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Amazing marmalade. Caloric value

How much do you know about marmalade? If your profession in one way or another is not related to its production, it is unlikely. For example, we all tried marmalade "Dolki". Caloric content of this kind of sweets can be considered low and safe? Do not know? Then this will be for you.

marmalade calorie content

Caloric content of marmalade "Lemon slices"

First, we answer the first question. One hundred gram of the product accounts for approximately 325 kilocalories. Is this a lot or a little? Everyone decides for himself. However, nutritionists do not consider marmalade a product from which you can get fat. So if you really want to pamper yourself, do not deny yourself the pleasure.

calorie content of marmalade lemon slices

What is marmalade? Caloric value

What is marmalade? In simple words, it's a mixture of fruit pulp and condensed juice. Of fruits, orange, lemon or apple is preferred. There is a reason for this: they become lighter and faster solid due to the pectin contained in them and the remaining gelling substances. As for Russia, in our stripes apples, of course, are in the lead. It's easy to guess why - they are cheap, and they just grow. Traditionally, manufacturers try to do without artificial additives - this is the advantage of marmalade before "nahimichennymi" sweets. In England, marmalade is made from oranges, and in Spain it is made from quince. In other words, in Russia it is better to buy this sweetness with apple taste, because then you will be sure that you bought a quality product.

Marmalade. Caloric value. Using

Marmalade well suits as an addition tobreakfast or just a dessert for tea. It fits perfectly with bread and, in general, with fresh pastries. It is also used as urksheny for cakes and pastries. As for drinks, try eating it, washing down with strong black tea.

marmalade lobules calorie content

Marmalade. Caloric value. Some properties of the product

Now marmalade is made using such technology thatin the end contains a huge amount of pectin. What is useful for this polysaccharide? It perfectly cleanses the intestines. Another pectin causes long terms of storage of marmalade, since it helps the fruit mass to harden. He is both a thickener and a moisture retainer. What does this mean? And the fact that in the manufacture of classic marmalade there is no need to add granulated sugar. If unusually sweet oranges or, for example, sugary apples are used, sugar is not needed.

Marmalade. Caloric value. Varieties

As you already understood, the total nutritional value andeven the caloric content of the product depends on the method of its production and directly involved ingredients. If you take the average caloric value, it is 321 kcal. To date, many kinds and subspecies of sweet dessert are produced. There are the following categories of jelly: jelly, chewing (they have gained popularity not so long ago), fruit and berry and fruit-jelly. Often used to produce agar agar - special algae, rich in pectin. Harm they do not bring. However, remember that when buying marmalade of bright colors, you most likely take a product stuffed with dyes.

Standard recipe for marmalade

And finally, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with theway of preparation of marmalade at home. Take a few oranges, cut in half and squeeze out the juice. Zedra grate and mix with the juice. Let this mixture is fought on a strong fire for two hours. Then add warm sugar and cook for another twenty minutes. Done!