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"Khachapuri and wine" in St. Petersburg: addresses, menu, reviews

Georgian cuisine has always enjoyed a speciallove from the Russians. It is impossible to imagine our life without such dishes as kharcho, shish kebab, khachapuri and many others. You can find a large number of recipes and cook them at home, but it is better to go to a restaurant where they will be cooked by professionals. In St. Petersburg there is a whole network of establishments specializing in Georgian cuisine. Today we will tell you about the snack bar, which is attracted by the name "Khachapuri and wine".

khachapuri and wine

Georgian Hospitality

The establishments of the network attract numerous residentsSt. Petersburg and tourists. The menu has a large number of traditional Georgian dishes: hearty salads, rich soups, aromatic hot dishes, etc. A special glamor to any dish is given by a sip of divine wine made in Georgia itself. If you are not afraid of small rooms, noise and din, then come to the cafe "Khachapuri and wine." You will like the simple and home-like cozy atmosphere that reigns here. In the interior of the establishments of this network there is nothing superfluous and intrusive. Convenience and simplicity fascinate everyone who has been here. This is a great place to relax by the company.

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Khachapuri, shashlik, churchkhela ...

If you at least once triedthe above dishes, you will certainly want to try them again. It is necessary to entrust their preparation to professionals who perfectly mastered time-tested recipes. Let's see what other dishes are offered in the menu "Khachapuri and wine":

  • Shovels of chickens.
  • Pork shish kebab.
  • Trout with sauce of Kindzmari.
  • Lobio.
  • Harcho.
  • Salad with fried suluguni and beets.
  • Foam with greens.
  • Kupaty pork with pomegranate.
  • Pelamushi - grape mousse under a delicate curd cheese, decorated with walnut.
  • Chocolate tart with black currant.
  • Churchkhela.
  • Baklava.
  • Vegetable salad in Tbilisi and much more.

From strong drinks you can order here the famous chacha and house cognac. Also in the range of alcoholic drinks the most famous Georgian wines:

  • "Mukuzani".
  • Saperavi.
  • "Kindzmarauli".
  • "Khvanchkara."
  • "Alazani Valley" and others.

We advise you to pay attention to Georgian pastriesand desserts. You will certainly like them. Each visitor is sure to find his favorite dish in a wide variety of Georgian cuisine. Prices in establishments "Khachapuri and wine" are very affordable. The average check is from 500 rubles.


It will be interesting to find out the locations of all the establishments of this network. They are located at the following addresses:

  • street of Truth, 9;
  • Mayakovsky street, 56;
  • Kadetska street, 29;
  • Socialist street, 10/9.
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"Khachapuri and wine": guest reviews

The inhabitants of St. Petersburg cafe "Khachapuri and wine"It is very popular despite the variety of catering establishments in the city. It is always hospitable to welcome all visitors, you can not only taste the most delicious Georgian dishes from professional Eastern chefs, but also drink a glass of tart wine.

Despite the fact that these institutions are not consideredrestaurants, and ordinary cafes, there are almost no vacant places here. Students and young people like to come here very much: khachapuri with a magnificent cheese filling perfectly combines with light Georgian wine. After a satisfying kitchen even on the most cloudy St. Petersburg day, the mood rises.


In the establishments of the network "Khachapuri and wine" you are alwayswill be greeted with special cordiality and hospitality. Delicious dishes of Georgian cuisine and delicious national wine will taste even the most choosy visitors. Tables must be booked in advance. Be prepared for the fact that it is not always easy to get through to these establishments, so it's best to do the order a few days before your visit.