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Cake "Beze" - recipe

A variety of modern desserts can not failIt's not the first century that the beloved delicacy of a huge number of people is the "Beze" cake. The recipe for its preparation is quite simple, however, with the advent of ready-made cakes for baking or completely ready cakes at various celebrations, the "Beze" cake has become less common. However, what can be more delicious than the delicacies prepared independently? Pleasure yourself and your loved ones and prepare a cake "Beze". We will give you the recipe. Ingredients that are included in this dish are: 1 cup of flour, 2 eggs, 180 grams of sugar, salt to taste, 1 tablespoon of sour cream, a half teaspoon of soda, vinegar to quench soda, 2 tablespoons of cocoa, butter for cooking biscuit dough.

The meringue recipe is as follows:

Take three eggs, squirrels separated from yolks. 3 Whip the protein with 1 glass of sugar. There we fall asleep salt (at the tip of the knife), whisk until the appearance of foam. We do not wet the tray, cover it with paper, and pour out the resulting mixture from above. We bake for 1 hour. The cooking temperature is 100 degrees, no more. After that, we cut meringue (squares, rectangles, rhombuses - as fantasy will tell).

To prepare the cream you will need: 2 jars of condensed milk, 350 grams of butter (not replaced with margarine), 2 tablespoons of cocoa. And most importantly - meringue.

We take for biscuit dough: mix sugar, eggs, sour cream, beat to a homogeneous consistence, add soda vinegar, soda, flour. Mix the resulting mass, then add the cocoa.

Heat the baking dish in the oven,We cover the edges and the bottom with butter, pour out the dough, you can put sheets of paper on top. We bake for 30 minutes. The cooking temperature is 180-200 degrees.

After cooking we take out the biscuit and let it cool. If you do not let it cool down and get ready to cook the cake, it will quickly deteriorate, so try to follow this advice. The resultant biscuit should be cut along two cakes.

We beat the evaporated milk, add the oil, which you previously softened. Then again whisk.

After our biscuit has cooled down, carefullyWe smear it with cream. On the bottom cortex lay meringue (homemade or purchased), carefully smeared with its cream, so that all parts are glued together.

We cover all the cake with cream: sides and top. In the cream for decoration add cocoa, whisk it. We decorate the cake, sprinkle with nuts or chocolate balls.

For those who are new to cooking, the "Bézé" cake is perfect. The recipe is written in detail, so there should not be any difficulties in cooking.

You can not exactly follow ourinstructions to bake a cake "Beze". The recipe can be changed, make your own adjustments and add something of your own: condiments, fillings, ornaments ... Then your cake will be copyrighted.

So, you can make a cake "Bese" with nuts. The recipe will be almost the same as the one that we offered you, only in the dough you will need to add shredded walnuts.

There is another alternative to thisa dish that is more suitable for lazy people. It perfectly suits those who do not have beautiful forms for baking in the kitchen arsenal. In this case, the dough can be baked on a baking tray. What is this option? This cake is "Grafskie ruins" from meringue. There is no simpler in styling and cooking, as well as decorating a cake, than "Grafsky ruins"! And you can make it even easier - no biscuit, just meringue. Then we prepare the meringue, as we said above, and then cut it into squares, put it on a plate in the shape of a house, each meringue before dipping into the cream. The cream in this case serves as cement, and the square pieces of meringue are the bricks of your "earl ruins".

However, the ideal version of the cake "Grafskih ruins" - a combination of biscuit "brick" with "bricks" meringue. By the way, the bricks can be laid out on a biscuit base.