditional regions.whiskey production. Most varieties produced in Ireland are triple distilled. There are only three main manufacturers here, among them the Old Bushmills Distillery, which is the oldest among the licensed companies in the country. WWA determined the following winners among Irish drinks:

• Connemara Peated Single Malt - the best single malt Irish whiskey in a category with an unspecified exposure time;
• Exposure 12 years and less - Bushmills 10 Years Old;
• soak time 13-20 years - Bushmills 16 Years Old;
• 21 years old and more - Teeling 21 Years Old.

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In the Land of the Rising Sun, the first plant forThe production of the “water of life” appeared only in 1923, and by the present moment a definition that is rightly deserved by many other Japanese products - “high quality” - is quite applicable to Japanese whiskey. The products of this country's whiskey distillery are quite self-sufficient, and have their own unique brand. In the WWA rankings, the top positions were ranked:

• Hakushu (in the category of drinks with an unspecified time);
• Miyagiko 12 Years Old Sherry & Sweet (a dozen years old or less);
• Yamazaki won in the last two categories, 18 and 25 years old, respectively.

South Africa - Three Ships 10 Years Old

Whiskey is very popular in South Africa, theremake its various grades and types, including one-malt, blended and others. Production of this drink on the continent began in the XIX century. The winner in 2014 - whiskey Three Ships 10 Years Old.


Scotch single malt whiskey appeared at the endXVIII century. Producers of this country consider it useful to maintain the whiskey in barrels from 8 to 15 years. There is an opinion that it is precisely such a period that is necessary for this drink to acquire a special taste and aroma.

Now in Scotland there are six main production areas of scotch: highlands, plains, Isle of Isle, Campbeltown, Islands, Speyside.

Scotch single malt whiskey


Geographically, this is the largest areaproduction of scotch tape. It starts from the town of Vic (in the northern part of the country) and ends with the Glengoyne distillery in the south. Nowadays, more than 30 distillers are operating in this region. Here is the Grlenturret, considered the oldest whiskey distillery in Scotland. Distillers in the region include Royal Lochnagar (once honored to visit Queen Victoria), Tomatin (considered the largest in the country), Royal Brackla, Lochside, and others.


Once was a fairly large regionproduction of scotch tape. At the moment, only three whiskey shops are functioning: Auchentoshan (practices triple distillation), Bladnoch (the country's southernmost distillery), Glenkinchie.

Isle Island

Whiskey whiskey islands are often described as"Smoky" and "medical". The proximity of the sea gives them their unique flavor, completely different from the aromas of scotch highlands or valleys. Here are the distillers Ardbeg, Bowmore, Bunnahabhain, Laphroaig and others.


The area near the river Spey. Whiskey in this region is known as a sweet malt scotch. This is one of the production centers in the country, here is the largest number of distillers. Previously considered part of the highlands. Here are the Cardhu distilleries, Glenfiddich, The Macallan and others.

The Islands

The district unites all the islands of the country on whichproduce scotch tape, with the exception of Isley - Arran, Mal, Jura, Orkney and Skye. The Scotch Whiskey Association considers these areas part of the highlands. Here are distillers Arran, Jura, Highland Park, Scapa and others.

In the WWA competition in 2014, Scotch single malt whiskey of the following varieties won (champions were determined in four categories separately for each of the five regions):

  • highlands — Glenmorangie Signet, Aberfeldy 12 Years Old, Tomatin 18 Years Old, and Aberfeldy 21 Years Old;
  • Islands - Jura Turas Mara, The Arran Malt 10 Years Old, Tobermory 15 Years Old;
  • Isle Island - Ardbeg Ardbog, Bunnahabhain 12 Years Old, Bunnahabhain 18 Years Old, another Bunnahabhain 25 Years Old, and Glenkinchie 12 Years Old Scotch;
  • Speyside Glenfiddich Rick Oak, Benromach 10 Years Old, Glenfiddich 15 Years Old Distillery Edition, The Glenlivet XXV;
  • and finally Campbeltown - Longrow, Springbank 10 Years Old, Springbank 18 Years Old.

Gold Outstanding IWSC Competition

IWSC - International Competition for Alcoholdrinks, which has been held every year since 1969. This is one of the most prestigious competitions in the world of alcohol, and it has one unique feature - every drink that participates in the competition passes a mandatory technical analysis for compliance with EU standards. At the IWSC, “blind tasting” is used - the drinks are served by the jury in the same container without any definitive signs in order to achieve maximum objectivity in the assessment.

single malt scotch whiskey rating

IWSC awards several awardslevel The most honorable is the Gold Outstanding, awarded to alcohol of exceptionally high quality and taste. These are the unique properties of whiskey listed below.

Best single malt scotch whiskey (ratingthis drink in the world is still high, despite the competition) was defined in several categories, which ultimately gave 18 names. Gold Outstandings were awarded scotch tape, selected separately for each region. Among the winners are the products of distillers Glenfiddich, Bowmore, Laphroaig, Deanston and others.

Irish whiskey single malt. The rating includes only three products, two of which are from one distillery: Bushmills 10 and 16 years old and Teeling Vintage Reserve 30 years old.

single malt Irish whiskey


In Taiwan, he is the only one - Kavalan Single Malt Whiskey.

The plant was built by the industry group King Car. The corporation itself was founded in 1965 and operates in many areas - biotechnology, food, beverages. Among its most famous brands are Mr.Brown and RTD Coffee, and now Kavalan. The first bottle of whiskey factory Kavalan released in 2008.

Classic single malt whiskey ratingwhich has risen so high thanks to iwsc, is done according to a complex recipe. Several types of barrels are used: fresh from under sherry, from under bourbon, and reuse barrels.

In addition, the Taiwanese product has onea serious advantage - due to the warm climate of the country, the whiskey matures faster, and a three-year drink can compete in its taste and flavor with products of 8-15 years old from Scotland and Ireland.

In 2011, IWSC has already awarded Kavalan SingleMalt Whiskey - then he received a gold medal. Jim Murray in his "Bible of whiskey" also did not ignore him - the high rating of such an expert is worth a lot and contributes to the well-deserved popularity of the drink.

How much are elite spirits?

How much will you have to pay for elite whiskeywinner of world competitions in the average online store? For example, Connemara Peated Single Malt is single malt whiskey, its price fluctuates around 2000 rubles. It is unique in that it was the first product in modern history, in the production of which they applied peat-dried malt.

Taiwanese Kavalan Single Malt Whiskey for saleat a price of about 5,000 rubles. Scotch Laphroaig An Cuan Mor Single Malt Scotch Whiskey will cost connoisseurs from 5.5 thousand rubles. up to 7.5 thousand rubles. And the price of Japanese single malt whiskey makes it only more attractive - after all, the winner of many competitions and the winner of the awards costs "only" about 60 thousand rubles.