/ / Pork with tomatoes and cheese in the oven - several cooking options

Pork with tomatoes and cheese in the oven - several cooking options

Pork dishes are the most popular in Russia. This type of meat is very easy to prepare, and the dishes are very tasty. For frying or baking should choose the best pieces of meat - ham, loin, brisket, scapula. Specific taste of pork is perfectly complemented with vegetables. To make the pork dishes juicy, you must follow certain rules. Beginner cooks can be offered the simplest recipe - pork with tomatoes and cheese in the oven. Baking in the oven does not require constant control over the readiness of the dish, as is the case with roasting. Your task - how to properly prepare meat, vegetables, comply with the temperature and cooking time, and the rest of the oven will do itself.

pork with tomatoes and cheese in the oven
Pork with tomatoes and cheese in the oven

For cooking, you need to take 800 grams of meat, 1 kg of tomato, 250 g of cheese, two onions, four potatoes, four cloves of garlic, vegetable oil, mayonnaise, greens, salt.

Cut the meat along the fibers with 1-2-wide piecescentimeter. Each piece is beaten, salt, pepper on both sides. Lubricate the baking tray with oil, lay on it tightly pieces of meat. Cut the onions into rings and fry it in a pan. Grind the garlic. Put the onions and garlic on top of the meat.

Purified potatoes must be rubbed on a largegrater. After that, for half an hour put the grated potatoes in a container of water, adding a little salt - 1 tsp. During this time, prepare the tomatoes - they need to be cut into circles. Cheese should be grated. Put the potatoes in a uniform layer on the meat, top with tomatoes. Sprinkle everything with greens, top with mayonnaise. The last layer is grated cheese. Close the baking tray with foil.

The oven should already be heated to medium temperatures. We put a pan in it. After 40 minutes, remove the foil and keep the dish in the oven for another 15-20 minutes, so that the melted cheese becomes red.

pork mushrooms tomatoes cheese
Pork in oven under cheese with mushrooms and tomatoes

To make this delicious dish you needpork, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese. Koreku needs to be washed and dried. Do not cut the meat to the end, make incisions of a width of 1.5-2 cm. Add salt, pepper. Cut the tomatoes into slices, mushrooms - slices, cheese - ordinary pieces. In the cut it is necessary to enclose 2 circles of a tomato, 2 slices of mushrooms, 2 slices of cheese. Wrap in foil and put in a preheated oven for 40-50 minutes. Maintain a temperature of 200 degrees. After 40 minutes, remove the foil, then let another 15 minutes stand pork with tomatoes and cheese in the oven. When serving, cut the slices of meat to the end.

pork in the oven with cheese

Recipes of dishes from pork are included in nationalcuisine of many peoples. A great combination of this meat with various vegetables, both baked and stewed and fried, allows you to create more and more recipes. One of the most accessible and common dishes, which can be cooked successfully even by a beginner chef, is pork with tomatoes and cheese in the oven. Try to add other vegetables, serve with different sauces, and each time you will get a new, original culinary masterpiece.