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Solyanka with smoked meat: a recipe. How to cook horseradish with smoked meat

In one of the series, the protagonist once said,that at least once a day soup should be in the stomach. The phrase is a little humorous, but somewhat true. Soups are one of the most necessary dishes on our table. This is a good opportunity to add strength and vigor to the whole body. Almost every country in the world has its own national soup, and it is prepared from the products that are distributed there. Great popularity among citizens of different countries enjoys hodgepodge with smoked products. The recipe for cooking it does not exist alone. It can be meat, fish, vegetable, hodgepodge. Many confuse this dish with Russian rassolnikom. There is a similarity, only in our version, in addition to meat and vegetables, croup is also added. And since when in Russia began to eat tomatoes, appeared on our table solyanka.

ham with smoked recipe

Assorted Solyanka

It is high-calorie, nutritious and at the same time veryuseful soup - hodgepodge with smoked meat. The recipe for cooking is as follows. We need smoked meat, perfect pork ribs. Ham, smoked sausage, sausages need to take two hundred grams. Also, you need about eight small cucumbers, three large potatoes, an average onion, about four spoonfuls of tomato paste, half a can of pitted olives, lemon grass, bay leaves, salt and ground pepper to taste.

soup with ham sausage recipe

Cooking process

Preparing a hodgepodge team with smoked meat is notfast. The process begins with ribs. Pour into a saucepan of water and lay them. On slow fire, they cook for about an hour. At this time, carefully clean the vegetables, washing and slicing. Potatoes - can be slices or brusochkami, as well as cubes. This is at the discretion of the hostess. When the broth with smoked meat is ready, we add potatoes. Luchok chop and lightly fry in any oil and also put in broth. All the sausages, cut the smoked meat a little less and fry a little. Gradually add the tomato paste and mix. All this is stewed on low heat for no more than 5 minutes. Then everything is laid out in the broth. Cucumbers, if they have not thick skin, immediately cut, if not, then it is better to clean them first. We put them in a pan with broth and all cook for 10 to 15 minutes. It is desirable to cut the olives in half, or even better, with rings. Add them to the broth for 3-4 minutes until ready. So the hodgepodge with smoked meat is ready! Recipe it, as you can see, is not very complicated. Before serving, add sour cream, a circle of lemon and sprinkle with any herbs.

how to cook horseradish with smoked meat

Solyanka in Georgian

In each country this soup is prepared in different ways. A hodgepodge with smoked meat is somewhat different in Georgia. The recipe looks like this. We need: smoked meat on bone, better lamb, tomato paste - a couple of spoons, cucumbers salty - about 5 pieces, onions - medium head, small potatoes - about 6-7 pieces, pepper peas, bay leaf and lemon with olives.

Cooking, as in Georgia

In a saucepan with cold water we put smoked meaton a bone and cook over low heat from one to one and a half hours. Many housewives know how to prepare hodgepodge with smoked products, but here in this case the recipe is slightly different. While broth is brewed, vegetables need to be washed and cleaned. Luchok finely chop, and leave the whole potato. Next, pour the onion and warmed it into a frying pan with heated oil, then add the tomato paste and simmer for 10 minutes on low heat. 10. Cucumbers can be rubbed in a blender, or you can use a grater. When the broth is ready (the meat should completely depart from the bones), add the potatoes and cook for another 15 minutes. Then spread out the whole fry, grated cucumbers and whole olives. Then again cook about 5-10 minutes. 5 minutes before the readiness, add all the spices. Let's brew. In the plates spread like this: a whole potato, a large piece of meat, then a broth, a circle of lemon, a spoonful of sour cream and you can add any greens. In this case, the coriander will be good.

hodgepodge with smoked products in a multivark

Solyanka in the multivark

Delicious and useful is obtained insaltwich with smoked meat. The recipe is this. We will need pork ribs smoked, tomato paste - about two spoons of canteens, pickles - about four pieces, potatoes - 3-4 pieces, one medium carrot, medium bulb, pepper black peas, bay leaf, lemon, four pickles, one third jars olives without pits.

Multivark to the rescue

In a special pot, pour water and putsmoked pork ribs. We select the "Quenching" mode on the multivark and specify the cooking time - 40 minutes. While the broth is brewed, mine, we clean and cut all the vegetables. Potatoes are preferably cut into cubes, carrots - shallow straw, onions are best chopped. In the pan with the heated oil we spread first the ray and slightly fry. Next, add carrots, tomato paste and again all the stew on a very slow fire for about 10 minutes. Peel the cucumbers and peel them on the grater. When the broth is ready, put the potatoes and the dressing from the frying pan into a saucepan and put it back on the "Quenching" regime. The time is 25 minutes. At this time, you can cut olives and lemon into thin circles. Well, that's almost ready and ready for ham with smoked products in the multivarquet! When the given time is over, let the dish brew for another 15 minutes, and then spread out on plates. Before serving, add sour cream, olives, a circle of lemon and a sprig of dill.

hodgepodge with smoked meat

Our grandmothers cooked soups in the stove. Very useful dishes were obtained. The recipe for cooking salted milk according to the grandmother's recipe is not too different. First, the broth is cooked as well. Pork smoked rebyks are quite suitable for him. Then add the chopped potatoes, and again for 10 minutes everything is cooked. Then it is laid out the roast, prepared from tomato paste and onions, and finely grated cucumbers. Immediately add spices (pepper, salt, bay leaf) and bring the soup to a boil. As soon as it starts to boil, remove from the plate and cover the pan with something warm (blanket, jacket) or you can just put it in a slightly warmed oven. Leave to steam for about 40 minutes. Solyanka turns out very fragrant. We serve it on a table with sour cream, lemon and greens. You can add dill or green onions.