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What is molasses and how it is used in cooking

For sure, every mistress in her life at leastonce faced with such a word as "treacle". But just not everyone knows how this strange product looks. After all, we do not eat it in its pure form, nor do we hardly notice it

What is molasses
store shelves. So what is molasses really and where it is used?

This substance is obtained as a result ofpartial acid or enzymatic hydrolysis of starch in combination with sugar. Typically, for the production of molasses, potatoes or corn are used. It is from these vegetables that they receive the main ingredient - starch. The taste of treacle is much sweeter than sugar. And the caloric content of this product is very impressive - in 100 grams as much as 316 kcal. Buy treacle is not so easy. It is usually not sold in standard grocery supermarkets. However, molasses is often sold by companies involved in the production of bakery products.

What is molasses in reality?Outwardly it looks like a thick and thick syrup of dark color, although the shade may be different. It all depends on what ingredients were used to make this kind of molasses.

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The main advantage of this product is economy. Instead of a kilogram of sugar, you will need only 750 g of molasses. It looks like a young honey in consistency.

If you are interested in the question of what ismolasses, then surely it is necessary to mention the areas in which it is applied. For example, this product is very widely used for making beer. Despite all the sweetness of molasses, it actively promotes the fermentation process. In cooking, it is about cooking gingerbread, ice cream, various desserts, as well as goodies. The cake can significantly reduce the freezing point of the product. Therefore, frozen desserts are also prepared with its insignificant addition.

What to replace treacle, if you still did not succeedto buy it? Here it is quite useful ordinary honey. In addition, you can use sugar or caramel syrup. By their properties, they, of course, are somewhat inferior to treacle. However, the basic functions are quite capable of replacing.

How to replace molasses
What is molasses in terms of benefits fororganism? It is a real storehouse of some trace elements. It contains phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, iron, calcium, and potassium. To ensure that the energy reserves of the human body are not depleted, regular consumption of molasses is necessary in at least small amounts. However, we already do so, using various purchased sweets. On their labels, this ingredient is sure to be indicated.

Regarding the harm of treacle, specific examplesscience can not lead. However, there is always the risk of experiencing an individual intolerance to the product by the body. Simply put, you may experience a severe allergic reaction. Therefore, if you suffer similar to honey or sugar syrups, then it is clearly not worth risking and eating molasses. In addition, it is necessary to refuse from it to people suffering from diabetes. Increased blood sugar is the main contraindication to the use of molasses.