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Pear wine at home - simple and tasty

To make pear wine in your homethe following ingredients will be required: 10 kg of fruit, 5 kg of sugar and 10 liters of water. First about pears. Fruits can belong to either one or different varieties. This, of course, affects the taste of the future drink, because it preserves the fragrance of the fruit. Therefore, strangely enough, many winemakers prefer to use wild pears as raw materials.

Pear wine at home
They are very sweet, with a rich aroma, which provides the wine with a wonderful smell and taste. Fruits should be thoroughly rinsed under running water, cleaned of the core and pedicels.

A separate topic is water. It's wonderful if it comes from a well or a spring. Rarely what tap water is suitable for making pear wine at home. Therefore, the water from the tap must first be cleaned. You can trust modern filters. And you can turn off tap water and freeze it in this way.

The dishes in which "pear" wine will be played must be either glass or wooden. If the glass, then usually it is a bottle (not less than 20 liters), if the tree is a barrel.

Pear wine
You can use the dishes made of plastic, just make sure that it was intended for food.

Now about the process itself. Sugar must be completely dissolved in water. Finished with thin slices, pears are poured into the dishes with our sweet liquid, which soon turns into pear wine, cooked at home. If the bottle is not completely filled, allow it to be filled with clean water.

Next, we leave the future wine "play" in the darkwarm place. Before this, the dishes must be sealed tightly so that no air gets into it. Otherwise, instead of a delicious sweet wine, we risk getting sour vinegar. For tightness, you can use a rubber glove, which is worn, for example, on the neck of the jar. But it is better (more reliable) - a water trap. This is a special cork made of plastic or wood, from which the tube comes out. It must be lowered into a container of water. When it ceases to form bubbles - the wine stops wandering, and hence - ready to eat. The fact that pear wine at home is ready, will tell and glove - it will be blown away.

Prepare wine at home
Ready to drink carefully so as not to spoildraft, bottled. They need to be sterilized beforehand. We close the stoppers and send them to the basement, cellar or any other cool place. In urban conditions, you can use a refrigerator. Just make sure that the temperature in it does not drop to the negative. The bottles should lie horizontally for at least a month. Better - two. In general, to qualitatively prepare wine at home, you need to give him a good brew. Then it gets really rich and warm taste.

Pear wine tastes like apple,only it is sweeter and honey. It can add lemon juice, cinnamon, mint or other ingredients. They will allow a new look at its taste and aroma. And pear wine - an excellent basis for alcoholic cocktails, which can also be easily prepared at home. But this is a completely different story.